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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Thursday, 12 September 2013

From Wales

A slow connection here, but I'll try to get round to everyone as soon as I can.
And it's now raining; so back to normal in the weather department.

First up, an oddity. These are usually blue.


I've had the moth trap out a couple of times, and found some rather nice moths. I won't bore the arse off you with loads of pictures; just a couple.

Pink-barred Sallow on the left and Centre-barred Sallow on the right.

And there have been lots of these around,

Autumnal Rustic

A nice find out in one of the fields, was a dragon I've not met before.

Black Darter. Britain's smallest Dragonfly, at 32 mm. In English that's about an inch and a quarter.

Again, out in the fields, a plant I've not seen for a while,

Devil's-bit Scabious

A flight shot


A standing shot

Pied Wagtail

Since I started with an oddity, I'll finish on one.
Along the north coast, there has been a couple of sightings of a leucistic Oystercatcher. I caught up with it yesterday, on a visit to Llanfairfechan with a bunch of regular ones. Sadly they were a bit far out, so really just record shots.

Three, because I was excited.

That's it for now. Have fun, and be safe.


  1. HI Keith Good to have you blogging again. Great interesting post. you can get white Harebells. My sister in law have them in her garden and I used to have both blue and white ones. Great to find the Black Darter however the star of the show for me is the leucictic Oystercatcher although great flight shot of the Curlew.

  2. Great set of images there Keith.
    Excellent shot of Sallows, looks like the moth trap is working well?
    And you've had some good 'finds' with the Black Darter and the, not so black, Oystercatcher.
    Nearly forgot the Curlew, another cracking shot.
    And guess what?...it's raining here too!...[;o{

  3. The moths' shape from the side remind me of a Stealth Bomber. Awesome captures.

  4. Thanks Margaret. I've not seen many white Harebells myself. The Oystercatcher is a bit of a celebrity here at the moment.

    Cheers Trevor. Sadly the moth trap has only had a couple of outings so far; too many wet nights.

    Thanks Nancy, glad you enjoyed them.

  5. Most excellent discoveries. I love your bird shots especially. I'm hoping we get cooler weather here soon. I'm getting cabin fever in this hot desert!

  6. Fantastic. The moths are beautiful. I'm struggling to keep an internet connection for more than ten minutes at a time.
    The Wagtail is a cracking shot.

  7. That lecustic oystercatcher would've made my day a stunning oddity. Like the Curlew and other images too, have you moved to Wales?

  8. neat, neat, and more neat! that must be one tiny dragon! and love everything you share. now, share some rain, please! :)

  9. Lovely shot of the Curlew in flight.

  10. The Curlew in flight is superb, Keith, that is the best.

  11. Keith, excellent shots! I really like the Curlew! Isn't it nice to see the odd oddity!

  12. Miss those stop and stare moments when you really see the beauty out there. Those supermarkets really work u like a dog. No gym needed for me, never had so many bruises in my life. Bet u glad you out of the feckin rat race.... Money necessary but. Not the be all huh.

  13. Hi Keith! Hope the rain stops soon for you so you can get back out there and enjoy the fields...
    Love that Curlew and the rare Oystercatcher...so glad you got to photograph it for us!!

  14. Nice ones, Keith. The leucanistic oystercatcher seems to fit in well with its mates. I bet it doesn't know that it looks any different.

  15. Great shots! The curlew and wagtail are awesome!

  16. Thanks Chris. It's cool here. I'm not a hot weather person, so I doubt I could cope there.

    Thank you Adrian. There are some stunning moths that fly about. Sadly, a lot of us don't get to see their beauty.

    Cheers Doug. It was great to find the Oystercatcher on the beach. It's been spotted a few times, so I can't take the credit for finding it unfortunately. Wales does seem like a second home at times, but I'm still living in MK. Maybe if I come into some money ......

    Thanks Theresa. If only I could send some rain. We're expecting loads over the weekend.

    Thanks John. There were a few hundred Curlew coming in off the estuary. I couldn't go wrong really.

    Thank you Bob. Great birds aren't they.

    Cheers Robin. Yea, always good to find something a little different.

    Thanks Debs, I know what you mean about supermarkets. I stacked shelves in Tesco for about 18 months. They work you like a dog; or try to. Hated it.

    Thanks Sondra. More rain coming, but I've got a coat. lol
    Hoping to get out later today.

    Thanks Wilma. The Oystercatcher seems to have been accepted by the others, so he should do well.

    Thanks Linda. I was happy with those two as well. Glad you liked them.

  17. Goods shots Keith, like the leucistic Oystercatcher and black dragon fly, haven't seen either before!

  18. That was a good find, getting that Oystercatcher Keith.
    Great shot of the Curlew in flight.

  19. Splendid collection of your photographs! such nice find the place to take the shots of birds...

  20. That is a remarkable looking Oystercatcher - I can imagine that I would have got very excited if I had seen it - I wonder what I would have claimed it was before I worked it out! Giant Snow Bunting? Long Beaked Willow Grouse? Stab Billed Gull? Who knows!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  21. particularly like the Pied Wagtail!!

  22. Thanks Bob. They were both firsts for me too.

    Cheers Roy; a nice find indeed.

    Ercotravels, thank you

    Certainly a head scratcher Stewart, if it was on its own lol

    Thanks Pete. A lucky shot.