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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Anybody out there?

This could be interesting.

I've not been 100% happy with the blogging experience for some time, and thought of stopping altogether. It's been a good community of people though, and through it I've managed to make a lot of acquaintances, and friends; even meeting some of them.

Blogger, at the moment, is going through a phase of pissing off people.
Amongst a catalogue of recent hiccups, irregular saving of posts, (even while I was doing this post, it kept telling me it hadn't saved), stupid messages in their quest for world domination, and now the Dashboard problem of showing only the most recent update of who you are following. So, if you're not logged in all day, constantly refreshing the page, it's possible to miss a new post from a blog you follow.
I know it's a free platform, but I do expect something to work properly, or there is no point using it.
Changes happen, I know, but it shouldn't be beyond their powers to let the blogging community know when they start to fuck about with it.
Even their Twitter page is silent. Last Tweet was back in February, and prior to that, last year.
It all seems to be going the way of the Windows blogging platform of a few years ago.
That kept changing, pissing people off, and eventually became Wordpress. A lot of people left, went over to Facebook, or came here.

So this may well be the last post from here.

A shame, but not a complete disaster. I've still got Flickr to post my pictures to, (but even they keep messing/refining with it), Twitter, or even my website.

A grumpy looking juvenile Great Tit. Looks how I'm feeling.

A soaring Fulmar

Pretty flower.

It's not what's it called; I just don't know the name of it.



Not the best picture you'll ever find of these beautiful little birds, but the best one I have.

Willow Warbler

Clouded Buff. A pretty spectacular looking moth.

White Ermine. Another moth dazzler.

Pair of Great Crested Grebes, doing some head waggling.

Common Blue Damselfly with breakfast.

Emperor Dragonfly.


Enjoy your week.


  1. They are trying to shut it down I think.
    I too have several rear views of dragonflies.
    This is a great selection for your swansong. I hope you change your mind.

  2. Well at least you saw the new post Adrian.
    I'll have to see how things go over the next few days. Trevor is having big trouble with his blog at the moment.

    1. So did I. It should work if he uses his old ID and password. It took me two days about a month ago to solve the problem he is having. I did what he did and asked for a new Google account as they were badgering me. A shower of twats they are.
      I had a look on the forum and this problem has been affecting some folk for a week.

    2. I think Google will burst their own bubble the way they are carrying on.

  3. Yeah well annoying that I can view only recent blog, don't know what to do but would really miss my core blog friends

  4. I think maybe a final post of links, showing where we've moved to.
    Let Google do some advertising for us, for a change.

  5. God I feel like a bloody squatter:-)

  6. As long as you don't expect feeding, I don't mind lol

  7. It's unfortunate that these sites can't follow the old adage if it aint broke don't fix it.
    Sadly as you know I abandoned MSN spaces a long time before they mixed it up with Wordpress.
    I returned to blogging with blogspot because it was easy, now it's become a mine field in the name of progress. The trouble is where ever you go they will try to progress it so I am for now going to stick it out.
    I regret losing all my posts from the MSN days and don't want to make the same mistake again.so for now I will keep going.
    I hope you stay Keith if not drop me a line to your flicker so I can keep in touch.

  8. Thanks Kath. Yea, the old MSN days were a lot of fun.
    I'll see how things pan out here for a few days before I make a final decision, although it's not looking too good.
    I think my reply to Debs, (Captain Shagrat) could be the answer for contact information; and my email address is in my profile anyway.

    Flickr page is here https://www.flickr.com/photos/swamplife56/?details=1

    It's been good here while it lasted though. :-)

  9. okay cool I will save all that info somewhere safe.
    My biggest trouble is I am getting OLD lol
    A granny of 2 weeks now and I find the changes they make really annoying.
    Not having my complete list of recent blog updates is the tip of the iceberg.
    There's the whole - blog keeps crashing as I am typing, keep having photo issues and saving anything is turning into a 2 hour struggle.
    I am also all over the message boards about the damn google chrome desktop notification which due to some bug can't be disabled.
    I even uninstalled Chrome but could not deal with FF and changed back after 5 hours, losing all my bookmarks of over 10 years as a result.
    Google don't care about user experience it's all about the young and us in the slightly older age group of bloggers don't matter.

    1. This getting older rubbish is a real pain isn't it Kath. I know just what you mean lol
      Congrats on being a granny by the way.
      Sadly you're right; these tech companies etc. don't seem to give a toss about the older generation these days. It's all 'yooof'.

  10. Google has got to big is the problem for those in the UK it's like Tesco they forget what they're good at. The issue of a post not saving whilst editing has been going on for at least two years now as is the current one of blog posts not updating from the blogs you follow.. Simple remedy I put the blogs I read down the side of my actual blog. Also please remember the recent "heartbleed" virus attack has caught a lot of companies. Google and MSN have been the top targets, a Russian criminal was caught with over a million passwords to accounts so there could be things going on behind the scenes we're not aware of and let's not forget the hacktivist who aren't happy with Google for helping the CIA and Mi5, it's a murky world out there....
    Did I forget to say cracking images Keith as usual loving the Peregrine

  11. Cheers Doug. I've got a list of who I follow down the side of my blog too. Just as well, since the bloody dashboard isn't working as it should.
    I sympathise with their hacking problems, but that is always going to happen to big organisations, (maybe they should beef up their own security with their massive profits we hear so much about), and it aint helping me do a blog post :-)

    The Peregrine was great. Wish I was back there now.

    1. Thanks both, I used to have a My Blogs list. I've reinstated it. I don't know where it went. I can now keep up to date. I'll miss Blogger if it all goes belly up.

  12. Keith, you already know the problems I've had with Blogger/google over the last few days so I'll not go into another rant but just take a few deep breaths and stay calm...hmmmmmmmmm.

    Interesting to know that other people have been suffering problems too...I was beginning to think it was just me!

    That's a super set of images...and a cracking moth.

    The pretty flower looks like Thrift (armeria maritima)... [;o)

  13. These blogging issues are enough to drive a man back to drink; almost.
    It seems Blogger are going all out to piss off everyone for some reason. Maybe like Adrian mentioned earlier, they want it to fail.

    Thrift. Yea, should have looked at it more carefully. Most of the others I have of Thrift, are before it begins to open up fully. Looks a different plant to how I'm used to seeing it.
    I blame Google.

  14. I've still been keeping on, keeping on Keith. Jeez..this has been MY first update on my own blog since January! I usually post a photo every other day on my Facebook page now. I've added you to my Flickr contacts, and lovely pics as usual matey!

  15. thankfully, i never rely on my blog roll to read blogs - using a separate feed reader (feedly.com). however, they got hacked a couple of weeks ago and the pirates were trying to get ransom. they were able to fend it off and return to normal rather quickly. google, on the other hand, keeps roiling up their own mess even without hackers. world domination, for sure. :)

    i, for one, would miss you if you gave up blogging, so i hope things will settle down soon so you'll stick it out. :) always love your beautiful images, your feisty character, your love for nature. :)

  16. Hi Keith.... Well I guess I am not the only one , it sounds like there is a club I should be joining !!
    Yup my reading list is only the most current post from my followers that shows on my dashboard!
    If you click view more it says loading but nothing happens Grrrrrrrrrr!!!

    I hardly ever use my sidebar on my blog page itself, and only a few of my favorites are there...don't you feel lucky ; ) lol!!

    Well this is another great set of shot's as usual !! My favorites are the grumpy baby, and that lovely flower!!



  17. Cheers Nick. I was wondering where you've disappeared to. lol
    Added you back.

    Thanks for your lovely comment Theresa. I'll have a look at feedly.

    Thank you Grace. It would be a shame to finish with blogger. Have to see how it goes.

  18. As you know Keith I have Flickr and also on Twitter, I am also on Facebook as well as blogging. So I am everywhere;-) I do like using Twitter and Facebook because of the comments, it is easier to leave comments and read them, you have a more interactive communication which you can also do on Flickr.

  19. Keith. It is obvious that many bloggers are experiencing similar 'posting' and 'reader list' problems. Whilst this is bl***y frustrating it is minor compared to the serious internet hacking issues that need to be resolved at the moment.
    I also set up an alternative reader 'feedly.com' so will probably use that to stay abreast of those I follow ftb.

    In the meantime I suggest WE ALL wait and see if the issues finally get sorted before breaking off our links with one another. So hope you can 'ride out the storm' for a little longer.

  20. I hope we can weather the storm Keith!....I used to be at Myspace, then went to Yahoo 360, then to Multiply and then to Blogger..now Im having these same issues..It took me a long time ot find a group of people I love to blog with..It wil not be easy to start over!!!.I have the blog roll on the left side of the reader but i HAVE TO CLICK ON EACH ONE TO SEE IF THEY HAVE AN UPDATE ooops sorry bout caps my hands still dont type well..
    I saw on the forum many are having the same issue...it is very annoying I know Im missing everyone's updates! I still have not been able to reconnect with my friends on Flickr..but I still have it and use it. I do wonder if Multiply is still up and running?

  21. I Just saw another blogger who uses Feedly say she is having the same issue so its not just Blogger!

  22. Linda, I tend to agree with you.
    I've used Flickr for some time, and I'm using it more now, as a way of posting pictures to Twitter. I prefer the ease of dipping in and out when I feel like it.

    Cheers Frank. The issues have now been fixed by the looks of things. Have to see where I go from here now.

    Sondra, I think these various 'social' platforms create a lot of their own problems by their constant tinkering with things. Blogger and Flickr seem to be the worse culprits. I just wish they'd leave things alone while they still work. Flickr have recently changed things yet again, and it took me a while to figure out how to do the simplest of things.

  23. I hope blogger will sort things out soon. It will be a shame to have interesting blogs like yours discontinued because of these hiccups. Great set of photos, Keith.

  24. Thanks Choy. It seems things have settled for now, so a new post coming soon.

  25. Great collection of photos !

  26. Thanks Ela, and thanks for stopping by.