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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 20 December 2013

Picture highlights 2013

Continuing the stroll through 2013, here's a video of some pictures taken from January to April.

Most haven't been posted on here before, so should be new to most people.

The music is by a very talented friend of mine, called Paul Barrett.

Keep warm


  1. Superb set of images Keith, and wonderfully put together! A perfect showcase of how beautiful and varied our wildlife and countryside is. And that's just from the first four months of the year, I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing the next eight month's worth.
    Cracking music btw....I'm really relaxed now!!...[;o)

  2. enjoyed every moment of it Keith,great way to see you vast amout of photos and a good bit of music too. Well done.


  3. great photos and 'movie music' to go along with it. :)

  4. I enjoyed the photos and the music selection. I don't have a favorite, but as always I'm surprised that a photo of a bird could evoke so much emotion. Looks like it's been an productive year!

  5. A lovely varied selection there Keith.

  6. Great set of pictures! Looks like a good year.

    On a 100+ day there is no weather I saw in the UK that I would not swap it for! Snow, rain, hail - on days that hot there is nothing you can do.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Thanks Bob. Two more to go ;-)

    Cheers Trev. Yea, been a good year. Looking forward to next already.

    Thank you Peter. I'll have to ask nicely for some more music for the future. :-)

    Thanks Theresa. My mate Paul certainly knows his way round a keyboard.

    Thank you JoLynne. I enjoyed taking every picture.

    Thanks John, glad you enjoyed them.

    Mathew, thank you. And thanks for stopping by to comment.

    Cheers Stewart. Yea, a pretty good year lol
    Our weather this year has been fairly good on the whole, apart from the recent storm down the east coast that did a lot of damage.

  8. Some great memories and images Keith, I really liked the Oystercatchers against the backdrop of the windturbines, though my girlfriend went "ah" at the wren in the snow, what was your favourite bird of 2013?

  9. Thanks Roy. Two more to go, and possibly a third. :-)

    Cheers Doug. Favourite bird of 2013 would be hard to pick. A bit like saying who's your favourite son. lol
    A few that were 'good' to see though, would be the Cranes, Wryneck, Leucistic Oystercatcher, Sparrowhawk in the garden with a Starling, the friendly Robin, the gull roost ...........
    yea, tough question. :-)

  10. Great selection Keith enjoyable video, look forward to the next installment

  11. Thanks Bob. Should be up pretty soon.

  12. This is a masterpiece. It is a great way of displaying the wonders you have seen.

  13. Thanks Adrian. Yea, they seem to work well.

  14. A very good look at the first quarter of the year...Really enjoyed the landscapes you visited and all the birds!!!

  15. Thank you Sondra. I had a great year, and looking forward to the next already. :-)