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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Some stuff

First an update on the little Peregrine chick.

I went to see it again yesterday, and couldn't believe how much it has grown since I last saw it, twelve days ago.

Back to some other stuff.

A Pied Flycatcher. The male. A short video too.

The first bird I saw when I arrived here about 3 weeks ago was a Redstart.

A lovely bird, and one I don't see that often at home.
I've counted five around the area I'm staying, and they seem to be everywhere I go.
Another short video too.

Another bird that seems to be everywhere here, and not at home, is the Stonechat.

A male.

On past visits here, I've managed to see a few Wood Warblers at a couple of locations.
This year has been different though. Not so many around, and I didn't find them easy to capture with the camera.
I did persevere with one though.

And you've guessed it .................

One bird that was easy, a group of Chaffinch.

Very used to people.

Even checked out the car for food.

And a short video

Finally, a bird that travels over 3,000 miles to get to Wales every year, to breed.

It takes them 6 weeks to get here, they pair up, mate, raise their young, and then in mid August, they spend 6 weeks flying back to west Africa.

They are the second rarest breeding seabird in Britain, and have a special area of beach at Gronant all to themselves; complete with 24hour security.

The Little Tern.

And because they're so special; a short video.


That's it for now.

Have a good week.

I am


  1. loved all your sweet singers! that flycatcher is adorable and handsome! the stonechat is beautiful. the chaffinches landing in your hand and car! amazing!!!

  2. That's a super selection of birds there Keith, can you bring some back with you?...lol!
    Great images and videos, you did well with that mobile Wood Warbler! Good to see the Little Tern behaviour too...[;o)

  3. Forgot to say, good to see that the Peregrine chick is doing well...[;o)

  4. Great blog as always Keith, and loved the film clips.


  5. Brilliant. Are the birds trying to tempt a female with the sand eel or can't they find their way back through the fence to feed their chicks?
    An absolutely brilliant post. I'm going back to watch the penultimate video now, band width is limited here.

  6. nice one Keith! I've never seen a Wood Warbler!!

  7. I enjoyed all these birds, and the videos helped to bring them to life...That is a very tame Chaffinch, he was ready to go home with you! BOY that peregrine chick has grown so much...soon he will be flying off on his own.

  8. Excellent pictures! Love the fluffy chick and the bold chaffinch.

  9. Thanks Theresa. There's so much to see here, I could never get tired of it.

    Cheers Trev. A different world here. What is common here, is a bit of a rarity back home. Just wish I could bring some back. :-)

    Thanks Peter. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Thanks Adrian. I think the Terns are trying to woo a female. It's very busy on the beach, inside their area, and outside.

    Thanks Pete. Their numbers seem to be down a bit here this year.

    Thank you Robin.

    Thanks Sondra. The Chaffinches are so used to people in this little spot. Too tame for their own good I think, knowing what some people are like.

    Thanks Linda. :-)

  10. The pied flycatcher is a beauty as is the wood warbler. That chaffinch brought a smile to my face couldn't believe it went into your car lol. Can't wait to see the peregrine take it's first flight and hopefully some Little Terns too their numbers are so low these days

  11. Wonderful photos! Amazing to have a bird feed out of your hand.

  12. Hi Keith... I would love to have a bird land on my hand , lucky you !!
    Great post with the video's to add a punch : }
    I like the Pied Flycatcher, a real cutie!!


  13. Cheers Doug. There really are some cracking birds up here. Been back to see the Peregrine a couple of times now, and each time managed to miss 'feeding time'. There's a cottage for sale just down the road. A lottery win would secure it! lol

    Thanks Dave. Yea, a great feeling.

    Thank you Grace. I might feature some more short videos in future posts. :-)

  14. I was not aware the Peregrine Falcons lived over there, learn something new everyday! I would love to spend a few days watching them.
    We met some couples who live just outside London near Emma Matilda Lake in the Grand Teton National Park last week. They seemed to be avid birders but in a hurry to make their trek and a little wary of Grizzly Bears.

  15. Don't know how I missed this Post Keith. A fabulous set of images and great videos as always.

  16. Dale, these Peregrines have captured the hearts of everyone that sees them at this very public site. I got some more pictures yesterday, and was amazed how much the chick has grown in 7 days.
    Grizzly Bears; I could have spent a long time watching them :-)

    Thanks Roy. My posts are a little infrequent at the best of times lol

  17. Hi Keith As usual I am playing catch up!! Now this post is fantastic. So many wonderful birds and as usual your level of photography is excellent. I loved all the video and those Little Terns are so special. It is wonderful that they have a 24 hour security around them. I also love the way that Flycatcher look right int the camera with his 2 white spots above his beak. Have a good weekend. I am off to the Copeland Islands again so no internet!!

  18. Thanks Margaret, and thanks for the compliments.
    Have a great time at the Copeland Islands.