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Monday, 27 May 2013

Holiday Monday

At the moment, our government are embarking on a killing spree of wildlife.

At the risk of losing my temper totally, I'll just say that they shouldn't be surprised if a frustrated public eventually resort to violent protest against a deaf and blind government, hell bent on ignoring the vast majority of this country.

Picture time.

Welsh Poppy

Mallard, female

Little Tern

Garden Warbler

Reed Warbler

That's all.

Enjoy your day.


  1. We have a similar situation here, with agriculture departments using chemical sprays that are banned elsewhere and blithely allowing aerial spraying with more than a 20mile drift. Politicians are nor scientists and everything calculated on the dollar not research.

  2. Arija, I completely agree. Money is the sole reason for all these crimes against wildlife, and our natural world.
    Things must change.

  3. Keith this lot surpass any government I can remember for unsurpassed incompetence across so many disciplines.
    They care not a jot for the populace, little for each other so no wonder they assume that nature is there to be exploited in any way they think fit.

  4. Adrian, it breaks my heart to see how this bunch of crap just ignore the majority of the people.

  5. Sadly these "kill all" types have to do it. It's the only way these days they can feel superior over everything else.
    Where did you get the Little Tern image from?

  6. All the bird photos on your home page are wonderful. Great eye.

  7. i know of the badgers. i know of the raptors and eagles. very sorry.

    i love the shot of the mallard. wonderful eye-level perspective!

  8. You're spot on there Doug.
    Little Tern was at Titchwell.

    Thank you Sharon, and thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks Theresa. Sadly our government are alienating a lot of the population. I think they've forgotten they need to be re-elected to keep making money.
    Glad you like the Mallard. She posed beautifully for me.

  9. I would to say something about this government, it would be very nice if they were to dig a big enough so that they could throw themselves, and I will handle the shovel full of soil, concrete would been better........
    I would like to also, that you have great images of birds and flowers Keith.

  10. Money is the root of all evil! There will always be trouble when money is involved unfortunately and in the end, we will all suffer the conscequences of the government's actions unless we ALL speak up. Your Warblers are great and in full throttle, and I think the photo of the Little Tern is marvellous. Margaret

  11. Sad news although I don't know the details. I wish all life was respected.

  12. Keith, great images! I was commenting to Bob B the other day that the British should start culling some of the two legged apes that are doing all this culling!

  13. Thanks Bob. A very big hole too. I'd help with the shoveling.

    Margaret, thank you. Money is all this government understand.

    Thank you Elizabeth. Yes, all life is precious; sadly the people in power don't see it that way.

  14. There's disturbing things happening in your neck of the woods. Your photos are lovely as always though.

  15. Love the shot of the Reed Warbler Keith.


  16. HI Keith...Glad to see you didn't unleash you temper on hear ; )
    I sure it wouldn't be pretty !!!!
    It is no better here Keith it is a never ending battle!!
    Okay..I love those Yellow poppy's, just bright and cherry looking, and your little warblers are happy little singers!!
    Great shots

  17. Thanks Hilary. Yea, sadly our people in power have taken it upon themselves to ignore the majority of the people, scientific evidence, and a majority of MP's, to pursue an action to please 0.5% of the population.

    Thanks Peter. He was a great poser.

    Thank you Grace. Not often I show restraint on this sort of subject. lol

  18. Robin, I somehow missed your comment, sorry.
    I agree with you; and I'd happily pull the trigger on this occasion.

  19. You know my feelings on the subject Keith, suffice to say that I agree 100% with you.
    Love the Garden Warbler photo, never been able to get one of these, they always seem to be skulking when I see or hear them!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  20. Thanks John. People power will win through in the end.
    Lucky enough to have a few showy Garden Warblers at my local lake. :-)

  21. I share your frustration Keith...

  22. Thanks Andrew. It is very frustrating isn't it.

  23. The images on this blog are wonderful, love the photos of the wildlife in your area. Great work Keith.

  24. All your photos sure brighten up my day. Gorgeous.
    Sorry to hear that news.

  25. Those photos are wonderful!

    Humans are often very short-sighted. Keep up the good work!

  26. Thanks Horst, glad you enjoyed them.

    Thank you Lisa. :-)

    Thanks Linda.

  27. Super set of images Keith...[;o)

    Unfortunataly when this short sighted, money grabbing lot are ousted they'll only be replaced with another lot of equally short sighted money grabbers! I don't think there's ever going to be a hole big or deep enough to get them all in!!

  28. I fear you could be right Trevor. If this lot get their way, we'll have a country with no wildlife, and everywhere covered in concrete.

  29. This governments approach to wildlife just beggars belief. I thought we were supposed to be protecting our native species!

    Great photos as always.

  30. Adam it saddens me to think what will be left if this bunch carry on with what they are intending.

  31. Little Tern was a good spot... glorious weather for a day at Titchwell...

    and I agree with your opening comment entirely!!

  32. Thanks Tricia. Yea, I only just managed to catch the Tern.

  33. I'm quite sure you know my thoughts Keith and I'll spare you a rant. I'll just say it all leaves me angry, depressed and deeply saddened... :-(

    Lovely to see your beautiful photo of the Welsh Poppies on a wet and gloomy day. They have seeded in every nook and cranny in my garden but I've never managed a photo of them as good as yours. Love the two warblers also :-)

  34. Thanks Jan. Yea, I could do a whole blog about how I feel, and probably get arrested in the process.

    Sorry to hear you've been unwell. I hope you're on the mend.

  35. Beautiful photos; I love the warblers, especially the Reed Warbler. I completely agree with you re: this Govt. I'm furious, too.

  36. What a lovely series of shots!

  37. We are governed by a group of posh rich kids who think they were born to rule and that the rest of us should touch our forelocks and be grateful for scraps from their table.

  38. ...sense the total frustration with governing bodies; seems a world-wide phenomenon. Pictures - loving the warblers both especially

  39. Thanks Wendy. I think more people think this way than the Tory boys realise.

    Thanks Ladyfi. :-)

    Very well put John.

    Thanks Carole. There are times the people in power, let it go to their heads, and use it for personal gain.

    Well done Harley. You are getting very good at this.