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Sunday, 9 February 2014


Well, Sunday 9th February has been a pretty shit day if you're a member of the animal kingdom; and I don't include humans. I think they are a race apart.

I heard and read on the news today that six lions at Longleat Safari Park were killed last month, because of 'health risks'. Too many of them was the reason given, and they were becoming aggressive.

Then this morning, at Copenhagen zoo, an 18 month old giraffe was killed by a bolt gun in front of a crowd of people; including children.
The reason? He was surplus to requirements.
Despite online petitions, and a couple of offers from various places to re-home him, Marius was slaughtered, and later used to feed the lions at the zoo.

And finally, it was revealed today that prince Wanker; oops, I mean prince William, and his brother Harry, were off to Spain to hunt Deer and Wild Boar. This, the day before he is due to make a high profile appeal to stop the illegal hunting of wildlife.
I'm sure his mother would be very proud of the little shit.

Let's have some sun to try and brighten what's left of the day.



  1. thanks for the spot of color. i read about that giraffe this morning.

  2. Thanks Theresa.
    A depressing world at times.

  3. Yes, I heard that, the Giraffe and the Lions, poor things. And, the royals, well..........................f***ing s***s.

  4. Oh, I forgot, beautiful scenery you got.

  5. Keith, a brilliant first image.

    What do you expect from the upper classes. Have you not learnt your place in society.
    They are pig ignorant Hoorays but they are better than thee and me. They were born better.
    I do wonder how much ivory there is in Buck house? Perhaps we should find out and burn it. It would be humane to let Queeny and all her multiple issue run away first. After all she is broke and asking for money from us for repairs.

    Bring on the revolution and use the bolt gun on them and not a juvenile giraffe.

  6. I just read about the giraffe. It's sick.. a two year old and they're worried about inbreeding? Why not castration.. sending it elsewhere? Why take a beautiful creature like that down and in front of kids? There's something really wrong there.

  7. Are suggesting a bit of anarchy Adrian?
    Not a bad idea. There are times when some of us can take no more.

    Hilary, regarding the giraffe; despite offers to re-home, it would seem the ulterior motive was money.
    The zoo could make money from the attraction of people watching the slaughter, both live and on the televised autopsy, and finally the carcass provided food for some of the other animals at the zoo.
    Animal welfare was never a thought. Money was the motive.
    Steffen Straede, the CEO of the zoo is the man to blame in all this.

  8. Not a nice story to see or read (it's graphically displayed in this mornings papers) Hilary is right why not castrate it and then pass it on to a smaller zoo, that way it would STILL be ALIVE but safely out of the breeding program (if that was ever their main concern??)
    I also see in this mornings paper that it is costing us around £4 million to exterminate the Ruddy Duck just to please the Spanish but I guess they're too preoccupied trying to stop all our hooray Henry's from damaging each other while they kill of all the Deer and Wild Boar.

    That's a cracking first shot...deserves a frame and a wall to hang it on!...[;o)

  9. One of the interesting things that came out of this slaughter was the fact that rich people go on safari hunts in "zoo's" in africa where lions and other animals are raised just so the w*****s can shoot them, the carcas is then striped and sent to Thailand for all those who think animal bones have healing properties all in the name of "conservation" and "sport", makes you wonder if the girraffe was fed to other animals or if the bones were exported
    I wasn't however shocked at Prince W, this is from a family who seemed to make a Hen Harrier disappear without trace!
    Oh...I forgot the first image is spooky looking and I love the clouds in the second is fantastic, doesn't all this water look great...NATURE BITING BACK.

  10. These are good pictures and bad behaviours - it makes you weep sometimes, it really does.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. Sad times at the moment Trev.
    It was all about money with the giraffe, not the animals welfare. Disgusting.
    As for the Ruddy Duck, I find it hard to believe a male would fly all the way to Spain, just for a shag.

    Thanks Doug. It seems the human race sink lower every day. Maybe nature should bite back ..... really hard.

    Stewart, the world has become a nasty place to be. I doubt it will ever improve.

  12. Nice image set again Keith, knew about the giraffe shocking event and in front of kids FFS. I certainly didn't know about the lions, wonder how hard they tried to find them no homes. (not very hard I imagine) Humans seem to be hell bent on destroying this world and everything in it!

  13. I know the British are very fond of their Royals, but to me its a waste of money and way over-rated...
    I feel awful reading these reports of brutality against animals! I can only hope Karma is ready to dish it out in the end.

  14. Bob, couldn't agree more.

    Sondra, the royal family are a luxury we can do without these days.

  15. Your images are beautiful and I love your quote. There is so much cruelty and injustice to animals in this world at the hands of humans. Poor little Marius, that broke my heart, such a waste of a beautiful little soul when there were so many offers to give him a new home and a continuing life. I cannot understand why the lions at Longleat had to be killed, why do they breed them in captivity, they should have a more organised breeding program. I also cannot understand the mentality of the Royals and their need to go hunting and shooting. Those deer and wild boars will be hunted and chased by dogs until they are exhausted, then given the final blow. I think their Mother would have shot many animals in her younger days so she more than likely would not care.

  16. Beautiful series of photos. Your header is magical!

  17. Dianne thank you. I think a lot of people would agree with your comment.

    Thank you Linda. :-)