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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mistle Thrush

A member of the 'Thrush' family, strangely enough, and apart from the vagrants and rarities that turn up here occasionally from other countries, the largest of our two resident species that have Thrush in their name.

Song Thrush, at 20-22cm, and the Mistle Thrush, at 26-29cm.

A fine melodic singer too.

Whilst walking along a footpath at Llanfaifechan recently, that borders a woodland, I saw a different side to them though.

I guess most birds 'fight' at some stage in their life; be it over food, or a partner, and Robins, in particular, have been known to fight to the death.
This pair were doing a pretty good job of it when I saw them.

They would tumble, from a tree branch, fighting, and continue the fight on the ground.
As soon as one broke free, the other would chase him back up in the tree, and the process would continue.

Have a peaceful day.


  1. A lovely songster with a hidden mean streak?
    Excellent series of images Keith, well captured...[;o)

  2. Thank heaven it seems that little harm was done.
    I remember those Blue Tits we saw. Naughty birds.

  3. relentless battle! love their dappled plumage and sweet song, though.

  4. Cheers Trevor. It was quite a battle.

    Those Blue Tits were quite rowdy for such small birds weren't they.

    Thanks Theresa. A lovely song to hear in the late afternoon.

  5. Keith, great images! Must be Spring!

  6. What amazing pictures of the fight. It's birding in Wales brilliant. From Findlay

  7. My goodness! Sure was a good singer...I guess animals settle things in a Street Justice sort of way!
    Have a great weekend coming up.

  8. Wow what a dramatic encounter Keith, which proves to any sceptics that even the most common of birds can be exciting, well done.

  9. Thanks Robin. It certainly feels like spring today in the sun. :-)

    Thanks Findlay. Yea, Wales always delivers the goods. :-)

    Thank you Sondra. Enjoy your weekend too.

    Cheers Doug. A great encounter. About a dozen people walked past while I was there, and one eventually asked what I was looking at. When I showed them, they were amazed.

  10. Good videos Keith, hard at it the Thrushes.

  11. Thanks Bob, they certainly were.

  12. Thats an amazing video Keith, I have never seen Mistle Thrushes doing that.
    Great capture.

  13. Thanks Roy. It was quite a battle.

  14. HI Keith Never seen that however you were there at just the right time to capture and record it. Wonderful. Have a great weekend.

  15. Thanks Margaret. Yea, the action would have been easy to miss.