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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Busy, busy, busy

I thought I'd sorted out all the orphans on the computer, but it seems every time I look in a picture folder, I find a few more lost souls. And I've still got a lot of pictures to sort through, and decide whether to keep and process.
Here's one that made it, from a visit to Loggerheads Country Park, near Mold, in north Wales, back in April.


It was disturbing to read recently, of an egg thief, that stole about 50 eggs from 65 nesting pairs of Little Terns, at a nesting site in the north east of England; Crimdon.

A lovely little bird, that is having a big enough struggle without bastard egg thieves.

There are usually signs put up on beaches that have nesting birds, to advise the public to keep clear for a few months. The area is usually roped off, so that you know where not to go.

 This is one on the beach at the RSPB reserve at Titchwell, on the Norfolk coast.

Unfortunately it didn't make any difference to this bloody idiot, who ignored it, and strolled through the roped off area, with his spotting scope over his shoulder.

 These sort of people shouldn't be sharing the same air that I breath.

I've spent a lot of today messing around with a much neglected website I have.
The holdingmoments dot com version.
I've decided to concentrate on mostly Butterflies, Moths, Dragons, Damsels, Flora and Landscape on there.
Today the moth section got a makeover, but I can't figure out how to get the pictures in the order I want. Never mind.
Here's just a couple from the selection I uploaded today.

Clouded Border

And the delightfully named Mother Shipton

To address the balance, a couple of Butterflies.

 Green Hairstreak

 Duke of Burgundy

These Bluebells have finished round here now, and in this picture, they are certainly past their best; but the light through the trees was too good to pass.

I'll end with a couple of birds that I took yesterday.

I rather liked the cheekiness of this one.

A Kestrel, that has taken up residence in an owl's box.

And a couple of a very obliging Sedge Warbler.

Getting breakfast for the young ones.

and telling the world that he's here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. Oh oh oh, the Dipper, you caught it in Wales, very obliging. And the butterflies, nice Keith. But, I thought that Reed Warbler was a Sedge Warbler, sorry if am wrong.

  2. Thanks Bob.
    Yea, a little too much of the golden liquid. Corrected now. Thanks :-)

  3. Love that Clouded Border, never seen or heard of one before.

  4. Thanks Heather. That was the first time I'd seen one of those. Lovely little moths.

  5. loved the moths and butterflies. very different from ones i see here. sad about the tern nests. loved the cute dipper and kestral!

  6. Fantastic Dipper shot Keith and the bluebells are just brilliant.

  7. AND you know his excuse was he never saw the sign .. twat!

    Nice selection Keith, particularly the Moths and that singing Sedge. I haven't met the Duke of Burgundy yet.

  8. Thanks Theresa. Some of the moths that fly at night are pretty spectacular. Gonna have to get a moth trap and study them more.

    Thanks Roy. I couldn't resist the Bluebells.

    Frank, sadly there's far too many birders like that. Looking forward to Tuesday. :-)

  9. I guess I'm at a loss why someone would raid a tern's nest. For what purpose?

    All of your photos are National Geo worthy in my opinion.

  10. Love that dipper! Here in the US we also have problems with people walking through roped off area, such a shame!

  11. A very high quality post. The kestrel is a real gem.

  12. HI Keith Lovely photos. I love that Kestrel who thinks he's an OWL! The Sedge was very cooperative. That would be good on video with the sound. Moths are great. The bluebell photos light is stunning. Was it taken at night? Have a great weekend. Margaret

  13. Nancy, thank you.
    The eggs are sold on to other egg collectors, at a high price. Illegal, and just one of the reasons why these birds are struggling.

    Thanks Squirrel. Sadly it's a problem all over. Thoughtless and ignorant people.

    Thanks Adrian. I only just spotted the Kestrel, as he took a quick look round.

    Thank you Margaret. I did manage quite a bit of video of the Sedge Warbler. Maybe I should have uploaded it lol
    The Bluebell was in the woods, during the day, with just some shafts of sunlight on it, to pick it out.

  14. The Dipper and Sedge warbler images are fantastic as is the cheeky Kes'. The Little Tern annoys me as I can't figure why anyone would nick so many eggs, surely once you have one (which is bad enough) you don't need anymore, sadly from what I was reading on the Birdguides blog this incident may make the colony extinct! As for the bloke walking through the tern colony, typical, I bet you my last pound he's the sort who moans at people like me for not being "a proper birder".

  15. Great post as always Keith, that some great butterfly you show.

  16. I like the Kestrel in the owl box.

  17. Doug, I think a slow and painful death would still be too good for the scum that nicked the eggs.

    Cheers Peter. Could do with some more sun to bring as few more out.

    Thanks Harley. Quite a cheeky bird :-)

  18. Your photos are absolutely lovely as always, Keith.

    The guy to whom rules do not apply reminds me of the father and pre-teen son team I encountered the other day.

    When advised that there is no trout fishing as close to the dam as the were at the creek, he told me that they knew it was illegal according to the signs all around them but that since the "handbook" doesn't mention this spot specifically, technically, they can still fish there, legally.

    I asked him why he thought the signs were up. His response was that it is a "sanctuary" area for the fish but technically not illegal (not true anyway).

    Way to teach your son respect for nature, rules and life in general.

  19. Very good selection Keith, moths are superb, and a good variety of fantastic bird images.

  20. OH NO thats awful...I cant figure some people out!!! That dang man who is ignoring the Keep Out, who does he think he is?
    WELL your photos are super as usual..I love the little dipper its just too cute for words...and the owl box Kestrel is a HOOT..haha.

  21. Thanks Hilary. The stupidity and disregard for wildlife by some people, really angers me. I'm fairly tolerant of most things, but when it involves wildlife and nature, grrrr!

    Thanks Andrew :-)

    Thank you Bob, glad you enjoyed them.

    Sondra, thank you. The man on the beach really made me angry that morning.

  22. Agree on the idiot with the scope on his shoulder... This people should be banned from birding.... And I do love your dipper shot and the funny one ;-) Well done Keith...

  23. Thanks Chris. Yea, a shame there are a few selfish birders about.

  24. Another great collection of images, Keith. Well done. It is most unfortunate for the nesting birds to endure this bloke's stupidity. Shame on him.

  25. Thanks Choy Wai. Yea, some people really don't think, do they.

  26. Your photos are marvelous.

    I host a weekly link party called "Oh, the PLACES I've been!" on Fridays and would love to have you link.

    - The Tablescaper