Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Another Bank Holiday

I knew it was a Bank Holiday, the noisy bugger above me was exercising his hammer yesterday.
Last Bank Holiday, a few weeks ago, it was the paint brush, and clatter of his steps and big feet as he decorated. Not sure what he decorates, it's only the size of my place ..... small.
Yesterday it was knock down, and build time. I just wish he'd have a rest one Bank Holiday, and give me some peace and quiet too. Still, at least he'll be back at work soon.

So, some birds, after my little moan.

A couple more of the Nightingale.

Feeding this time.

A trip out to Weeting Heath a few days ago; a great site to see a fairly rare Stone Curlew.

They were fairly distant, but I did manage some that came a bit closer.

Probably the strangest looking bird I've ever seen.

A butterfly next, that was in the garden the other day.

A female Orange Tip.

Back to some days out.
RSPB Lakenheath always provides some good things to see. If you get the chance, it's well worth a visit.

Water Violet

An early dragonfly; Hairy Dragonfly.

Bearded Tits

A shot to show them in their environment. 

Nah, not really, they were too bloody far away, and wouldn't come any closer.

A distant fly-by of a Crane.

I suppose it does show its 'environment' 


and to finish, a stroll along the river.

More near and far shots next time.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. Great selection. I know that you will know but the Curlew only has a short beak. I saw a similar thing and a chap told me it was a Ruff. He had a big spotting scope with a camo cover so perhaps I got muddled up and misheard. He maybe said a rough Stone Curlew.

  2. Cheers Adrian.
    The Curlews bill is quite long, and curved down; shorter on a Whimbrel. Ruff is straight, and short.

  3. A beautiful post you have there, my favourite is the Nightingale, isn't it remarkable.

  4. Thanks Bob, they certainly are.

  5. Lovely photography! And thank you so much for visiting me!

  6. Thanks Betsy, glad you enjoyed them.

  7. laughing at the redecorating banker neighbor. :) love that curlew! wow!

  8. For the first time ever ,i got near to some Curlews, by the time i got the camera on them , they were gone. Enough to make you swear..............great post as ever.


  9. Keith, lovely images! Hope you a bit more peaceful day today!

  10. Hi Keith.. Well the Stone Curlew is a oddly marked fella, but I guess we all have a oddness : )!!
    A beauty the Water Violet, and the butterfly on the clematis is lovely!!



  11. Thanks Theresa. I think the neighbour has gone out today .......... peace and quiet. :-)

    Cheers Peter. Sometimes the birds just don't co-operate.

    Thanks Robin. Yea, much better today. :-)

    Thank you Grace. Yea, that Stone Curlew is pretty strange.

  12. The Stone Curlew! that was special Keith and the Crane.
    Lovely shot of the female Orange Tip.
    I have not seen any dragons yet.

  13. HI Keith! You found some great birds for your photos...That eye on the Stone Curlew is big!!
    Hope you get some peace n quiet next weekend.

  14. Thought of you last weekend, passed your blog title around the campfire. Two people of the group sat by the hour at the bird feeder watching for and naming the visitors. I set my camera up but did not get even one decent photo. I dont know how you get so many great bird photos. http://gingersflowers.blogspot.com/2014/03/water-and-houston-area.html

  15. I've managed to see some great birds so far this year Roy. Very fortunate.

    Thanks Sondra. That Stone Curlew is an amazing looking bird. The weekend over, and most of the people are back at work now. Heaven!

    Thank you Ginger, very kind of you. A lot of practice; and plenty of mistakes lol
    Glad you enjoyed them.

  16. Those Stone Curlews never even came that close on my visit to the Heath lol you got some good views.

  17. Cheers Doug. Apparently they were not as close as a few days earlier. Still, I was pleased to see them. :-)

  18. HI Keith Great that you saw the Stone Curlew, a lovely bird to watch. Also great o have seen a Crane in flight. Have a great week.

  19. Thanks Margaret. It was a shame the Crane was so distant; but I was pleased to see it.