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Monday, 2 September 2013

One before I go

I won't be on here for a little while, so a quick post to fill in for now.

The moth trap got off to a shaky start. After one session, the battery charger decide to die on me. This meant the 'portable' trap wasn't as portable as I wanted. I couldn't re-charge the battery. All sorted now though.

Here's a picture of one of the moths from the trap.

Copper Underwing, just about to take off, after having a few pictures taken. Certainly shows how it got its name.

Last month I spent about an hour in the company of a family of Spotted Flycatchers, that were at a nearby reservoir.


The next one is a delightfully named wildflower I found last month.

 Dragon's Teeth

My Buddleia in the garden, has been a magnet for butterflies recently. I was very pleased when this one turned up. First time I've had this beauty visit the garden.

Painted Lady

A slightly different view of a moth.

Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing

A nice little rarity found the other day, whilst out with Trevor. We were searching for Clouded Yellow butterflies. We did see one, as it zoomed past, but no picture. I did mange this though

Chiltern Gentian. Found in only a few places. And they didn't move.

And to end on, another nice little rarity. A trip yesterday to Frampton Marsh, to see a cracking bird. No, I haven't gone all 'twitchy'; it's just a cracking reserve to visit.


Enjoy your week.


  1. nice variety of birds, blooms other winged things. but that last bird is one i don't think i've seen before in blogland! wow!!!

  2. Thanks Theresa. We don't usually get many Wrynecks turn up here, but at the moment, for a change, there are quite a few about. It's a relative of the woodpecker family.

  3. HI Keith Lovely selection.I love that moth, marvellous copper colour. HAve a good time wherever yu are going this time. It does not seem long since you were back from Wales. Bring us good bird shots back adn have a great time.

  4. A great set of pictures once again.

    If you haven't been since the last post you must be busting.

    I'll try to get to Chirk. That'll be something to look forward to.

    Have a great trip.

  5. Really like the picture of the copper underwing Keith - you don't see many action shots of moths. And as for the wryneck - wow! It's one of my lifetime ambitions to see one (no luck yet though!).

  6. Nice shot of the copper underwing. I hope you enjoy your time away. I am enjoying catching up on all the blogs I follow now that I have internet again.

  7. Oh yes, the last, the Wryneck is so superb, well captured Keith.

  8. Thanks Margaret. I'll do my best to get some good shots.

    Cheers Adrian. Yea, busting here :-)

    Thanks Phil. The Wryneck was a great sighting. Fantastic bird. The moth was a stroke of luck lol

    Thanks Wilma. Looking forward to it. :-)

    Thank you Bob. A fabulous bird to see.

  9. What a great photo of the Wryneck, i hope you enjoy your time away and get some more great photos to show us.


  10. Missing you already :)
    So are you addicted to mothing yet or have you just lost hours of your life trying to ID them. That Wry neck is a cracker. Have a good and safe trip xxxx

  11. The Spotted Flycatchers are on their way South Keith so you were fortunate to catch them.
    Wow! a Wryneck, unfortunately I have never seen one yet. You got a really nice shot for the file.

  12. Hi Keith... Well just as I would expect, as always, great shot's : )
    Those flowers are fabulous! Dragon teeth they are to beautiful to be called that, and what a lovely find with the Chiltern Gentian!!
    Love that last bird so different,and like Teresa said I have never seen one on blogland!!
    Now those Clouded Yellows are all over the field next to my house,and it is crazy trying to keep up with them!! They also will fly around me and one even landed on my foot "of course"!!

    Wherever your of to safe and enjoy!!


  13. I liked all the images Keith, the spotted flycatcher is gorgeous as is the "bird of the month" the Wryneck, well done on getting a fantastic image of the species

  14. Wryneck, wow what a fantastic looking bird. Lovely moths and flowers too Keith..I hope you enjoy yourself!

  15. Wow a wryneck!! I would love to see it so much... Well done keith and I love the painted lady ;-)

  16. Sorry for delay in replies, but I have a terrible internet connection here.

    Peter, thank you. Great time here so far.

    Thanks Robin.

    Thanks Heather. Mothing is, er, interesting. I'm getting greyer by the day.

    Thanks Roy. The Wryneck was a first for me. Cracking bird.

    Thank you Grace. Had a feeling you'd enjoy the plants.

    Cheers Doug. The Wryneck was 'special'.

    Thank you Sondra. Great time so far :-)

    Thank you Chris. Yea, it was great to see the Wryneck.

  17. Beautiful photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  18. Thank you Our photos, and thanks for stopping by.