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Friday, 27 June 2014

Normal service resumes

Well it looks like Blogger has calmed down, so I'll do another post while the goings good. The dashboard still gives me the occasional 'no blogs following', but a quick hit on the refresh button a couple of times usually sorts that one out.

An over the shoulder glance from a Kestrel, ready for a take off over the rocks at the Great Orme.

A Chough that did launch.

An interesting plant this. (to me, anyway). Like a miniature Foxglove, but with different shaped leaves. Even grows in the cracks of a wall. Navelwort.

Another interesting plant. A common one. It has an inflated calyx that becomes brown and inflated in 'fruit', (that's the fat bit behind the yellow flowers), and the seeds rattle inside; hence the name, Yellow Rattle.

I try and make a point of not doing 'captive' birds on here, but I must admit to having a liking for this particular shot.

A Flamingo from a visit to Martin Mere.

A summer visiting male Scaup, that was visiting RSPB Conwy when I popped in one day. Usually a rare winter visitor to our shores. Perhaps he's like me, and enjoys it there.

A Crow that has managed to acquire an egg for breakfast. My guess is a Mallards egg.

Usually this bird is associated with thieving. The much maligned, by some, 'thieving' Magpie. This one has a lot to learn yet though; a juvenile.

On a hot sunny day, it's not just dragons, damsels and butterflies on the wing. There are some beautiful moths about too. A Yellow Shell.

Two more day flying moths to finish on.

Burnet Companion

The Cinnabar

See ya

Have a good weekend


  1. HI Keith es it is good that blogger seems to have fixed that problem. ALL great shots as usual. also have seen that 'miniture like foxglove' recently and would love to know the name of it. let me know if you do find out the name please. that shots of the Flamingo is priceless. Love the moth shots. you know I know nothing about moths but i had one on Thursday blogs and no one could tell me its name. I am sure you might know if you had time to look sometime. that's a wonderful flight shot of the Chough. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks Margaret. Hopefully no more problems till they decide to tinker with things again.
    I put the name of the plant at the end of the text under it; Navelwort ;-)
    Had a look at your moth .... I'm not very good with moth ID's, but my guess would be one of the many 'carpet' moths. Trevor might know, he's better at it than me.

  3. An excellent post. The Flamingo is worth posting it's a great shot. I should visit these bird places more.
    The moths are superb.

  4. Cheers Adrian. The Flamingo was a particular favourite, but I'm never really comfortable about posting captive birds or animals.
    There's certainly some spectacular moths flying around at night. Sadly a lot of people never get to see their beauty.

    1. I too dislike the idea of wild creatures being kept for my amusement. They are good to see. The Flamingo is saleable it just wants setting to vertical and I couldn't see it's ring. Ringing birds and popping transmitters on them is another thing I have doubts over.

    2. Yea, I think in vertical format this Flamingo would make an interesting greeting card. I need to find a printer that would do it at reasonable cost, and not splash their logo all over the back of the card though.

  5. Good news that blogger is back on track...how long will it be before they start messing about with it again?
    Great series of images Keith. The Navelwort is a lovely little plant, I've never seen one of those before.
    That's a cracking shot of the Flamingo, there must be a competition somewhere that you could enter it into?...it's a sure fire winner! Great moth pics too...[;o)

  6. It would be nice if blogger on the dashboard did two things 1)apologies, companies don't seem to do that these days! 2)put on a notification saying they're aware if the issue and are working on it...oh well
    I love the cheeky kestrel. The chough is good too I bet you were well choughed to see them.. Couldn't resist soz.
    Well done on all the images

  7. Trevor, a few weeks before they start buggering about again.
    First time I've ever seen this Navelwort too.
    I think I might print up the Flamingo for myself.

    Doug, great idea re Blogger; but it'd never happen. These big companies don't give a toss for their users/customers.

  8. Excellent pictures of a Chough and the Flamingo, gotta love them.

  9. so glad you hung in there and blogger/google got better again, too. :)

    i LOVE that flamingo shot! perfect drip! needs to be a print ad for allergy or cold medicine! truly!

  10. Hi Keith... The Kestrel looks exactly like the ones here, I love there markings!!
    Of course you know that I love the flowers and the first is amazing , and yes somewhat like the Foxglove.
    We have the Rattlesnake plant here too, fields of it right now! Your shot of it is a beautiful scene!

    The moth shots are gorgeous, really like the first one!!

    Yes blogger they must have been a lot of complaints!!! Wells well for now : )



  11. I was happy to see my blog roll show up again! I realized it may be a good idea to back that up some way...copy n paste the links in somewhere..
    IM loving all these photos!! The navelwort is especially interesting!!

  12. Thanks Bob. I can never see enough of the Chough. :-)

    Thanks Theresa.
    Tok your advice and I just posted an update of the Flamingo on my Flickr feed. lol

    Thanks Grace. Hopefully Blogger will be OK for a while now.
    Glad you enjoyed the plants :-)

    Sondra that Navelwort is quite a little beauty. It's only small, and easily overlooked.
    Yea, good to have Blogger back on track.

  13. A very nice selection Keith.

  14. That other crow looks transfixed by the egg, dead jealous he is. Up near my neck of the woods Martin Mere. Only been when I was a kid though

  15. Cheers Frank.

    Thank you Debs. I must admit to not being over impressed with Martin Mere. Seemed more like a zoo than a nature reserve.