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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Days out, and stuff

Off to see Adrian soon; he's stopped off at a campsite not too far from where I'm staying. A shame it's raining at the moment though.

Just two more from my visit to Talacre the other day.

 As the tide comes in, this saltmarsh will be covered by waders; and eventually the sea.

One of the sand dunes along this stretch of coast.

Moving on, I had a great day with some friends from Twitter and Blogland. Heather, Mike, and Shaun. A morning at Burton Mere, and then three of us went on to Hoylake, to watch the waders come in on the high tide.

A group of twitchers, that got larger once the news got out about the Semipalmated Sandpiper on the beach, and then a juvenile Caspian Gull
A great day in great company.

Here's a Curlew flying in at RSPB Conwy

and a pair of Common Darter, ensuring the future of their species.

 Amazing how she lays the eggs like that.

I'll end on a couple of spectacular insects.

First, a beetle.

A Sexton Beetle. They feed on dead animals; the cleaners of nature.

And finally, this beauty of a moth, with a great name.

 Merveille du Jour

 Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Great set of pictures - nice to catch up with some other bloggers - I ma meet one in the flesh one day!!
    Really like the rays of light in the first picture.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. You're getting out and about then? I like that first shot, very dramatic.
    Now, now?...Two sites in one day and then cavorting with twitchers...you'll be all grown up soon!!
    Cracking shots of the Curlew (I hope that fast panning didn't make you dizzy?) and beetle.
    And that moth is a stunner, did you catch it in the trap?...[;o)

  3. Beautiful moth ...... and great picture of the curlew!

  4. Some enjoyable images Keith, but that first image is a bit special with the rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds and the habitat looks great

  5. Sounds like your having a wonderful time Keith... enjoy.

  6. Hi Keith... Some lovely sights from where you are, I can see why you like it there!!
    Great shot of the Curlew zipping right quick!!
    That is some fancy name that month has, sounds do grand!! : )
    You and Adrian behave now!!


  7. I'm back ....forgot to leave you a "Hug"you old bugger ; ) !!

  8. sweet close-ups on the insects. such a beautiful seaside area - so different than my daily life.

  9. Hi Keith Lovely to see you posting again with great photographs. that beetle isamaing but that Moth is stunning. it was great that you meet up with blogland and twitter friends and that you had a great day's birding.. That looks a lovely place you were staying in Wales. ope you have a wonderful time with Adrian. Say Hi from me!

  10. Keith, Amazing images! Sounds like you've been enjoying yourself! That's great!

  11. Good stuff Keith nice pan on the Curlew shot

  12. ITs always fun to be with like minded people who have a common goal dont you think? Fantastic shot of the curlew!

  13. Good pics Keith and thanks for the mention. See you soon.

  14. Thank you Stewart. I'm sure you'll bump into a fellow blogger one day. :-)

    Cheers Trevor. Yea, cavorting amongst a bunch of twitchers; I had to behave.
    The moth was just outside the trap one night. Apparently they have a tendancy to do that, rather than go in the trap. A real stunner.

    Thanks Phil. Wales certainly gives me some good picture opportunities.

    Thank you Doug. Talacre really is a great place.

    Andrew, it's great here. I may have to think about moving ;-)

    Thanks Grace. Adrian and myself only had one drink. lol
    Ta for the hug.

    Thanks Theresa. The sea really seems to draw me to it more and more these days.

    Thanks Margaret. The internet is so slow here it makes posting quite a chore at times.
    It's been great meeting up with various people I've got to know online.

    Robin, been having a great time. Must go back home soon though.

    Cheers Bob. A lot of Curlews were coming in that day. Great to practice on.

    Thank you Sondra. Yea, the best of company.

    Cheers Mike, and thanks for inviting me along.

  15. There are no bad images today but the first is a world beater. I would appreciate that one though.

  16. Thanks Adrian. I had some great light on that visit to Talacre.