Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2014 .......... 'allo.

Half way through the first month, so I thought it about time for a post.

Myself and Trevor started the new year visiting the Norfolk coast and Lincolnshire's Frampton Marsh. Great areas, and I'm sure plenty more visits that way will be on the cards, all being well.

I must admit I've been neglecting blogger a little recently. The sparkle seems to be fading a bit; for me anyway. I think this year my posts will be a little sporadic, and only if I think I've something worth sharing.

I want to try and steer away from 'posing birds on a stick' like this Dunnock

and this Redwing.

Nothing much wrong with them, but I'd like to do something a little different.

A freefalling Kestrel with lunch perhaps?

after he'd worked so hard hovering against a strong wind.

I never tire of watching these birds.

Myself and Trev did manage to see a rather cute looking Chinese Water Deer on a visit to Woburn one day though.

 I think a 'cute' picture will always find a place here.

So will something I don't see everyday.

 A Barnacle Goose that was at Frampton Marsh, with some Canada Geese.

And one that was at my local lake, Caldecotte, associating with some Greylags.

This next one I found interesting.

Can you guess who is doing a workout?

I think birds in flight are always worth sharing, especially as I need the practice.


Greylag Geese

 Mute Swan.  (These should be easy, they're big enough.)

I'll finish with a common duck, that will probably take center stage in a future post.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Really brilliant Keith, sad that we won't seeing that much of you in the future.

  2. Funny that I've been feeling that "feeling" with blogging for a little while now, the weirdest thing was when my computer went kaputt I didn't miss the net half as much as I thought I would, I also think everyone from time to time feels the urge to try something a bit different from the norm and I have to say "flight shots" is a good way to go, it can be massively frustrating sometimes but is so addictive, the more you do and the better the images get the bigger the smile you get.,,just don't disappear from us Keith I enjoy your blog.
    I liked the Redwing a very tricky bird to get close to, also the hovering kestrel is very good, I was almost fooled by the LTT doing some exercise but that tail is unmistakable

  3. 'allo...lovely set of images Keith, I like the LTT doing it's workout!
    So, it's 'action' shots from now on then?
    I know what you mean about blogger, apart from having no pictures etc,my enthusiasm for doing any posts seems to have deserted me so far this year. Maybe it's just the winter blues?...roll on spring!!...[;o)

  4. Its at this lean time of year when there is not so much to see that you question what and why you do about blogging Keith. Quite natural, as you walk for miles and see little different most of the time, coupled with the awful weather. It does help to diversify, the very reason why I just don't stick to birds all the time. The gymnast is a L.T.Tit I think.

  5. Change means growth so I'd say you are ready to challenge yourself. Another of my blog friends enjoys keeping lists of her sightings, she is planning to concentrate on a motorless birding list, meaning what she finds by walking or riding her bike! Love All these action shots, difficult ones to get in such clear focus...I think its going to be great fun following your blog this yr to see what you bring back to share.

  6. i love ALL of your shares! remember - even birds you see every day there are ones i'll never see here. :)

  7. Love the birds in flight photos.

  8. Wow! What a super load of photos. If they are going to be this fun, then less frequent is worth waiting for:)

  9. Hi Keith... I'm still having a bit of a time getting going on this blogging block again myself!!
    I don't know if it has lost it's luster or if I have : )!!
    It has been 4 years for me on the beginning of January!!

    I like these shot's especially the bird "which I don't know" doing chin-ups!!

    Love these shot's especially the bird "which I don't know" doing chin-up's!!

    Hugs Grace

  10. Thank you Bob. I'll still be around, probably :-)

    Cheers Doug. Yea, flight shots can be very rewarding, but I've a way to go to get in your league. Maybe some lessons if we ever meet over Summer Leys. ;-)
    The Redwing was a moment when I must have caught it on its blind side; they are buggers usually. Correct with the Long Tailed Tit.

    Thanks Trev. I don't think it's winter blues in my case; the weather has been very good for the most part so far. I need to have a look at what I'm doing here. On 19th, it will be 5 years blogging on here for me ........ a long time.

    Thanks Roy. Correct with the gymnastic LTT.
    I've been lucky enough to see a fair bit so far this year; maybe I'm just a miserable old sod. Or maybe hankering after a visit to Wales. lol

    Sondra, thanks. I keep a few lists myself of what I've seen, and where. Thankfully not as obsessive as some of the twitchers lol
    Like you say though, maybe for on here I do need a bit of a challenge.

    Theresa, thank you for your kind words. I think we all sometimes forget that the birds we see every day, are the rarities for others. I'll keep that in mind. :-)

    Wilma, thank you. Maybe a direction I should steer to. :-)

    sweffling, thank you. I hope I don't disappoint this year. ;-)

    Grace, thank you. Seems we're both old timers at this. lol

  11. Keith, the mute swan is almost unrecognisable to me from this angle, it looks so fat! :) But it's what I see in your photos today, the attempt to catch the birds differently than you might have been used to. I guess we all need fresh inspiration from time to time... and blogger is just part of our lives. Take care. :)

  12. I dont have the eyes for birds like some , like you so I enjoy what you post and when you can. Thank you so much. Happy New Year Keith.

  13. Thanks Petra. I'll be trying my best for some slightly 'different' shots this year; where possible.
    All the best to you and your family this year.

    Lisa. thank you. Glad you enjoyed these. :-)

  14. I think a lot of us are thinking harder about the time we spend blogging--but those in flight shots were definitely worth sharing. Have a great weekend!

  15. JoLynne, thank you. Yea, I think blogging can take up a lot of our time if we let it.

  16. Hi Keith, the blogging pictures/words etc all get a bit repetitive, I think were all guilty off that. That said the commentary that accompanies your pictures ensures your blog stands out. If your not not posting as much guess we will just have to look forward to it even more, lol. Flight shots always add that extra dimension so go for it! Don't think I will bother with my blog either for about 2/3 months just had shoulder surgery, lol. Look forward as always to your future posts.

  17. Cheers Bob. Yea, I think a slight change in direction maybe.
    Hope the shoulder isn't too painful, and gets better soon.