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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 12 April 2014

I feel a blog coming on

Hopefully tomorrow, my computer will be restored back to full health; one way or the other. Been kind of lost with it only working for an hour at a time. The upside of all this though, is it's given me more time to do other things, instead of sitting staring at a screen most of the day.

Anyway, here's a few pictures from recentish days past.

Back to January, and a Black-headed Gull regurgitating a food pellet.

I've seen Robins do it too, and I thought it was just Owls that did that.

A Red-legged Partridge that posed for some pictures.

Into February

A Shoveler, shovelling in the sunshine.

And having a good splash around.

March gave me some lovely birds in Wales.

A Siskin, telling it like it is.

A Yellowhammer, who looks like he's heard it all before.

A singing Skylark

This Goldfinch seemed to be frowning.

Or maybe it's just me.

'Bird on a stick' ........... but a nice bird. A Stonechat.

and as I left Wales, some snow on a mountain.

Back home to Milton Keynes, and a quick visit up to Summer Leys in Northants to see the Long-tailed Duck.

Picture not brilliant, very distant, but a lifer for me, so it's in.

A male Red Crested Pochard feeding his mate with some weed. A bit of spring bonding perhaps?

This is definitely some spring bonding.

A pair of Pheasant continuing the line

And to end the March selection, a pair of Adders.

The male is black, the female brown. I learnt later that the blue eyes of the male, mean he is soon to shed his skin.

April next time.

Right, I'm off to have a bath. It's not my birthday yet, but it is soon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. happy early birthday, keith!! always enjoy seeing a post from you! hope the computer woes will be over and we can see lots more!

    loved all of these. the pochard - wow! stonechat, too.

  2. Thanks Theresa.
    That male Pochard was a real gentleman. Kept diving for weed, and presenting it to his mate. Lovely to watch.

  3. Great images Keith, the snake was absolutely brilliant. Twice this year you have had a bath, well, that I'm guessing you have one for your birthday?

  4. Great selection Keith, you sure caught the moment with those Pheasants!
    Good luck with the computer, I hope you're all squeaky clean again now?...[;o)

  5. Thanks Bob. Yea I have nearly as many birthdays as the Queen. ;-)

    Clean as I'll ever be Trev. :-)

  6. Another brilliant selection Keith.
    You're not having much luck, or fun, with your 'puter recently.
    I good friend has the motto - if it aint cooperating, bin it.

  7. Great photos again Keith, the Adder photos are spot on . I've not seen one so far this year.


  8. Keith, great images! Glad you're able to post this much. Hope your computer is soon mended!

  9. I hope the computer is sorted soon it's worth changing all your passwords (on everything) once you get it back there is a nasty little virus doing the rounds at the moment too, glad you got the L.T.Duck can't believe how long it's been around for though, I really like the Adders too.

  10. John, the computer has been close to being binned a few times.

    Thank you Peter. The Adders were a nice find, thanks to the help of a friendly bloke there.

    Robin, hopefully later today the computer woes will be behind me. :-)

    Thanks Doug. That duck has taken up residence at Summer Leys I think.

  11. Another great set. The Adders are wonderful.
    The Blackheaded Gull has just seen Dithery being smug.

  12. You could be right about the gull. That Dave twat would make anyone throw up.

  13. ...what a line up of Goodies! Glad you got a lifer that's always a thrill!! The snakes are great too, I'm fond of snakes!! I need to knock on good wood, my laptop is hanging in there...but its OLD... **Knock Knock** I gave it a fine tune not long ago, got rid of many photos put those on an external...and now its running pretty good!

  14. Thanks Sondra.
    Computers are a bit challenging at times when they don't perform properly. Hope you manage to keep yours going.

  15. great photos, I love the yellowhammer, a bird I'd love to see for real!

  16. Hi Good to know the people of Milton Keynes can now stand close to you again!! Sorry to hear about your computer problems but hopefully it will be sorted out soon. Well you have given us a fantastic selection of wonderful bird shots. I think I might have missed the Long tailed duck among the B.H gulls and great that you saw it and got a lifer. I am glad we do not have snakes in Ireland but your shots are great of them.

  17. Wonderful series. Love the different colors. I even like the snakes.

  18. Apologies for late replies, what with computer woes and going out .........


    Sharon, thank you. These are taken where I stay in Wales. Up to a dozen visit the garden. Great to see so many.

    Thank you Margaret. Computer seems to be fixed now; hopefully.
    Not often I see snakes round here, so I was pleased to see this pair.

    Thank you Laura. I like snakes too. I think a lot of people misunderstand them :-)

  19. Its a great set of images Keith. I think the Goldfinch looks a bit angry. I do like the Stonechat shot, I never get to see them anymore for some reason.

  20. Thanks Roy. I rarely see a Stonechat round here anymore. My best chance is when I go to Wales.