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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A wobbly

The other day, the computer threw a wobbly. A brain fart; a hard drive amnesia blast.

I'd got up in the morning, switched the computer on, and went to make a coffee. I glanced over at the screen after a few moments expecting to see 'Welcome', but all I got was a torrent of white writing scrolling upwards on a black background.
'Hmmm', I said out loud; or words to that effect.
I tried to read the writing as it whizzed upwards. Most of what I could see were picture file names, and the odd words like 'orphaned file'.
Orphans? What was going on?
I hit a few keys, but nothing happened.
I decided to let it carry on while I made my coffee.
After a while it stopped all the nonsense, and fired up as usual.

I sat down yesterday, or was it the day before .......... anyway, I was looking for a particular picture. I knew where to find it on the computer, because I'm fairly organised on here. It's just life I have a chaotic approach to.
So, I find the folder, open it up, and start to look through the thumbnails of the pictures when ........ a blank! A neat little empty square where a picture should be.
I moved the mouse over it, and it came back with the information, 0kb. The picture had disappeared.
I have a system of various pictures that I want to keep, duplicated in folders; and also backed up on an external drive.
I looked in another folder, and there was the copy of my picture.
I went through a couple of other folders, and found half a dozen other missing files. Maybe these were the 'orphans' that were rushing up the screen the other day?
Now, I've got literally thousands of pictures on my hard drives in the computer. They go back to 2008, and some beyond that. I back up fairly regularly to external drives, but the problem now is, how many other 'orphans' have I got lurking amongst them? At some stage I'm going to have to go through everything. 
I've done a virus scan, and it's come back clear.

Maybe the computer is feeling a bit old, like me. It is getting on for two, at least.
I'm finding things a little difficult and strange at times; a bit older than two.
I forget stuff, which is annoying, but not the end of the world.
I drop stuff, which is bloody annoying, and I knock stuff over. Some would say I'm 'clumsy', but I think not.
Maybe I'm heading towards the Recycle Bin these days.
When I sit, relaxing, I find myself aware that my right hand is tapping out to some unheard beat, or rhythm.
Getting older isn't all its cracked up to be. Sometimes it's shit.

Enjoy your day.


  1. This is a technical problem Keith. You have to shout and swear at the computer. Then find someone who knows how to mend them. Good luck.

  2. I'm sorry to hear it, I hope that it will set it out.
    Nice pictures.

  3. Thanks Adrian. Yea, I've done the first bit, I need to get in touch with the bloke who built it now.

    Thanks Bob.

  4. Sorry to hear about the 'pooter problems. Hope it gets sorted out OK.

    As for the rest - second childhood turns out not be as much fun as the first one!

  5. Hopefully the computer has settled down now John. I just need to go through all my files to see what's missing. Could be a long job.

  6. I can definitely relate to both the computer problems and the aging thing. Pretty much sucks any way you look at it.

    I wonder if defragmenting your hard drive would help? I bought an external hard drive some time ago and that's where I keep all of my photos now. Good luck!

  7. Ouch! sounds like that's going to be a major job Keith, finding all those orphans and putting them back into their proper homes?

    As for getting old?...I'm sure you're
    a long way off from being assigned to the recycle bin just yet!...[;o)

  8. hate dreaded pc problems! what a time waster to have to weed through all your files!

    and for your own aging woes, i'd reach over the atlantic and give you a hug today if i could.

  9. That mayfly picture is fabulous Keith. Sorry to hear about your computer misfortunes.

  10. I had to search and see what exactly an orphan file (it's not often virus related, so shouldn't appear in a scan)is and appear to be "storage" related and often occurs when the file (image) looses it's "parent" file often it could be a programme that has been removed or uninstall, from the techno babble I'm thinking perhaps you used a particular photography processing programme for said file/s but have either upgraded or removed..no source for the computer to read the file etc....I'm no techie so half (most if I'm honest) went over my head, but I searched on Yahoo's search bar and typed "what's an orphan file", hope it helps a little. Go and have a look as a saw a link on there for recovering images that have been orphaned.

  11. Hi Keith...Well that "Stinks"!!
    Very strange happening with your computer, maybe it is getting forgetful to ..hmmm gee I think that is supposed to be in this file LOL!!
    You will laugh when you see the comment I left on the other blog post quite contrary to this one, but correct!! hahaha!
    The age thing can get to ya if you let it...but I can smell what your stepping in because I am right there with ya!!
    One day then another, and it doesn't seem to get any easier,!! It should be the Rusty years not the Golden year of our lives!!

    Chin up my friend, hope all turns out well with your photos!!
    Love the buttercup shot and the damsel,dragonfly or what ever to hell it is...see my memory is shot too ; )

  12. watch out Keith when my PC did that 3 days later my Hard drive gasped it's last gasp and died a death.

  13. Thanks Nancy. I did a defrag, and so far all seems well. I've still to check if there are more orphans though.

    Trevor, the bin beckons frequently lol

    Theresa, that hug would be great right now lol
    Slowly working my way through the files. :-)

    Cheers Phil. Computers would be boring if they didn't throw a wobbly occasionally. Bloody annoying though. :-)

    Cheers Doug. Had a google of orphans, and I think I've got it sussed; although a lengthy process of going through everything.

    Thanks Grace. Rusty years sound good to me. lol The insect is a Mayfly. They live for a day. I can sympathise with that lol

    Thanks Kath. I backed everything up earlier, so it can do its worst lol
    I don't want it to though, ;-)

  14. I dread something like that happening to my precious files. Well, at least they appear only to be 'orphans' and not missing completely. Long job on the horizon Keith!

  15. Thanks Frank. Thankfully everything was backed up to last April, and the rest done today, after sorting out the orphans I found. Still need to sort through everything though; long job, but I'll get there.

  16. Keith, I hope you have sorted the problem.
    My biggest problem with memory loss is trying to remember something computer related and how to fix a problem!
    Growing old definitely is not for the faint of heart!

  17. Thanks Robin. Hopefully things are sorted. Certainly all backed up at the moment.

  18. Your doing well after your heart problem, that the main thing, and thats a great photo of the Mayfly.


  19. Hi Kieth, when was the last time you defraged you computer? This should be done at least once a week. I do it once a day. This way I don't have any problems. Also it could be that your hard drive is starting to go bad. There may be some bad sectors on the hard drive. Best to talk to a repair guy in case you don't have the inclination to do things yourself. You should also keep a copy of your photos on a DVD disk or even a blue ray disk.

  20. Cheers Peter. Yea, the heart thing was a minor setback lol

    Thanks Horst. I defrag quite regularly, so I was surprised this happened. I'd backed up to an external drive to the end of May, ( done it now to today ), so a bit annoyed and mystified. The main hard drive is a solid state, so theoretically should be good.

  21. Your PC has a mind of its own Keith.

  22. Dang if that happened to me right now I'd FLIP out! I just cant deal with another thing right now...and that includes the aging thing...its NO FUN!! A bad sign is when young men offer to help me do stuff, ITS a dead give away that they see an OLD LADY in need of assistance...grrrr
    Lovely photos of the buttercups and the mayfly...

  23. You're right about getting older!

    I have two back-up systems: a back-up drive plus Shutterfly, where I upload my "better" photos about once a month and even order prints. Yeah, that's old fashioned, and pretty much redundant because most of these are also on my blog. But those are small versions and the ones I print are 500K or larger.

  24. Sorry to read of your computer woes Keith, what a pain! I suspect you might have moved or deleted something which was connected with the files. Hope you manage to sort it out.

    Lovely photos of the cheerful Buttercups and the Mayfly.

  25. I spent the other night on the computer with a tech for three hours. Afterwards, while searching through my photos, I came across odds and ends of other programs. I deleted a few, but wonder if it will affect my computer now. Oh, well, I don't think there's much more I could do. Hope you don't lose anything (or that you find everything).

  26. Late with these replies; had a lot of sorting to do, but more or less there now. I'll catch up with blogs later.

    Roy, I think you could be right.

    Sondra, I wish people would help me at times lol
    I know what you mean though.

    Thanks Linda. Thankfully I've got all my stuff backed up, but it's so annoying when some disappear from the computer, and then I have to search for it.

    Thanks Jan. I'm pretty much sorted now, and started backing up everything again, on another external hard drive. Bit sick of computers at the moment tough. lol

    Thanks Laura. I'm sure computers behave like this occasionally, just to test our patience. :-)