Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday Flowers

A bunch of flowers for the upcoming weekend

Ragged Robin


White Campion

Greater Stitchwort

Oxeye Daisy

Goat's Beard

Common Knapweed

Enjoy the day, and weekend

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Busy, busy, busy

I thought I'd sorted out all the orphans on the computer, but it seems every time I look in a picture folder, I find a few more lost souls. And I've still got a lot of pictures to sort through, and decide whether to keep and process.
Here's one that made it, from a visit to Loggerheads Country Park, near Mold, in north Wales, back in April.


It was disturbing to read recently, of an egg thief, that stole about 50 eggs from 65 nesting pairs of Little Terns, at a nesting site in the north east of England; Crimdon.

A lovely little bird, that is having a big enough struggle without bastard egg thieves.

There are usually signs put up on beaches that have nesting birds, to advise the public to keep clear for a few months. The area is usually roped off, so that you know where not to go.

 This is one on the beach at the RSPB reserve at Titchwell, on the Norfolk coast.

Unfortunately it didn't make any difference to this bloody idiot, who ignored it, and strolled through the roped off area, with his spotting scope over his shoulder.

 These sort of people shouldn't be sharing the same air that I breath.

I've spent a lot of today messing around with a much neglected website I have.
The holdingmoments dot com version.
I've decided to concentrate on mostly Butterflies, Moths, Dragons, Damsels, Flora and Landscape on there.
Today the moth section got a makeover, but I can't figure out how to get the pictures in the order I want. Never mind.
Here's just a couple from the selection I uploaded today.

Clouded Border

And the delightfully named Mother Shipton

To address the balance, a couple of Butterflies.

 Green Hairstreak

 Duke of Burgundy

These Bluebells have finished round here now, and in this picture, they are certainly past their best; but the light through the trees was too good to pass.

I'll end with a couple of birds that I took yesterday.

I rather liked the cheekiness of this one.

A Kestrel, that has taken up residence in an owl's box.

And a couple of a very obliging Sedge Warbler.

Getting breakfast for the young ones.

and telling the world that he's here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Here we go

One from this morning. A Long Tailed Tit, with a caterpillar.

Still playing catch up with the computer. Not been on here much, because when the weather is dry, I like to get out and take pictures. The only downside to that is sorting the buggers out.

Here's a few old ones from recent days out.

Marsh Harrier from RSPB Minsmere, and a recent day out with Trevor.

For some much better bird in flight shots, check out Doug's blog here. He is superb.

A pair of Common Terns.

The first shot I think he's offering a fish to his mate. Not sure what happened to it in the next two, but she didn't stay.

An 'aaawww' picture. Canada Goose with her goslings.

Four butterflies next. When the sun has shone, so have they.

Green Hairstreak

 One flying, the only time you'll see the upper wing, because when they settle, they close their wings.

 Grizzled Skipper

 The unfortunately named, Dingy Skipper

Duke of Burgundy. Sadly a red listed species, and very localised.

Back with the birds. Not a brilliant shot, but it does show a bit of behaviour.

 An Avocet taking on a much bigger Marsh Harrier that had strayed too close to the Avocet chicks.

 One of the Avocet chicks.

And finally, the new membership recruitment officer for RSPB Titchwell


Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A wobbly

The other day, the computer threw a wobbly. A brain fart; a hard drive amnesia blast.

I'd got up in the morning, switched the computer on, and went to make a coffee. I glanced over at the screen after a few moments expecting to see 'Welcome', but all I got was a torrent of white writing scrolling upwards on a black background.
'Hmmm', I said out loud; or words to that effect.
I tried to read the writing as it whizzed upwards. Most of what I could see were picture file names, and the odd words like 'orphaned file'.
Orphans? What was going on?
I hit a few keys, but nothing happened.
I decided to let it carry on while I made my coffee.
After a while it stopped all the nonsense, and fired up as usual.

I sat down yesterday, or was it the day before .......... anyway, I was looking for a particular picture. I knew where to find it on the computer, because I'm fairly organised on here. It's just life I have a chaotic approach to.
So, I find the folder, open it up, and start to look through the thumbnails of the pictures when ........ a blank! A neat little empty square where a picture should be.
I moved the mouse over it, and it came back with the information, 0kb. The picture had disappeared.
I have a system of various pictures that I want to keep, duplicated in folders; and also backed up on an external drive.
I looked in another folder, and there was the copy of my picture.
I went through a couple of other folders, and found half a dozen other missing files. Maybe these were the 'orphans' that were rushing up the screen the other day?
Now, I've got literally thousands of pictures on my hard drives in the computer. They go back to 2008, and some beyond that. I back up fairly regularly to external drives, but the problem now is, how many other 'orphans' have I got lurking amongst them? At some stage I'm going to have to go through everything. 
I've done a virus scan, and it's come back clear.

Maybe the computer is feeling a bit old, like me. It is getting on for two, at least.
I'm finding things a little difficult and strange at times; a bit older than two.
I forget stuff, which is annoying, but not the end of the world.
I drop stuff, which is bloody annoying, and I knock stuff over. Some would say I'm 'clumsy', but I think not.
Maybe I'm heading towards the Recycle Bin these days.
When I sit, relaxing, I find myself aware that my right hand is tapping out to some unheard beat, or rhythm.
Getting older isn't all its cracked up to be. Sometimes it's shit.

Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

About time

It's been a while since I've posted. Got a few pictures still to sort through from various days out recently. That's one of the reasons I took a break from blogging. Sometimes the internet just seemed as though it was taking over.
Here's a couple of pictures from a little while ago.

This is my buddy, Bud, using all his powers to make the plate come closer.
He lives in Wales. I wish I did too.

This is his new 'friend'.

She's called Ellie, and tries very hard to be loved by Bud; but he's not that bothered by her juvenile antics.

A sunrise, from back in May. The Grand Union canal. One of the pictures I've entered in a photographic competition run by The Canal and River Trust.

A pair of Avocets, that were desperately trying to make their nest containing four eggs, safe from the high spring tide at Titchwell recently.

Spring is definitely in the air, as the following two videos show.

The first is a short clip of a pair of Mute Swans mating.

The second is another short compilation of a pair of hedgehogs.

For some time I've had one visiting at night, so I put some dog meat and dried mealworms down for him. One night, the night camera recorded over an hour of the courtship between a second hog that turned up. It doesn't always end in mating, as the female sometimes just isn't 'in the mood'. During this time, a third hog, presumably a male, turned up, and had to be swiftly dealt with.
A few nights later, they managed to actually mate in peace.

OK, back to some more pictures.

A recent visit to Minsmere nature reserve with Trevor, gave us some stunning views of a couple of birds of prey.

First up;


and he treated us to a fly past with his lunch. A Four-spotted Chaser.

The second bird was this stunner;

A Marsh Harrier.

I was going to have some butterflies next, but I'll do them another time. I want to keep with the raptor theme for now.

The garden has been invaded by lots of juvenile Starlings at the moment, and last night a Sparrowhawk dropped in for tea.

The following were all taken through the glass in the back door, so maybe not as sharp as I'd hope for.

If nature at its rawest is not your thing, then skip the next five pictures.

I may post the video another time, or you could seek it out on my YouTube channel if you want. It's quite graphic.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and weekend. 

I'm back to picture sorting for a while.