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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Catching up

The weather has been pretty good the last few days, which means I spend less time on the computer, and blogs, and more time outside taking pictures. I'll eventually catch up, but it seems a shame to spend warm sunny days on the computer; and when the evening comes, I'm too tired to be very creative on here, after cooking, shopping, and doing 'life' stuff. Not enough hours in the day.

Yesterday was another hot day. A very quick walk round the local lake, and then I decided to get some shopping, and try to tidy the garden a bit.
I like a wild garden; some would say untidy, and they're probably right. It's been neglected over the last few months, mainly due to bad weather, and then me going off to Wales for a while.
Yesterday I gave it a bit of a seeing to, and even got a couple of herbs to put in pots. I sowed some more wild flower seeds; I think the first lot got smothered by the grass growing in the borders, so they got a tidy up too. I've even got a few tadpoles swimming around in the pond, and I came across a large frog tucked away in the undergrowth.
The outcome is a neater looking garden, sunburnt back, and aching limbs. I even updated my website with a whole batch of new pictures of birds from the last couple of months.
Today is cloudy, and light rain, (although now, the sun has made an appearance), so I may get a chance to catch up with people and blogs now.

Anyway, enough of this writing malarky; here's some pictures.


Little Egret

A couple of loved up Wood Pigeons

White Feral Pigeon

Red Breasted Merganser showing off to the girls.

White Wagtail. RSPB Conwy used this picture to head one of their blog posts. Fame at last!

and last one for now

Female Stonechat, gathering some nest lining material.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.


  1. Hard to pick a favourite. These are all spot on....RSPB today National Geographic tomorrow. Let's hope so anyway.

  2. RSPB Conwy are great, and they did a special the White Wagtail photo, superb.

  3. Thanks Adrian. National Geographic? Hmm, not sure I could cope with the pressure. :-)

    Thanks Bob. Yea, a nice surprise.

  4. Glad to here that the estate has been brought up to scratch Keith, I hope you enjoyed a well earned rest and administered a little something to ease the sunburn and aching limbs!!

    Super set of images, how cute is that Stonechat? And I'm envious of the Red Breasted Merganser!...[;o)

  5. Great images Keith, liked the all, the Stonechat had me laughing at it's choice of perch. RPSB Conwy looks like a really good place to visit.

  6. Trevor, you wouldn't recognise the place now; once you get beyond the crap by the back door.
    I still ache.

    Cheers Doug. Conwy is one of my favourite reserves in Wales. Always so much to see there.

  7. thanks for taking time to share with us! i always love viewing your posts and beautiful photos. and don't even mind if you get 'chatty' sometimes. ;)

    i like natural yards and gardens. i keep our pond area full of grasses, downed limbs, weeds, etc.

  8. congrats! I love the one of the pigeons. have a great weekend!

  9. Beautiful set Keith and I'm happy you are getting some sun at alst! I love the stonechat picture a lot and would love to get one like this. I've never photographed this bird.

  10. Keith, lovely series of shots!
    I know what you mean about there not being enough time in the day!!

  11. Thanks Theresa. I wish I had a bigger garden at times. Something I could really let go wild.

    Thank you Doreen. Enjoy your weekend too :-)

    Thanks Chris. The Stonechat is a lovely bird. Always pleased to see them.

    Cheers Robin. Yea, today has just flown by, and I've done nothing. lol

  12. The weather just has been superb, leading to more work than birding for me, but this is a good thing (I think!). Great selection Keith, love the Pigeons, caught just right! :)
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  13. Great serie...as usual! The Red Breasted Merganser shot is the best ;-)

  14. Thanks John. Those pigeons were at it for ages lol

    Thanks Dominic. They have a lovely display.

  15. Im like you when it comes to yard work, keep it as simple as I can...glad you got some nice weather, we have had your rain I think,,,,its been 2 weeks now with NO SUN..grr. Love the last photo of the Stonechat so cute.

  16. Hi Keith....I too am having a hard time keeping up on here, so many other duties this time of year!!
    I to had a miserable back ache last night after gardening cleanup yesterday !! UGH!!
    Pigeon love is a cute one, and the antic of the Merganser is a good catch : )!!
    Congrat's on your fame, who know where this may take you...; )

  17. Thanks Sondra. Sorry you've got our rain, but we were finished with it lol
    My poor garden does get a bit neglected at times.

    Thanks Grace. Yea, things seem to take much longer these days. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  18. Lovely lot of feathered friends. Not many of these around here but then we are on bare(ish, i.e. sheep-eaten) hillsides.

    Lots of garden birds, raptors, but no water fowl, except the ducks on the river. Quack, quack.

    Lovely pictures here.

    Greetings from a tidy gardener.

  19. Thank you Friko, and thanks for stopping by. I once had a tidy garden; but the passing years make it more difficult. :-)

  20. Great pictures (and congrats on the blog header!)

    Funny how you can just include a picture of the egret with almost no need for comment - it would have been a bit of a mega bird at one time. I saw my first in the UK on the Tamar Estuary many, many years ago!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  21. Cheers Stewart. The header picture was quite a moment seeing the Black Swan on a nest with the Mute Swan.
    Yea, the Little Egrets are quite a common bird here now.

  22. Lovely captures. My favourite are the loved up wood pigeons.:-)

  23. The Egret is great and the Stonechat, what a spot Keith.

  24. I love the composition of the last image very much... and of course, those adorable pigeons in love.

  25. Thanks Elizabeth. They were so busy with each other, they didn't notice me. :-)

    Thanks Roy. I've been lucky to see some great birds recently.

    Thanks Hilary. That last one was pure luck. She'd settled on some posts, and I got a few pictures, then suddenly she briefly flew to this spot. Couldn't resist it :-)