Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Aggressive birds

I've recently watched quite a few birds behaving badly.

Goldfinches can be pretty aggressive when they are on the feeders, as can the larger Greenfinch.

Siskins can certainly hold their own in a dispute, but the most aggressive I've come across, has been the Chaffinch. He'll pick a fight with anyone; and seemingly, anytime.

This selection was in much better light than the previous post.

and my favourite .......

Have a peaceful weekend, and play nice.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mistle Thrush

A member of the 'Thrush' family, strangely enough, and apart from the vagrants and rarities that turn up here occasionally from other countries, the largest of our two resident species that have Thrush in their name.

Song Thrush, at 20-22cm, and the Mistle Thrush, at 26-29cm.

A fine melodic singer too.

Whilst walking along a footpath at Llanfaifechan recently, that borders a woodland, I saw a different side to them though.

I guess most birds 'fight' at some stage in their life; be it over food, or a partner, and Robins, in particular, have been known to fight to the death.
This pair were doing a pretty good job of it when I saw them.

They would tumble, from a tree branch, fighting, and continue the fight on the ground.
As soon as one broke free, the other would chase him back up in the tree, and the process would continue.

Have a peaceful day.

Friday, 14 March 2014

The Story So Far

I arrived in Wales February 11th, on the tail end of some of the worst flooding the UK had seen in years. Thankfully where I'm staying, it is up a mountain, so no flooding here; just very wet, and soggy fields.

The next day one of the biggest storms the UK has seen in years hit.
The kind of winds the shipping forecast call 'hurricane force'
The kind of winds that literally blow you off your feet.
The kind of winds that blow down trees.

Ten in the garden; and thankfully they all missed the cottage.
More in the fields around the place.
The chicken house had a close shave when a large conifer tree just missed it by a few feet.

I have never experienced wind so strong.

We looked out the window during the storm, and watched two of the trees slowly topple. The sound of the wind was deafening, and the rain cut through the air horizontally. Roof tiles flew through the air like confetti.

90% of the time it is windy here anyway, but nothing like this.

And then the electric went off, followed by the phone and of course the internet.

For the next week, the winds still howled, and the rain still poured, but I did manage to get out eventually when the sun  decided to shine, and take a few pictures.



 Purple Sandpiper

After a few days the electric was restored, but still no phone, and the internet would come and go like the wind.
(that is about usual for here, along with a cripplingly slow connection speed)

BT were contacted numerous times, and every time the promise of 'tomorrow it will be fixed.'
Lying bastards. Their customer service was truly appalling.

After about a week, and I thought things couldn't get worse, my computer decided to shut down.
The blue screen of death; and sometimes a black one too.
As it approached an hour of working, it would decide enough was enough, and freeze, just hanging there refusing to do anything, forcing me to shut it down via the on/off button, or other times flash a blue screen with words on.
The joys of computing.

I'm thinking a hardware problem.

It's had a spring clean inside ............... I've never seen so much dust before, (apart from in my house), but it still dies before the hour is up.
Luckily enough a friend who built it for me has offered to have a look at it when I get back home, so till then, my computing and surfing has been somewhat curtailed.

BT has finally fixed the phone and internet, after nearly a month without, and the weather has started to resemble sunny spring days.

My computer is still being a pain in the arse, but you can't have everything.

So here's a few pictures for now




Lesser Redpoll



I hope everyone out there is doing fine, and I'll try to catch up over time.
I've loads of pictures to share eventually, and when a half decent internet connection happens, maybe some video too.

Right now, the mist has cleared, the air is calm, and the sun is shining. I'm off out with the dogs and camera.

Enjoy your days.