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Sunday, 19 January 2014


Five years worth of blogging today, so to commemorate this auspicious occasion ......... The Mallard.

About a week ago, whilst wandering around my local lake in the sunshine, the usual gang of Mallards flew over for some food. They're usually a tolerant bunch,

but on this occasion, one seemed just a little bit too belligerent.

He singled out another male, (maybe some previous history between them), and they both began squaring up to each other, with much chest pushing.

Eventually it turned into a full blown scrap, grabbing each others necks, and shoving and pushing for some time. A lot longer than I've usually seen them doing this.

It went on for so long, I even managed to get some video.

The instigator was quite a bolshy little git, because no sooner had he finished with one male, he went into the feeding group to pick on another.

Eventually all was peace.

And they went about their lives as normal.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. ducks are FIERCE! happy 5 yrs, keith! and many more!

  2. Thanks Theresa. Yea, these two were really having a set to. lol

  3. You can't beat a good punch up!.....excellent sequence of images and video Keith.
    Congrats on the 5 years...[;o)

  4. Fight fight fight fight, bloody hell narky or what....but a darn good looking mallard. Happy fifth I love popping here now and then for some of your antisocial chit chat and the not arf bad photos of course

  5. congrats on 5 years...........

    love mallards !

  6. Great action shots Keith, I think the mild'ish weather is confusing them

  7. Keith, great series of shots and video! They do get quite rough with each other. Just the boss, laying down some rules before the egg season!

  8. Hi Keith!
    The male Mallard is one of those birds that if it were scarcer it would have twitchers drooling! A stunning bird, made the more finer by your photographs!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  9. I've enjoyed 5 years of reading your posts; keep it up, please. :-)

  10. Great achievement Keith 5 years is some going, great light in these shots, really like the last one.

  11. Cheers Trevor. There are times it seems longer than 5 lol

    Debs, thank you. You're too kind ;-)
    Always a pleasure to have you drop in.

    Thanks Pete. Yea, they're great ducks, and full of character.

    Doug, the weather is certainly confusing me. This time last year we had heavy snow.

    Thanks Robin. Yea, they 'play rough' for a while, then all seems to be back to normal after a while.

    Thanks John. Couldn't agree more. Mallards are always overlooked, but they are great characters, and the males have some of the finest plumage in the duck world.

    Thanks Wilma. I'll do my best :-)

    Cheers Bob. We've had some good mornings for light so far this year.
    Today looks promising too.

    Thank you Becky. It was fascinating watching their dramas unfold.

  12. Eye-popping colours on these beauties. Happy five years of blogging.. wishing you many, many more.

  13. Happy Fifth Blogging Anniversary:) Loved the Mallard video: when the victor left strutting and waddling with pride it just creased me up!

  14. Thanks Hilary. :-)

    sweffling, thanks. Yea, they certainly strut around at times. :-)