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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Butterflies and birds

A few Butterflies from June.

 Small Heath

 Brown Argus

 Dingy Skipper

 Grizzled Skipper

Common Blue

and some birds from this month

 Great Crested Grebe


Wood Sandpiper


 Common Sandpiper


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. A good selection here.
    For a moment I thought there were two common Blues.

  2. 'grizzled skipper' - what a great name! :) sounds like a bearded salt.

    love those grebes!!!

  3. Beautiful series of butterflies and the birds are awesome. The Grebes and babes is my favorite.

  4. Thanks Adrian. Yea, they can look similar.

    Cheers Theresa. Yea, a great name. lol

    Thank you Bob. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks Eileen. I love the way they carry them on their backs.

  5. Great set of images Keith...nice Ruff!...[;o)

  6. Hi Keith... Grizzled and Dingy what strange names Huh!! : )
    Love the flutter summers delight!!
    Especially like the Common Blue!!

    Some real sweet tweet's too!!

    Great as always!!

  7. Grace, they have some great names; especially some of the moths.

  8. Incredible birds.....that Grebe is gorgeous. The Ruff is a wonderful bird...well they all are, but wowsa! Nice collection of birds in your collection here.

  9. I see your title is the reverse of mine today! Of course your shots are far superior to mine. Butterflies are gorgeous, but the outstanding shot for me is the Wood Sandpiper. The reflection is just perfect!

  10. Keith, a wonderful series of shots! I envy you all the butterflies. We are very limited in that area. At least here in the "Burbs."
    I'm quite fascinated with shore birds. Such a variety of them.

  11. Great set of photos keith,great names too.


  12. Chris, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Margaret, you're very kind. Thank you.

    Thanks Robin. As much as I like shore birds, I find it difficult to get the ID's at times.

    Thanks Peter. Appreciate that.

  13. Many flutter numbers seem to have held up well in spite of the awful start to the year. Mainly whites here but with a good smattering of Peacocks at the moment.

  14. Great selection of images,loved them all.

  15. I love the butterflies! And it's sweet, how the crested grebe carries her children on her back.

  16. LOVE all these butterflies...they have great color!!
    THE Grebe shot is adorable!! AND I love the last shot of the Ruff!!

  17. Another great set Keith. The wader shots are really good and nice finds as well.

  18. Pretty much the same here John. I've got lots of Small and Large White caterpillars devouring my Nasturtiums at the moment.

    Cheers Doug. I've got quite a backlog of pictures at the moment.

    Thank you JoLynne. The Grebe's are always worth a picture like that. :-)

    Thanks Sondra. I was very pleased with the shots I got of the Ruff.

    Thanks Roy. The waders were all from Frampton Marsh. Great place.

  19. Wow, such detail in those moth pictures! Exquisite.
    I like the birds too. Never heard of a Chiffchaff but it's a great name.

  20. nice selection. been an explosion of butterflies

  21. Thanks Linda. The Chiffchaff is one of our heralds of spring. Lovely bird.

    Cheers Pete. Great to see them at them at the moment.

  22. Some great shots Keith, some cracking Butterfly pics!

  23. Beautiful butterflies and birds pictures Keith and you got one of these shots I would love to do, a grebe with ducklings on the back...

  24. Late with these again, sorry. Too much time going out at the moment.

    Majoros, thank you.

    Thanks Gary. :-)

    Chris, thank you. I was pleased to get the Grebe shot.

    Thank you Laura.