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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Aggressive birds

I've recently watched quite a few birds behaving badly.

Goldfinches can be pretty aggressive when they are on the feeders, as can the larger Greenfinch.

Siskins can certainly hold their own in a dispute, but the most aggressive I've come across, has been the Chaffinch. He'll pick a fight with anyone; and seemingly, anytime.

This selection was in much better light than the previous post.

and my favourite .......

Have a peaceful weekend, and play nice.


  1. yes they can hold their own in a dispute as your great action photos show, i love the last one.


  2. WOW! great in-flight battle scenes!

  3. Keith, great action shots! You have great patience to be able to get these shots!

  4. Absolutely brilliant images Keith.

  5. Thanks Peter. Yea, for a small bird they do really well.

    Thanks Theresa. :-)

    Thank you Robin. Had a lot of fun doing these ........ and a lot in the bin. lol

    Thanks Roy.

  6. Wow! Those are awesome photos!

  7. Cracking images Keith, you're a real action photographer now then?...[;o)

  8. Hello Keith
    Great observation and great photographs is not that easy to get into the small picture .. :-))
    regards Frank

  9. I'm blown away by these images Keith, it's safe to say that this particular Chaffinch seems to rule the feeders, the last one with the Goldfinch is brilliant, well done

  10. lovely set of pics Keith!

    There was a blue tit and great tit having a right barney in my garden today! I presume over a nesting site

  11. ...amazing action Keith, our gentle friends are not so gentle after all!

  12. Thanks for all the replies.
    Had an interesting few hours taking these.

  13. Hi Keith These are fantastic action shots. well done.

  14. Awesome series Keith.
    We often forget that the beautiful songs we hear loosely translated into english mean:
    "This is my spot, ladies here I am come and choose me. All you men get the H E double toothpicks away from my spot and my ladies!"

  15. Thank you Margaret.

    Dale, thank you. Yea, they certainly have a side some of us rarely see.

    Thank you Elizabeth.