Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Back home

A couple of birds to start with

Meadow Pipit


A couple of days before I left Wales, I visited somewhere I'd not been to before; Borth-Y-Gest. A small village, just south of Porthmadog. The coastal path through the sand dunes, and steps down to the beach, reveals some stunning scenery. Lots of little sandy coves. A truly beautiful area, and one worth visiting again.

It certainly got my heart pumping climbing some of the steps and dunes; but well worth it.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Beautiful scenery and pretty birds. I love the treecreeper! Great shots!

  2. Great photos of this lovely place, as you say well worth another trip, great way to sign off too in that last photo.


  3. A great piece of 'Sand Art' there Keith.
    Lots of great scenes of your visit on the Flickr as well.

  4. That looks like a beautiful place to visit Keith, I bet it gets busy in the summer though!
    Very arty with the sand writing, It's strange how I've never noticed before that you've got three right feet although, I did wonder about the funny walk?...[;o)

  5. Welcome home, it looks a grand place I never knew it existed. Isit near Black Rock sands?
    Neat writing as well.

  6. Thanks Eileen. Fascinating to watch the Treecreeper go about his business up the tree trunk.

    Cheers Peter. Yea, a lovely place; and some good birds there too.

    Thanks Roy. I sometimes forget what I've posted here and on Flickr.

    Great place Trevor. I think I went at the best time. As I got back to the car park, two van loads of schoolkids arrived to go walkabout. I imagine summer, it's a bloody nightmare.
    Pretty nifty on my three feet at times lol

    Cheers Adrian. First I've seen of it too. Black Rock Sands is just a bit further along the coast. Another stunning place. Went there last year, sat in the car on the beach, eating fish an' chips.

  7. I like the look of those Dunes and the Meadow Pipit and Treecreeper, you did however forget to add "woz 'ere" after your bit of sand writing lol

  8. Cheers Doug. It was a great place to explore, but tiring for an' ol' bugger like me.
    Yea, I couldn't make a living out of sand writing lol

  9. It's a fantastic place to visit Keith... love the last shot.

  10. love that sand writing! also love your tree creeper shot!

  11. Beautiful as birds are, and makes your heart, ain't bad.

  12. Hi Keith That looks a wonderful place to visit. Love the Treecreeper shot and of course your signature in the sand is class!! Have a great weeknd

  13. Stunning scenery, Keith; the photos are excellent.

  14. Thanks Andrew. It was the first time I'd been there.

    Thank you Theresa. I wish I lived nearer the sea, I'd do more.

    Thanks Bob. It was good exercise.

    Thank you Margaret. Enjoy the rest of your weekend too.

    Thanks Wilma. Almost as nice as where you live :-)

  15. Keith, welcome home! Nice shots! The beach area looks quite exciting and deserving exploration. Next time!

  16. Great Images Keith, nice artwork, lol

  17. Hi Keith....Nice little Creeper, I don't get to see them very often!!
    Beautiful scenery , your shot's make it look like a paradise !!
    You have lovely penmanship : )


  18. Thanks Robin. Yea, the beach area was pretty amazing.

    Cheers Bob.

    Thank you Grace. It was a beautiful place.

  19. Looks a great place to enjoy Nature without snappy dogs and screaming kids.

  20. it does indeed look an interesting place. Love your signature too

  21. It certainly is John.

    Thanks Dave. It's well worth another visit.

  22. Wales, has always been on my want to see list. My maiden name is Gale I understand the name originated in Wales. Beautiful scenery for sure. When you hike areas like this do you carry a tripod? Email v.vanstaveren@sbcglobal.net.

  23. Thank you Ginger. Wales is a beautiful country to visit, with some spectacular scenery.
    I never take a tripod; one less thing to carry around.

  24. Beautiful pictures and exceedingly neat writing!

  25. Thanks Heather.
    The writing? A 'sober' moment lol

  26. Wonderful set. The second bird is so cute and the beach looks like a fun adventure.