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Saturday, 11 May 2013

More pictures

Slowly getting through the backlog

A few more from March

Female Red Breasted Merganser

Male Red Breasted Merganser




April's turn now

I include this one because when I saw it, it was a lifer for me. Not the best picture in the world, but it was a long way out in the sea. Red Throated Diver.

Lapwing, doing the 'early bird' thing.

A little Wren, singing his socks off.

and a couple of recent ones

My first dragon of the year, a Four-spotted Chaser

A group of Red Deer, totally unfazed by me being there.

and last one


Enjoy your weekend, whatever you are doing.


  1. spoilt for choice there with a favourite - love the greenfinch pose, the red breasted merganser is stunning, fantastic shot of the lapwing, love the wren and the avocet is a stunner to finish with - really enjoyed that thank you!

  2. No bad ones here but the Mergansers are just grand. The dragon fly is a cracker.

  3. Sharon, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them :-)

    Cheers Adrian. The Dragon didn't stay for long, but I was pleased to get him. First this year.

  4. I like the Greenfinch, i have just started to get them in my garden, so i hope to get a photo soon.


  5. Surprised you are seeing dragonflies this early... so cool here still. Lovely images.

  6. Another great set Keith.
    I particularly like the Lapwing and the Wren images.

  7. just love every single one! love the wren belting it out! the lapwing with the worm. wonderful job, keith!

  8. Thanks Peter. They always look grumpy to me. Seldom get them here.

    Thanks Nancy. They are only just appearing now. It's been a long winter.

    Thanks Roy. The Lapwing was having a real tug of war with the worm; but he won in the end.

    Thanks Theresa. That Wren must have been auditioning for a show. He was really going for it.

  9. Well I've stopped being jealous of your RBM's images and just plain bitter now lol, the reflection on the male is an added bonus I'm yet to get close to one,the nuthatch is superb too as are the rest but out of all of them I do have one favourite, the singing wren great image Keith.

  10. Super set Keith. I had to chuckle at the Lapwing image, in my mind I could see, just out of frame, another Lapwing tugging at the other end of the worm! I know.... I've got a weird sense of humour!

    Cracking Merganser images...and I'm still jealous!...[;o)

  11. Keith, cracking series of images!

  12. Thank you Doug. The RBM's are great birds. All the shots I've got of them have been taken at RSPB Conwy; a great place to see them.

    Cheers Trevor, I was quite pleased with that Lapwing shot :-)

    Thank you Robin, glad you enjoyed them.

  13. my favourite photo is the dragon fly.I love its eyes.

  14. Thanks Harley. I'm glad he kept still for a picture. :-)

  15. Wonderful photos! The mergansers are so cool!

  16. Congrats on your lifer, Keith. The Mergansers are really splendid looking birds. Well done.

  17. Once again superb shots. We don't have Nuthatch over here so that is always nice to see. I love the way you captured the essence of each bird. can't choose between them so I just enjoy them all.

  18. Goodness me - a dragon already. I won't expect to see any for weeks and weeks yet.

    Love the Lapwing straining to get the early worm.

  19. Nice series, Keith. The dragon is wonderful, great composition, and those red eyes of the Mergansers look very unusual.

  20. Thanks Linda. Yea, I love their 'punk' hairstyles :-)

    Choy Wai, thank you. Always good to add a new bird to the list. :-)

    Margaret, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them. I'll swap a couple of Nuthatches for some Hooded Crows. ;-)

    Thanks John. Yea, very pleased to see the dragon.

    Thanks Petra. The mergansers are beautiful birds.

  21. A lovely collection Keith. Always difficult to pick favourites on your posts but I think I'll go for the male Red Breasted Merganser, the Wren and the Avocet. Great to see dragons appearing again, I feel I'm missing out on so much having been unwell throughout the entire period of good weather :-( Many congrats on the lifer, nice one!! :-)

  22. Thank you Jan.
    I hope you start feeling better soon. I'm sure you'll soon catch up with everything.

  23. Wow that's a very impressive collection Keith... I love the greenfinch and the avocet!! Two species i would love to meet again ;-) Hope you are doing fine...

  24. Thanks Chris. Yea, enjoying life at the moment :-)

  25. Keith, as usual awesome shots...I like that Greenfinch pose and the lapwing looks great!Have a great day!