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Monday, 14 October 2013

Another post

Had some bother with the computer the last few days. Downloaded some stuff, wasn't happy with it, so decided to do a system restore. Oooops! Computer decided it wouldn't play fair, and sent me all sorts of silly error messages. Enough to drive a man to drink.
I persevered, and got it sorted; hopefully. Then I decided it would be best to back up all my files/pictures. I do a back up every couple of months usually, so it was about due.
I decided I'd do the whole lot again though.
Not a quick job.

Anyway, apart from all that, and a few other problems around the house and family crap, I'm almost there.
I was sorting through some un-edited pictures going back to June, so I thought I'd use them for this post, before they went off.

If ya got this far, then ya deserve a couple of pictures.

A nice little plant I haven't got round to ID'ing yet. Growing on the shore at Cley, in June.

This one I have got an ID for; Sea Campion, growing on the same shore.

A juvenile Avocet

A protective adult Avocet, fending off a Shelduck.

An even more protective Avocet, chasing off a Marsh Harrier.


and last one

Swallow. Hopefully these have all had a safe journey back to Africa by now.


Finally, I'm going to plug a young mans blog. His name is Findlay Wilde, and he's 11 years old. He had some music homework from school to do, and decided on doing this.

Remember his name; we'll be hearing a a lot more from this young man in the future.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. i truly believe findlay will be studying and changing the world...

    loved your baby avocet! they are such unique birds. beautiful wildflowers, too. my favorite kind of flower. :)

  2. A good post Keith. I bet it's your hard drives that is the problem. I had similar troubles on Saturday. You just have to persevere or dig a hole in a fence somewhere.

  3. Thanks Theresa. He is an extraordinary young man, in the best way. I'm sure he'll be very big in conservation one day

  4. Cheers Adrian. I hope it isn't the hard drives :-(
    I'll persevere ;-)

  5. Everyone is experiencing PC problems, has anyone else noticed the massive increase in traffic to hteir sites or is it just me, I've gone from an average of 150 views to a somewhat odd 768 views which is a worry especially when you see the part of the world it's coming from.
    Great image of that juvenile Avocet, it always amazes me the level of aggresion Avocets display especially towards Marsh Harriers, a local at Cley once said to me it was like watching a flying torpedo, I have to agree with you on Findlays video, it blew me away.

  6. I just had a look at my stats Doug, (not something I bother doing usually), and I was surprised to see where some of them were coming from.
    The Avocet has to be one of the most fearless of birds at times when it's protecting its young.

    1. What are these Stats, I was surprised where I came on Saturday. I was even more worried that I hadn't really planned it. I'll check with Site Meter....they will know.

    2. Stats are like friends on FaceBook Adrian; irrelevant most of the time.

  7. Keith, great shots! Glad you got everything sorted with the computer. They can be a pain, can't they!

  8. That Avocet was fierce, looking after the babies. I love that. A bottle of wine and a computer, could be a disaster.

  9. They certainly can Robin. Great when they're going OK, but a nightmare when they faulter.

    Thanks Bob. They can be very bolshy at times.

  10. Keith, how about Common Stork's-bill for the mystery flower.
    Love the little Avocet.

  11. Roy, I think you're right about the flower. Looks right to me, just checked my books. Cheers.

  12. computer problems are no fun!!! OH so many awesome images here Keith.....love the avocet n shelduck...

  13. Great pictures, HM. I like the interaction in the bird photos, and I love the swallow.

  14. I can remember somebody once saying that computers would make life a lot easier and much less stressful...one day maybe? I hope you've got it all sorted now.

    Nice set of images from the archives, they've definitely not gone off yet!! I agree with Roy on the ID.

    That Findlay chap is a star, he'll go a long way!...[;o)

  15. Thanks Sondra. I think these computer problems just happen to keep us on our toes.

    Thanks JoLynne. I think the 'behaviour' pictures are much more interesting.

    Trevor, they lied! lol
    Yea, I think the comp. is sorted now. Still some backing up to do though.

  16. Lovely images Keith... I had a trip to Cley a few weeks ago but my leg problems meant I couldn't walk too far... a beautiful place i have been to before though.
    Findlay... top lad and so confident.

  17. Hi Keith... Well not being able to leave comments has got me pretty miffed at Goggle for Goofing around
    Things are okay for the moment !!
    So what do you mean by "drive a man to drink" aren't you already there!! ; )

    You know me I loved the flower so delicate looking!! There all great but I do like the stand of of the Avocet and Shelduck : )!!


  18. Nice shots Keith, good to see the computers have not shut you down!

  19. Hi Keith Just doing catch up on blogs as I had a friend over for a week. your post is great. I never knew the Avocet was that aggressive but we don't have them here. Went over to both of Finlay's links and that video is very impressive. That young man will go far. I just hope that video gets into the right hands so that changes can be made with the culling of the badgers. Hope your computer problems are solved now. You have reminded me i have not backed up my stufff for some time! Thanks.

  20. Sorry for delay ......

    Thanks Andrew. Hope them knees get better soon.

    Thanks Grace. I've managed to slow down on the drink :-)

    Thanks Bob. Still around, but never seem to have the time to spend on here just lately.

    Thanks Margaret. Yea, Avocets are quite belligerent at times. Still backing up stuff now. :-)

  21. Hope the PC worries are over, a little tale to tell..... I have lost a file of 1000 images from SA, as soon as I did it I put my head in my hands, even worse I had already over written the original CF card....doh. Good job I took c4000 images!

    Lovely post and a good tip to back up

  22. Dave, that's terrible to lose so many pictures. I can imagine how you must be feeling.

  23. Was great catching up on a load of your posts Keith. Always a treat my friend.

  24. Thanks Nick. Hope you're keeping well.

  25. Great shots. Love the Avocets, especially the youngster.

  26. So, your computer is causing trouble, I know, it's a pain in the nether region. I love the Avocets, lovely creatures.

  27. Thanks Bob. It seems things have settled down a bit now on the computer.

  28. Great serie! The Avocet and Shelduck shot is one of a kind....really nice!

  29. Thanks Dominic. It was interesting to watch them.