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Friday, 26 July 2013

In Wales again

Welsh Poppy

I've been absent from blogging for about a month now, so I suppose I should make an effort to do a post. I may not catch up with everyone yet though.

I arrived here at the start of July; and it has been great. The sun has been overpowering at times, (I don't do hot very well), but the weather has been some of the best I've ever had on all my visits here. Certainly better than the last time, when we were snowed in during March.

On my first day here, I was very excited to see Redstarts nesting in the ivy that covers one of the barns.

Female Redstart, bringing some breakfast.

They gave me some fantastic views and pictures, right up until the young left the nest.

Juvenile Redstart

The Swallows have had a few broods during my stay here.

Waiting for food

It's great to watch their comings and goings during the day; and see the young that have already left the nest, still hanging around the area, before they set off on their epic journeys to Africa.

There have been lots of other juvenile birds around during my stay. Blue Tits,

Great Tits, House Sparrows, Siskins, Great Spotted Woodpeckers,

 with their red caps

and a large family of noisy Jays, that visit one of the bird tables through the day.

Two, of the seven birds that visit through the day.

It's not just the birds that have held my attention.

Two of the residents, that have kept me company during my time here. Bud, on the left, and Ellie, leaping at his ears. Two of the best natured dogs you could wish to meet.

Some of my days out have produced some great butterflies.

Dark Green Fritillary


Silver-studded Blue

and equally some great moths

Large Emerald

Barred Straw

Straw Dot

and a great encounter with the wild goats, that roam on the Great Orme.

So much more to share, and far too many pictures taken. And probably far too many here.

Maybe next post I'll have some more to show; of the wild flowers, more moths and butterflies, the Stonechat family, Meadow Pipits, and some of the birds from around the cottage.

I hope you're all having as much fun as I am.


  1. wow! wild goats!!! the butterflies and moths are beautiful. i know you must love having the pups around. :)

    swallows and their young always make me smile. enjoy your time there!

  2. Never too many pictures from you mate.
    You have found your element in Whales just like Captain Ahab you are.

    Great shots one and all.

  3. Hi Keith Welcome back to blogging and what a wonderful selection of birds for us to see. The butterflies are very beautiful and it is lovely to see the young birds. Those sheep have very big horns, I hope they kept their distance. I love the way you have shot the Welsh Poppy. Wonderful. Sent you an email! Margaret

  4. Keith, fantastic images! What a wonderful variety of birds and butterflies and moths!

  5. Your Welsh excursions always produce a fabulous range of wildlife and nature images Keith. Looking forward to some more.
    After last time you were certainly due a nice period of weather.

  6. Oh, there are so many to behold, I loved every one of each pictures. I'll bet you're have a precious happy times.

  7. Wow you've got yourself some amazing species, especially the redstart family, though I'm not sure I'd venture so close to them goats...ouch! Nice to see those hills too without any snow on them.

  8. Hi Keith, so glad you are enjoying your summer there in Wales, its perfectly wonderful by the looks of your photos shared. Loving all of them especially the doggies and the Goats! All is good here in my neck of the woods!

  9. Hi Keith... Fantastic shot's and a good collection to give a good idea of what things are like where you are!

    Really love the Swallow on the wire it's face is priceless !!
    The first time I have seen the jay with it's crest up great shot!!
    The Emerald Green is just amazing , and the wild Goats are wonderful!!

    As good as every my friend!!

  10. Wild goats!! That's not something you see everyday....nice! I think summer is to be enjoyed and not so crazy with the blog stuff. Everyone feels that guilt/need a break stuff. Beautiful pics as always. Love all your birds.

  11. I takes some adapting to our variable weather Keith. From bally cold to sweltering with not enough moderate days between.

    Looks as though insect and bird life are recovering well after the long cold spell. You seem to be having a great time there.

  12. those goats on the Great Orme don't half stink don't they! Beautiful creatures though - nice to see you back in sunny Wales!

  13. No shortage of photo opportunities then Keith? A super selection of images you've posted here, and a few are of subjects that I've never seen before! (I'll check out the rest when you've sorted them!!!...lol!)

  14. so many different sorts of birds and butterfly up there to photograph.....great set of photos.

  15. I really like the white goats. Wales is a great place.

  16. lovely photos Keith ...as always

  17. Thanks Theresa. Yea, the dogs are great company. They follow me round like they're mine. lol

    Cheers Adrian. I think this place brings out the best in me.

    Thanks Margaret. There's so much to see here, I never get bored with the place.

    Thank you Robin. I see wildlife here that I seldom or never see where I live. Magical.

    Thanks Roy. Yea, the weather has certainly been better than my last visit. I've got so many pictures, I'll probably not get round to showing them all. I take far too many lol

    Bob, it is an amazing place to stay. I never get bored. :-)

    Cheers Doug. It's certainly a special place, in every sense of the word. And the weather has been amazing this visit.

    Sondra, thank you. I always enjoy my visits here, and feel very lucky to be able to visit as often as I do.

    Thank you Grace. I've found some great wild plants here too, this visit. A whole new post on its own.

    Chris, thank you. Glad you enjoyed the pics. Yea, there are times when blogging has to take a back seat, so we can enjoy the world around us.

    John, I have never seen so many juvenile birds about. It seems nature has recovered really well. Butterflies seem to be everywhere too. Great.

    Thanks Sharon. That was the first time I'd managed to see the goats on the Orme. I was so excited lol Lots of butterflies in the sun too. Loved it. :-)

    Cheers Trevor. It really is a great place. Always something different to see. I love it

    Thanks Peter. A whole new world here. I love it. :-)

    Harley, it certainly is. Best place in the world. And good to meet you today.

  18. Thanks Kath. Hope you're well :-)

  19. Wow, there's a lot to comment on here--I'm impressed that you found a swallow willing to sit still long enough to be photographed. I loved the butterflies and goats! Welcome back!

  20. Thank you JoLynne.
    I'm still struggling with a slow internet connection here, but I'll catch up eventually with everyone.

  21. Hi there snd welcome back into blogworld.

    Nice set of pictures - the emerald moth is great - and how does not like woodpeckers!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne:

  22. Those are wonderful birds, also the dogs and goats! Keep having fun!

  23. A wonderful post Keith... it really is a fantastic place to visit.

  24. Still here, in Wales. Internet is painfully slow at the moment, so I'll catch up with blogs when I get back home.

    Stewart, thanks.

    Thanks Linda.

    Andrew, it certainly is.

  25. Hey Keith so glad you are in fine fettle. That goaty fellow looks so smug and confident and why shouldn't he. Really got a thing for moths, don't see too many but your green specimen is really.special. No t been blogging much... This year has been quite hmmm testing, changes and hard choices which have left little time for blogging, but it's nice to come back and catch up with some of you guys .

  26. Hi Debs, good to hear from you.
    My blogging has been a bit sporadic recently; mainly because I keep going out, and can't be bothered to indulge myself in the internet.
    Moths are something that are taking my interest at the moment. Fascinating to see so many.
    Still in Wales at the moment, but going back home soon. :-)

  27. Great Pictures Keith, hope you are well :)

  28. Cheers Scott.
    Yea, back home now.