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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Troubled times

(Not my image. One I found on the internet.)

Whilst Obarmy starts his sabre rattling at Syria, Corporal Clegg and Pinocchio Cameron are standing behind him, rattling two cutlery knives, a fork, and a spoon.
That's all we have left in the kitchen draw of the divided island, after all the defence cuts. The only guns we have now, are being deployed in the countryside at the moment, in the hands of thugs and crackpot marks scum, in the merciless slaughter of the countries Badgers; and very likely the next targets will be Deer, Foxes, stray cats and dogs. All potential carriers of Bovine TB.
It's not the farmers fault the cattle have this terrible disease because of years of filthy farm management.

The name of the disease is a bit of a giveaway to anyone with an ounce of sense though.

Enjoy a few birds while we still have some.

Another potential target; Herring Gull

Meadow Pipit


Goldfinch  juvenile

And I'll finish with two not very good shots of a Harrier, I saw recently at Frampton Marsh

I thought at first a Marsh Harrier, male; but to my knowledge, they don't have a light rump. It was suggested to me that it might be a Montagu's Harrier. If any more cleverer birders out there have any ideas, or know what it is, I'd like to know.

Be safe.


  1. I have avoided the news....it's just so sad and depressing.
    Great shots as always.

  2. the stonechat is gorgeous. i understand your concern, keith. sad about the badger cull.

  3. It's all very sad Adrian; but showing this shower of shit for what they are. Arrogant beyond belief.

    Thanks Theresa. Sadly this so called government of ours, live in their own selfish world.
    The Stonechat is indeed a beauty.

    Thanks John. Yea, the male is a handsome soul.

    Thanks Kath. Took a lot of restraint to get the wording there :-)

  4. Yep, they are out to kill our love, love of the animals. There won't be any natural, Badgers, Foxes, Deer, and the Birds, killed by the news of new land, like Heathrow.
    Phew, I am knackered.
    The Stonechat is my favourite Keith.

  5. Keith, well said!
    I like the birds, a lot! The only raptor I know with a white rump like that is the Northern Harrier, but I don't know if they hang out in your neck of the woods.

  6. I still think your original thoughts that it is a Marsh Harrier (Adult male) is correct Keith.

  7. It's all too depressing for words Keith, Animals and people...Cull and kill...seems to be their goal at the moment!

    Great set of images, especially like the Mippit and the Goldfinch...[;o)

    Been checking my books and the internet and it seems that an adult (3 yrs.) male Hen Harrier has a grey tail and rump!! Some of the pics I've seen seem to roughly tally with yours!!

  8. great shot of the Stonechat Keith,yes we are in the middle of the cull zone in (west glos)it a sad time for wildlife ....i went on a badger watch last year, it maybe the last i see.


  9. great blog on the 2 No.10 dictators Adolf (Cameron) Hitler and Mussolini (Clegg) there goal to exterminate wildlife and destroy this country of our icon the Badger

  10. Most people in this materialistic world have forgotten that mother nature is at the heart of everything we are and everything we do. Sad times indeed.

  11. Hi Keith... "Now" "Now" Remember your blood pressure lol!!
    Yup I hear ya though!!

    I think the look on the Gull face say's it all " Down right disturbing!!

    Great shot's of your feathered friends, hope they are around for a long time!!

    Extra Hugs

  12. Go with your gut Keith with the harrier, it's a Marsh Harrier that's in moult, really agree with sentiments too, great images too, also Gulls are being culled/shot and some councils replace their eggs with plastic eggs to control numbers to, sadly humans are mostly scum...

  13. The people in charge of "things" should be dropped on an island TOGETHER for one month, and maybe their soul would return from where ever it hides...I dont get it, war, killing, HERE they round up our wild horses and then have to hold adoptions to find homes for them....I Fear its DOG FOOD SLAUGHTER HOUSES that buy the wild horses!!
    I get so angry..and now its about to be Hunting Season again..
    Love that Stonechat shot he is a beauty!!!

  14. Well said Keith... I just can't, and don't want to, believe that our country is killing wildlife without rhyme or reason.. just sickens me :(

  15. Thanks Bob. I can't wait for the next election, so we can be rid of these bastards.

    Thanks Robin. A Northern Harrier would be great, but I don't think they come this way. :-)

    Thanks Roy. Yea, it seems that's the one. There was a female flew over earlier too. No pictures, I was too busy watching it. :-)

    Very depressing times Trevor.
    Hen Harrier did cross my mind, after seeing them there in the past. Just wish I managed better pictures.

    Peter, it's scandalous that our politicians seem to ignoring all the scientific evidence, just to appease a small part of the community.

    Dave, it's disgusting the depths these bastards in power will stoop to.

    Very true Heather. The future doesn't look too good for the next generation if we carry on like this.

    Thank you Grace. Yea, I'm afraid things like this really turn up my blood pressure to dangerous levels.

    Thanks Doug. Agree with your last statement about humans 100%.

    Thanks Sondra. It seems the majority of the people the world over should be put on that island. Better still, blasted off into space.
    We have illegal hunting seasons here, all the time. Sickening.

    Tricia, it's heartbreaking. I watched Paterson earlier on C4 news catch up. His answer to the reason for the cull? To see if it's possible to kill Badgers at night. No mention of testing them to see if they had TB. That is SO wrong.

  16. Keith... that's dreadful... !! and to admit publically to killing as an experiment!! And all this this nighttime killing - what happens to all those badgers that are wounded and not discovered..... and we're meant to be a civilised nation!

    Sorry..... rant over...

  17. I couldn't believe what I was hearing Tricia. Link is here


  18. Nice post Keith full off humour and good pictures, fully agree on your views, filthfy farm hygiene is high on the culprit list for the spread of TB

  19. Hi Keith Yes it saddens me just how far people will go to destroy our wildlife. Every creature was put on this planet for a reason and killing them off, it just killing us off eventully as everything is dependant of another.
    Anyhow I love the Stonechat.

  20. absolutely heartbreaking what is happening to our wildlife and it seems like we're helpless to stop it happening. Makes my blood boil it really does that 1000s of badgers will be slaughtered for no reason - and may even worsen the problem!

  21. Thanks Bob. I think the Badger has just been made a scapegoat for human failings.

    Thanks Margaret. Probably not a bad idea if the human race died off, and the planet was left to nature.

    Sharon, I totally agree. Stubbornness like this government has shown over this, can only push people towards Anarchy in the end.

  22. I don't stop by often enough. Leaving you a thought.
    Hugs from Houston, gingerv

  23. The world is indeed going crazy...scary times we're in.
    On the bright side...lovely are still out for us to see.

  24. Well said! It is absolutely disgraceful. I cannot say how ashamed and fed up I am with all our political parties when it comes to wildlife, countryside issues and anything overseas with an oil bias.

  25. Thanks Ginger. Hope you're keeping well.

    Dave, thank you. Thank goodness for nature to keep us all sane.

    sweffling, thank you. It's disgusting the way humans are destroying this planet through greed and ignorance.