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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

In the company of .............

Well, I'm back, after what seems like an age.

I think I'm losing the 'blogging' will at the moment; spending too much time going out taking pictures, and doing other things. A visit to BirdFair last week with Trevor was very enjoyable, despite the torrential downpour that greeted us when we got there. It was good to meet up with a few other bloggers, and people from Twitter. Yea, I tweet.

This coming Monday is rumoured to be the start of the misguided Badger cull in this country. Despite a large objection by the voting public, and scientists, our dodgy Prime Minister, David Cameron, was quoted as saying recently,  "it's the right thing to do"; and, "it will be good for the Badgers".
Exactly how slaughtering up to 5,000 Badgers is good for them, I'm not quite sure.
Maybe if it's that good, perhaps a cull of the Tory party wouldn't be a bad idea then.

Anyway, despite a mountain of unpublished pictures, I'm going to go with a few I took yesterday of some Little Egrets. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

A handsome bird indeed.

Stealth mode

The strike.

The catch

The swallow

.....and then with a shake of the feathers, it was time to go.

Time for me to go too.

Enjoy your day


  1. Great pictures of this lovely bird ! Looks a bit like my place ;-)

  2. Thanks Pescalune. Like your place? I'll grab my bag! lol

  3. these are awesome shots! glad to see you again - even for a while. glad you've been out and about and enjoying yourself.

  4. Thanks Theresa. Not enough hours in the day lol

  5. Keith, gorgeous shots! Such a pretty bird!
    Welcome home!
    I think the Tory cull would be a wonderful idea!

  6. Great shots Kieth, i can never get that close to any Egret i see.

  7. Great shots of a great bird, is that Summer leys?

  8. Thanks Robin. They are great birds to watch.

    Thanks Peter. I sat in a hide for some time, till they gradually got closer.

    Cheers Doug. These were all at Frampton Marsh. Great reserve.

  9. Keith,cracking shots of the Egret

  10. I just stated the other day that "the people who think like that should fall off the side of the Planet" you know the ones I mean..
    Lovely stalking and feeding behavior of the Egret Keith!! Im off my blogging a bit too, still reading when I can.

  11. Hi Keith... It is good that you are getting out an meeting up with other!!
    I do miss you here though !!

    What a great bird, had to believe a bird so white could stay so white wading in muck !!
    Great shot's of all the moves!!


  12. Wonderful shots of a beautiful creature.

  13. Absolutely brilliant Egret shots Keith.

    You Tweet.??
    Oh dear, its a slippery slope your on.{:))

  14. Great shots of a lovely looking bird Keith.

  15. Cheers John. They were great to watch.

    Thanks Gary.

    Thanks Sondra. Yea, a lot of people I'd like to see 'drop off' lol

    Thanks Grace. Nice to missed :-)

    Thanks Hilary.

    Thanks Roy. Yea, been downhill most of my life. :-)

  16. A definitive series of shots....It's a case of less is more I think.

  17. Thanks Adrian. Yea, I need to slow down on the pictures.