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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Here we go

One from this morning. A Long Tailed Tit, with a caterpillar.

Still playing catch up with the computer. Not been on here much, because when the weather is dry, I like to get out and take pictures. The only downside to that is sorting the buggers out.

Here's a few old ones from recent days out.

Marsh Harrier from RSPB Minsmere, and a recent day out with Trevor.

For some much better bird in flight shots, check out Doug's blog here. He is superb.

A pair of Common Terns.

The first shot I think he's offering a fish to his mate. Not sure what happened to it in the next two, but she didn't stay.

An 'aaawww' picture. Canada Goose with her goslings.

Four butterflies next. When the sun has shone, so have they.

Green Hairstreak

 One flying, the only time you'll see the upper wing, because when they settle, they close their wings.

 Grizzled Skipper

 The unfortunately named, Dingy Skipper

Duke of Burgundy. Sadly a red listed species, and very localised.

Back with the birds. Not a brilliant shot, but it does show a bit of behaviour.

 An Avocet taking on a much bigger Marsh Harrier that had strayed too close to the Avocet chicks.

 One of the Avocet chicks.

And finally, the new membership recruitment officer for RSPB Titchwell


Enjoy your day.


  1. Some excellent pictures, top man :)

  2. Hi Keith...Nice group of photos!!
    The Awww shot is adorable !!
    Nice butterfly and skipper set,,the Green Hairstreak is a beauty!!
    My favorite is the Avocet chasing the Harrier, parents are very protective!!
    I saw a Bluebird chase of a Gray Squirrel that started to climb the bird house pole!! That's one way to get rid of squirrels!! : )

  3. HUGE smile on my face from the goslings. the avocet taking after the harrier is remarkable! so is the robin!!! adorable!

  4. your right Keith ,it far better taking photos than fiddling with them on a pc,.....great when you show them. I never seem to see much variety around here , or perhaps its me.

  5. Cheers Mike, glad you enjoyed them.

    Thank you Grace. It's been good to see a few butterflies recently, after our dreadful winter, and spring.

    Thanks Theresa, glad you enjoyed them. The Robin was brilliant. Very cheeky.

    Cheers Peter. Yea, I'm afraid I get bored with computers very quickly these days lol

  6. Brilliant pictures but my favourite is the feisty Avocet seeing off the Marsh harrier. From Findlay

  7. Keith, great shots! Glad your getting your computer sorted!

  8. I do like a Marsh Harrier image and yours is a superb example, as for the juvenile Avocet, sooo sweet. I also think you send that Robin image to the staff at Titchwell, classic.

  9. Good stuff Keith the Long tailed tit is looking a bit soggy!

  10. Some fabulous shots here Keith.
    Wow. Duke of Burgundy, never seen one yet.
    The Canada Goose/goslings is priceless and that Avocet shot taking on the Harrier that is pretty good.
    Nice lot of images altogether.

  11. Very cute goslings and the avocet chick is such a sweet thang!! WOW that shot of the parent sending that hawk on its way is very bold.
    Its nice to see the butterflies!!
    HOW's you get that robin to do that?

  12. Thanks Findlay. The Avocets are very protective aren't they. The Lapwings are equally protective too, I think.

    Cheers Robin. It's been a long job sorting the files, but getting there.

    Thank you Laura. :-)

    Thanks Nancy. I like that one too :-)

    Cheers Doug. I did send the Robin to their Flickr group. I might send it to the RSPB magazine too.

    Thanks Bob. Yea, I think he'd been bathing in the lake earlier.

    Cheers Roy. Quite pleased with the Avocet/Harrier. A quick grab shot.
    Never seen the Canada's with goslings on their backs before, and Duke of Burgundy are fairly common in certain areas near here.

    Thanks Sondra. That Robin was brilliant. He sat perched on those books for a while, whilst a staff member was talking to people as they came into the reserve. Great moment.

  13. Excellent set of images Keith.

    I wonder if that Robin's on the RSPB staff, or just a volunteer?

    Great shot of the Avocet chick...[;o)

  14. Cheers Trevor. The Robin certainly was a draw lol

  15. HI Keith nce again a wonderful set of shots on this post. Loved the Avocet chick and the brave parent mobbing the Harrier. The Goose shot is priceless. Now tell the truth, you stuck that Robin there!! (joke)


  16. A beautiful images, and my fave is the Avocet chick, it is cuddlesome.

  17. Nice selection of flutters - they are far and few between here at the moment.

    Those Robins get everywhere. Once saw one nesting in a second hand shop outhouse with customers passing just a couple of feet below it.

  18. Thanks Margaret. That Robin was a real star that day.

    Thank you Bob. Yea, they are lovely. :-)

    Thank you John. We need more sunny days to bring the butterflies out.

  19. Man!these are nature's best. I wonder why the avocet's plan in the photo with marsh harrier

  20. Thanks for stopping by Phioxee, and leaving a comment. The Avocet was being very protective of its young ones.

  21. Wow wow wow -awesome shots! So gorgeous.

  22. Hi Keith,
    This avocet chick picture is wonderful. Enjoy your day too and sorry to be away from blogging at the moment.

  23. Thanks ladyfi. :-)

    Cheers Chris. Yea, I keep taking a break from it all lol