Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 27 June 2014

Normal service resumes

Well it looks like Blogger has calmed down, so I'll do another post while the goings good. The dashboard still gives me the occasional 'no blogs following', but a quick hit on the refresh button a couple of times usually sorts that one out.

An over the shoulder glance from a Kestrel, ready for a take off over the rocks at the Great Orme.

A Chough that did launch.

An interesting plant this. (to me, anyway). Like a miniature Foxglove, but with different shaped leaves. Even grows in the cracks of a wall. Navelwort.

Another interesting plant. A common one. It has an inflated calyx that becomes brown and inflated in 'fruit', (that's the fat bit behind the yellow flowers), and the seeds rattle inside; hence the name, Yellow Rattle.

I try and make a point of not doing 'captive' birds on here, but I must admit to having a liking for this particular shot.

A Flamingo from a visit to Martin Mere.

A summer visiting male Scaup, that was visiting RSPB Conwy when I popped in one day. Usually a rare winter visitor to our shores. Perhaps he's like me, and enjoys it there.

A Crow that has managed to acquire an egg for breakfast. My guess is a Mallards egg.

Usually this bird is associated with thieving. The much maligned, by some, 'thieving' Magpie. This one has a lot to learn yet though; a juvenile.

On a hot sunny day, it's not just dragons, damsels and butterflies on the wing. There are some beautiful moths about too. A Yellow Shell.

Two more day flying moths to finish on.

Burnet Companion

The Cinnabar

See ya

Have a good weekend

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Anybody out there?

This could be interesting.

I've not been 100% happy with the blogging experience for some time, and thought of stopping altogether. It's been a good community of people though, and through it I've managed to make a lot of acquaintances, and friends; even meeting some of them.

Blogger, at the moment, is going through a phase of pissing off people.
Amongst a catalogue of recent hiccups, irregular saving of posts, (even while I was doing this post, it kept telling me it hadn't saved), stupid messages in their quest for world domination, and now the Dashboard problem of showing only the most recent update of who you are following. So, if you're not logged in all day, constantly refreshing the page, it's possible to miss a new post from a blog you follow.
I know it's a free platform, but I do expect something to work properly, or there is no point using it.
Changes happen, I know, but it shouldn't be beyond their powers to let the blogging community know when they start to fuck about with it.
Even their Twitter page is silent. Last Tweet was back in February, and prior to that, last year.
It all seems to be going the way of the Windows blogging platform of a few years ago.
That kept changing, pissing people off, and eventually became Wordpress. A lot of people left, went over to Facebook, or came here.

So this may well be the last post from here.

A shame, but not a complete disaster. I've still got Flickr to post my pictures to, (but even they keep messing/refining with it), Twitter, or even my website.

A grumpy looking juvenile Great Tit. Looks how I'm feeling.

A soaring Fulmar

Pretty flower.

It's not what's it called; I just don't know the name of it.



Not the best picture you'll ever find of these beautiful little birds, but the best one I have.

Willow Warbler

Clouded Buff. A pretty spectacular looking moth.

White Ermine. Another moth dazzler.

Pair of Great Crested Grebes, doing some head waggling.

Common Blue Damselfly with breakfast.

Emperor Dragonfly.


Enjoy your week.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

This and that



Pied Wagtail



Guillemots. A tight squeeze

A bit of an oddity; a very light thistle


Bunny hiding in the grass

Hare on the path

Clouded Buff

White Ermine

(yea, I had the moth trap out one night.)

And last one for now. Started with a butterfly, and I'll end with one.

Green Hairstreak

A nice find in one of the fields near where I was staying in Wales. A not very frequent visitor to the area. Thanks to the power of Twitter, I got a quick ID, and was able to pass on the information to the 'local' butterfly recorder.

It's been a long, fairly stressful day, so I'll be back later.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

The party could be over

I have to head back to England next week, for what could be an awkward meeting with officialdom, (no, I'm not going inside ...... well, I don't think so); so here's a few from this stay in Wales.

An update on the Peregrine chick. On Thursday, 12th June, it was 7 days since my last visit, and it has grown SO much!

A couple of views next.

A place on Anglesey called Breakwater Country Park, has some interesting old heritage and stuff, but the coastal walk is the thing for me. If you walk far enough, you'll be in Holyhead, where the ferries go to and fro to Ireland.

But the walk itself yields some great wildlife.

Welsh Ponies roam alongside the coastal path,

and it's the best place I've found to see Chough.

Plenty of wildflowers too.

Not sure what Orchid this is. I'm crap with a lot of ID's, and these are near the top of my list. I thought at first a Southern Marsh Orchid, but my books tell me they don't grow in Anglesey. So I'll call it an 'Orchid' for now.

The bird life here in Wales, provides an amazing variety.

 Redstart, male

 Redstart, female

 Wood Warbler

 Splendid Pheasant

Ringed Plover

 Rock Pipit

 Meadow Pipit


 Wheatear (shows how it got its 'old name' of 'white arse'. True, that is.)

 Stonechat, juvenile


 Willow Warbler

and before you nod off after that lot, one more of a couple of birds that had me wondering at first. Not a perfect shot, they were a long way off; but I soon decided they were a couple of leucistic Canada Geese.

Have a good weekend.