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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Here we go again

Two blogs in almost as many days. It won't last.

A couple from last month I found lurking on the hard drive.

Singing Reed Bunting. 
Similar to one I've posted before, but it is different.

Manic Coots

A mellow Yellow Wagtail

and now for some recent stuff.

Avocets taking a drink

A Ruff.

One of those birds that always confuses me. I proudly announced to the warden at Frampton, "I've found a Spotted Redshank"
"It's a Ruff", he replied.
Aaargh, bugger. So it is.

A Whimbrel.

Like a Curlew, but smaller, and with a shorter bill.

Mediterranean Gull

He's the one with the blood red bill. I know this one, because there was one there, and amongst all the Black-headed Gulls, he was the only one with a black head.
(this birding malarky can be hard at times)

Little Ringed Plover

He was showing off to the female. She's on the right.
How do I know?

(sometimes it's easy)

And the star bird of the day .............

The aptly named, Spoonbill.

I overheard a conversation this morning in a bird hide. Very recently a MEGA turned up at a local reserve.
That's a bird that is rarer than rare. Some initial confusion to begin with, (at first), of it's true identity.
Until this birder put them right. He knew what it was. He's seen lots before. He's done this, done that ...... I was getting a bit bored by his tales of 'I am', and then he came out with, ' I let all the TOP birders know ........'
TOP birders?
At this point I had to leave.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. well, ruff or redshank, he's handsome nonetheless. loved all your shots. :)

  2. Oh nice one, love your Med Gull, but I think there is two, honestly, just a few a couple metres from 'Med Gull', that one has black head as well. The Spoonbill is another brilliant photos. In fact, they are all splendid.

  3. Top class images of Top quality birds Keith...It's a Top class post...[;o)

  4. Nobody likes a bighead, what a t****r, great set of photos and i love the Yellow Wagtail, not seen one for years.


  5. Love the way the Reed Bunting stands out from the greenery.
    I've never seen a Spoonbill, an interesting capture.

    Every hobby seems to be spoilt by the loud mouth, know it all plonkers of this world.

  6. oh plz...top birders? Who voted on that.... the birds LoL?
    I love that Ruff a very cool bird!

  7. Wonderful images as usual, Keith. Don't let the "top birder" in the hide get to you. Birders are people too and we all know that people come in all sorts of "shapes and sizes"....

  8. Thanks Robin :-)

    Thank you Theresa. Yea, my reasoning too. I love them all.

    Thank you Bob. I'll have to study the originals. Could well have been two there.

    Cheers, my top birder friend lol

    Thanks Peter. Yea, blokes like him give the rest a bad name.
    The Yellow Wagtail has a habit of popping up at my local from time to time.

    Thank you John. I've a similar picture of a Sedge Warbler; I'll post next time.
    The Spoonbill is quite an amazing looking bird. Very different.
    These know it alls can be quite entertaining in a strange way.

    Thanks Sondra. Yea, top birders; a species all over the world lol

    Thank you Choy. Yea, top birders ......... pathetic isn't it. :-)

  9. Wow! What a magnificent selection of rarities. You are right to post special pictures all together. It's exciting.

  10. Beautiful birds and great captures all.

  11. nice variety! I like the mellow yellow. but the spoonbill is very unique! were you excited when you saw him? like I would be? lol

  12. Some great shots and a good laugh Keith.
    It was SO obviously a Ruff (however I would've gone with spotted redshank too ;))
    Some real tossers. Pleased you but you lip.

  13. Thanks Adrian. I've been pleased with some of my shots recently.

    Thank you Gillian. :-)

    Thanks Doreen. Yea, the Spoonbill is pretty special. Not a bird I see very often.

    Cheers Mark. Maybe I should take up a different hobby? ;-)

  14. Really enjoyed this selection of photos - the coots were my favorite! :-)

  15. HI Keith I am playing catch. All these shots in this post are absolutely stunning and it was a wonderful find the Spoonbill and the Ruff is breeding plumage. It is a pity that man in the hidespoils it for some other birders. Hope you had a great weekend.

  16. Thanks Shelley. The Coots are quite boisterous characters. They always seem to be fighting.

    Thanks Margaret. Yea, I've been lucky to see some great birds recently.

  17. Great set of pictures - that Yellow Wagtail really is!

    The earlier post with the Stone Curlew - they really are weird - we have a very similar species here.

    We also have the "Greater Big Head Birder" as well - and they are also noisy in hides!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: feel free to link up with Wild BIrd Wednesday

  18. I got a sneaky feeling I might know the person you were bored with lol.
    Great images of the ruff and spoonbill but I lve the yellowag...it's a colour thing for me.

  19. Thanks Stewart. I think these "Greater Big Head Birder" are a worldwide invasive species unfortunately. lol

    Cheers Doug. It wasn't Leeeeee lol