Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Thursday, 6 February 2014


Where would we be without them?

Probably dead.


  1. Hi Keith you re probably correct. Love to see all your lovely tree shots.

  2. I'm not feeling too good this morning and I'm surrounded by trees.
    Grand shots.

  3. Super set of images Keith. If it doesn't stop raining soon I bags the tallest one!...[;o)

  4. so much beauty and strength. love.

  5. Yes Keith, they are the lungs of the atmosphere.

    1. Sadly too many have been cleared in the world though.

  6. Thank you Margaret. Something a bit different from me.

    Hope you feel better soon Adrian. Go and hug a tree; it'll make you feel better. :-0

    At least they are helping to soak up all the water. Those that haven't been chopped down that is.

    Thanks Theresa. If only some of these old trees could speak to us. Amazing tales, I'm sure.

  7. Lots of mature trees for lots of birds to enjoy. From Findlay

  8. yes, the 300 year old oaks we have in the Forest of Dean, they could tell a tale or two, we take them for granted...............lovely photos

  9. I do wonder with our government if we'll have woods anywhere near like we have at the moment. I liked the images Keith where are they from?

  10. Those old trees are the most unbelievable, they keep on growing, lovely.

  11. Im surrounded by trees here Keith, Love them all!

  12. Some very picturesque and colourful images, well done Keith

  13. Absolutely true.. and absolutely beautiful.

  14. Thanks Findlay. The birds love them, don't they. :-)

    Thank you Peter. Some great old trees near here too. Let's hope they all live for a few more centuries.

    Thanks Doug. Yea, I despair with this governments cavalier attitude to the environment.
    First 4 were at RSPB Sandy, fifth was at Woburn Deer Park, and last one is along the road to Ivinghoe Beacon. Usually full of cyclists on racing bikes, wobbling all over the place at the weekends. I think some have a death wish.

    Thanks Bob. They make for some lovely pictures.

    Lucky you Sondra. I love them too. :-)

    Bob, thanks. We need more trees.

    Thanks Hilary. The sun made a big difference to the shots; a shame we're back to more rain now.

  15. Thanks Laura.
    Sorry for late reply, but new post kind of explains why :-)