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Friday, 23 May 2014

Peregrine Falcon

I'm back in Wales at the moment, and despite the almost continual rain, I have been able to get out a few times. A much used adjective is 'amazing', but it really is an amazing place to visit.
North Wales has some beautiful scenery, and some excellent places to visit.

One of the paths through the woods at RSPB Ynys-hir, lined with Bluebells.

This path in the woods at Loggerheads Country Park, was lined with Wild Garlic.

 The aroma was something to experience.

This is Herb-paris, a plant I've never seen or heard of before.

A visit to Wales should always include Conwy.

With its old castle


and RSPB nature reserve, there's always something to see and point the camera at.

Some rather boisterous Shelduck.

Every visit to Wales I always say to myself, I'll head over to Anglesey, and South Stack. I never do ............. but this time, a sunny morning saw me heading there.

The tourist shot

It's a birding paradise.

Ravens and Chough filling the sky, Stonechat, Rock Pipit and Whitethroat amongst the gorse, Puffins Guillemots and Razorbill on the rocks, and a real highlight ........... a Peregrine.

A schedule 1 bird. A bird that is protected by law. A bird you must usually obtain a licence to photograph at its nest, with a few exceptions. A magnificent hunter.

On one of the rock edges, with fantastic views from a footpath opposite, a pair have made a nest.

Talking to one of the volunteers here, who happens to live not far from where I live, (she comes here 2 weeks of the year as a working type holiday), she told me the bird has been sitting on an egg for a couple of weeks. It's doubtful that it will hatch; but the proud parents do have one chick to look after.

I spent a good deal of my visit watching this beautiful bird and its chick.
A very attentive parent.
When I did venture off to explore more of the area and its wildlife, on my return I was told by one of the group of people all excitedly watching, the male had appeared with breakfast earlier. 
Dam, missed it.
The female also carefully fed the chick, with what appeared to be a Blackbird breakfast. 
Double dam!!

I watched some more, and took more pictures.

A steady stream of visitors walked by, and stopped to join the group of people watching this amazing bird. Young children were in awe at seeing such a bird and its chick so close.
It's worth pointing out that it's nesting site was some way from the path, the other side of a very steep drop, on the cliff edge. A very safe place for it.

Eventually the female briefly left the nest, for a quick wing stretch.
This gave us all some perfect views of the young one.

She soon returned though, thankfully. The little one did seem to want to explore a little too much close to the edge!

She soon had him sorted, and for a while they sat snuggled up.

A little while later, as the day was turning to late afternoon, they both stood side by side in the warming rays of the sun.

Just before I left, the female was sat calling. I presume calling to the male, wondering where supper was?

A truly unforgettable and amazing encounter.


  1. Wales so close, but only been to Rhyll, Tenby and Llandudno as a child. Looks like a place made in heaven, you flitting any time soon Keith? The peregrine chick so vulnerable on those rocks. Did you go inside the castle for a toot round?

  2. Hi Keith...Super, magnificent post !! It makes me want to board a plane, for a visit, no wonder you love it there!! : )
    Amazing opportunity to see, and photograph the Peregrine and her chick!! She does look a little peeved though !!
    Loved all the photo's just beautiful!!



  3. Wow! What a great experience?...To get close up views of such a beautiful bird, and it's chick, is something special, and with the sunshine, you also picked the right day for your first visit.
    Going by your other photos Wales is looking very lush and green at the moment, some lovely shots there...[;o)

  4. Oh yes, you got the best shots of the day, the Peregrine Falcon sitting with chicks, I think you had a good time.

  5. What a trip and what a treat to see the peregrins and their chick. Lovely scenery, it must be quite an experience to be immersed in all that beauty.

  6. A stunning bird, definitely one of my favourite species of birds. You were truly spoilt to not only get such great views but equally great images too. I really like the one with both the female and chick standing proud at the nest
    I bet those children will have a story to tell when they get back to school.
    Have a great holiday Keith.

  7. Never been inside the castle Debs; I never get away from the estuary or reserve when I'm there.
    I wish I lived closer at times. :-)

    Thanks Grace. It would be worth the flight. A fantastic place to visit.

    Trev, it's been a good visit so far, cheers. Very lush indeed. It's still raining now. lol

    Thanks Bob. It's been brilliant so far.

    Thank you Wilma. Yea, it is lovely here. Always something new to see.

  8. marvelous to see the peregrine and chick! you love this area for obvious reasons. such beauty!

  9. Thanks Doug. It was the closest views of a Peregrine I've ever had. What a bird! The crowds of people that passed by throughout the day were all gobsmacked by the sight.

    Thanks Theresa. Yea, it's easy to see why I love this area so much :-)

  10. WOW! What a fantastic post. As usual you photographs are superb. it certainly looks a very beautiful area. I was supposed to be in Wales this week with Eileen but she was not able to make it so it was cancelled. Now the shots and footage you got of the Peregrine are amazing. Oops' there's that word again! You love and go to Waled so often I wonder you don't move there.

  11. Thank you Margaret, very kind of you.
    Yea, maybe I should move here. :-)

  12. Keith, great shots but you don't need me to tell you that.
    This web cam is the best quality ever

  13. A wonderful post Keith and your images are fantastic...
    Anglesey is one of my must visit places every year and 12 months ago to the day I was at South Stack and camping at Trearddur Bay in fantastic weather... it's a bit wetter this year lol.
    I know South Stack well ... were exactly is the Peregrines nest in relation to the visitor centre?

  14. BOY...how lucky can you get!! Super photos today and the Peregrine chick is the icing!! So happy that you are getting some time away in your favorite spots.


  15. WOW - what a fantastic opportunity to watch Peregrines... well done you and some fab photos as usual :)

  16. Thanks Adrian. I think Wales brings out my camera 'eye' when I visit. Always feel pleased with most of the results.
    That's a great link for the Peregrines, thanks. They look a little older than the one I saw.

    Thanks Andrew. It was my first visit here; wish I'd gone before, but I'll certainly be going back again.
    If you walk down from the car park at the visitor centre, on the rhs, where the steps go towards the cliff edge through the gorse, you'll see the nest over on the right, on one of the grass ledges. Or look for the crowd of people. lol

    Sondra, it was an unforgettable experience. So much to see there, and the Peregrine really was the icing. I couldn't drag myself away once I saw it.

    Thanks Tricia. It was an excellent visit. Might go back one day next week, if the rain stops.

  17. Amazing experience Keith! And to think there are some calling for the 'control' of these magnificent birds.
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  18. Those Peregrine shots are really special Keith.

  19. John, I'll never understand some of the human race. They really are superb birds.

    Thanks Roy. A great experience.

  20. A brilliant encounter with a magnificent bird Keith. Great photos.

  21. Peregrine shots are superb Keith thanks for posting

  22. Peregrines are one of my favourite raptors. It must have been pretty exciting to have such a close encounter. Nice shots as well, Keith.

  23. It's exciting to see such a young falcon, and to understand all the effort that goes into parenting it.

  24. Love the picture where you can see the whole chick and mum. Bet you wont forget that day in a hurry.

  25. Thanks John. It was a great day.

    Thank you Bob, glad you enjoyed them.

    Thank you Choy. Magnificent birds aren't they.

    Thanks JoLynne. They are great parents, and so gentle with the young.

    It was magical Heather.

  26. What a wonderful encounter and such a privilege moment too :-)

  27. It certainly was Linda. The closest I've ever been to a Peregrine.

  28. This post is perfect with my Sunday morning coffee. Read all the way back to my last visit..... Always a great way to travel from the arm chair. Wales has always been a place I've wanted to see. I must move it up on the list.
    I know Us North Americans always say we are from somewhere else.... BUT we have traced my father's family back to Wales (sur name Gale) so has always held a great curiosity for me. The second photo of the path through the forest has, for me, a special beauty. Isn't that smell of wild garlic the best..... especially after a spring rain.... So why am i sitting here inside....

  29. Thanks Ginger. If you can make the trip to Wales, you would not be disappointed. Amazing scenery, special birds, and some lovely plants.
    Have to agree about the Wild Garlic. I went back to the place a couple of days ago, and although the flowers have finished now, the area was filled with the garlic smell.