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Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Shopping Trolley

I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of friends the other day at an RSPB reserve; Frieston Shore. It overlooks the Wash, once you make the long hike towards the sea wall and concrete bunker that serves as a bird hide.

Trevor and Adrian have done a couple of excellent posts of the day, and by clicking on their respective names, the magic of the internet will magically whisk you to their accounts of the day.
At the risk of overkill, my post shall concentrate on my test drive of my latest acquisition to the birding arsenal ............. The Shopping Trolley.

 Side elevation

Front elevation

 Back elevation

A fine beast of a thing that should turn a few heads when out and about.

Sadly there weren't many heads to turn this particular day, we seemed to have the reserve to ourselves in the morning, but I'm sure in Asda, it may well induce a few stares.

But back to the trolley and it's first outing.

It does have a couple of surprises up its sleeve, one of which was an attractive selling point, but more of that later.
Firstly, the most important thing. How much does it cost?
Twenty quid.
Now, that has probably got your attention.
Twenty pounds is not a fortune, unless you're totally skint, homeless, or going through a divorce, and alongside some of the competition, it holds its own pricewise. There are a few cheaper models on the market, and also some more expensive ones, but we'll concentrate on this one for now.
Maybe when I'm older, I might try out a four wheel drive version, but I think somehow they are more suited to urban life.

Probably the first thing that is noticeable is its camouflage design.

Crucial when out trekking across the countryside; you certainly don't want to be drawing attention to yourself and scaring the wildlife away.

The bag itself, a zipper bag, serves like any other rucksack, except it follows you along, rather than cling to your back. It is also 'silver' lined.

This means, (according to the sales blurb), it 'keeps hot things hot and cold things cold'. 
Perfect for when you take your sandwiches out on a days visit to the country.
Top loading, and a large capacity too, with plenty of room for a couple of flasks, mugs, rolls/sandwiches, and even apples if you remember to pack them.

So, to some of the more detailed points of The Shopping Trolley.

Besides the capacious main bag, there is a small pocket at the side.

Handy for small items like car keys or mobile phone.
A word of warning though. I wouldn't put anything too valuable in there, especially if the terrain is a little bumpy. They might jump out, and get lost. I kept a pair of gloves in mine instead.

A soft grip handle to keep your hands warm on a cold day, and also give a firm grip.

I'd still take gloves on a cold day though.

The wheels. Not your silly little mamby pamby townie wheels, these are verging on the monster size.

You'll notice the wheels are a little muddy in the picture. When you buy these 'shopping trolleys' they are clean. This picture is after it's inaugural test drive around Frieston Shore.
I'm a great believer in 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'; mainly because I don't have a clue what I'm doing most of the time. 
That also applies to cleaning.

Besides, next time I take this out, I'll drag/pull it through some long wet grass, and the job will be done.

A closer look at the wheels reveals some pretty sturdy bad boys. They took the various terrain in their stride, although they needed some extra lift to get over the stiles that were on site.

No tread either, just slick tyres. This also reduces the need for cleaning. With no tread, there's no nasty mud to clog in the grooves and make things harder as you negotiate your way.
On the subject of 'negotiation', I found that when pulling the shopping trolley,

(as this picture, by Trevor, shows),

it was best to pull it slightly off centre as you walk along. This reduces the possibility of clipping your heels on the axle.

There is also a big red plastic clip on one side.

This is where The Shopping Trolley pulls ahead of its rivals.

A jiggle, and flick of the big red plastic clip, and it releases its awesome surprise, and big selling point.

A seat!

Yes, after trekking for miles, what better than to sit down and enjoy the refreshments that you've hopefully remembered to pack inside the capacious zippered bag.

I think you'll agree, that this is more than just a Shopping Trolley.

It is THE Shopping Trolley.


  1. A great buy Kieth and that fold down seat will come in handy many many times i'm sure.


  2. Brilliant, I can barely type for laughing.

  3. Thanks Peter. Yea, I think it could get some use in the future.

    Cheers Adrian. Rather enjoyed doing this post.

  4. Sold!

    Can you buy a twin seat model?...[;o)

    (You'll be the envy of them all come pension day in Asda!)

  5. Dunno about a twin seat. I'm waiting for the Mark II. The motorised version.

    1. John Charles will build you one.....A GPS controlled one so the bag is always one step ahead.

  6. A brilliant shopping trolley for birding. But, you can't beat the motorised version that I used, ha ha ha.

  7. I was laughing until I saw the seat that will come in handy, throw some camo' scrim netting in the trolley and you'll have an impromptu hide, nice one. But you really need a smally "yapping" dogs like those Hollywood starlets have :o)

    1. Douglas, the scrim net would only hide him if he stopped off the chillies. He'd be brave to get under anything with himself. Horrid arse he has.

    2. I'm sure that wasn't me Adrian. More than likely the sheep, or maybe Alf?

  8. now that seat is slicker than snot! :)

  9. Bob, you're machine does look the business. :-)

    Doug, I've got a camo cape thing in the car, but it's bloody hot wearing it. Camo sheet sounds good though.

    Theresa, never heard that expression before; but it's now my favourite. Love it!! lol

  10. Hi Keith Well I never. When I heard the other boys said you had a shopping trolley, I thought you had lost the plot. I supposed it is quite well camouflaged but I would not have had the pink; colour in it if I had designed it. The wheels look good and sturdy although I would not like to trail it up my Drumlins, or over the rocks, too much like hardwork! Now the seat is a great idea although I find although I always carry a couple of seats in the car, I rarely use them but find somewhere to sit. Having siad all that, if yoou find it a benefit and it is easier than carrying things, then that is all that matters. Looking forward to seeing it again.

  11. Thanks Madge. I think it will be worth the investment.

    Margaret, I lost the plot many years ago. I think sliding through the '60's did that. Nowdays I take life with a large pinch of salt, even though I've given it up.

  12. That is one civilized shopping trolley Keith. The addition of a seat is brilliant.

  13. Keith, it looks grand! I'm sure you will get lots of use out of it!

  14. What it means Keith, is no one will see you going into the Supermarket anymore due to the covert nature of your trolly. {:))
    The seat looks to be the greatest asset there Keith, very useful.

  15. Thats thats a bit of kit to turn heads!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  16. I like it! But maybe a four-wheel-drive version would work better in the field?

  17. Quite the trolley, Keith - I like it! But you have to tell me what the starry backdrop is in some of the photos? Another blast from the '60s? Looks sort of like a Grateful Dead bedspread that I have...

  18. Quite the trolley, Keith - I like it! But you have to tell me what the starry backdrop is in some of the photos? Another blast from the '60s? Looks sort of like a Grateful Dead bedspread that I have...

  19. HI Keith.... Oh boy did you ever get those two back for the ribbing with this post in showing us all the benefits and detail's of your shopping trolley !! ; ) I chuckled through the whole thing , you old bugger you !!
    That's a right handy dandy rig I love it!!



  20. Thanks John. A great bit of kit to add to the arsenal.

    Thanks Robin. Yea, seemed a bargain to me. :-)

    Cheers Roy. I've yet to try it in Asda. If they don't see me, I may even get out without paying. ;-)

    Thanks Stewart. A test drive down the high street could be on the cards.

    JoLynne, maybe they could be working on one of those right now. :-)

    Wilma, the backdrop is an Indian zodiac throw, that I'm using as a curtain. Yea, very '60's. Still a wild child at heart. :-)

    Thank you Grace. Glad you enjoyed the post. :-)

  21. A wonderful review Keith... and I love how it turns into a seat.

  22. I LOVE THAT!!! Wow its perfect....you can stow all your gear,lunch and have that picnic anywhere that your heart desires!!! Good Buy Keith!

  23. Looks a great piece of kit, superb write up Keith

  24. Thanks Andrew. Yea, a great selling point that seat.

    Sondra, it was a bargain I reckon, and like you say, perfect for a day out.

    Cheers Bob. I think this will come in very handy at times.