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Saturday, 14 June 2014

The party could be over

I have to head back to England next week, for what could be an awkward meeting with officialdom, (no, I'm not going inside ...... well, I don't think so); so here's a few from this stay in Wales.

An update on the Peregrine chick. On Thursday, 12th June, it was 7 days since my last visit, and it has grown SO much!

A couple of views next.

A place on Anglesey called Breakwater Country Park, has some interesting old heritage and stuff, but the coastal walk is the thing for me. If you walk far enough, you'll be in Holyhead, where the ferries go to and fro to Ireland.

But the walk itself yields some great wildlife.

Welsh Ponies roam alongside the coastal path,

and it's the best place I've found to see Chough.

Plenty of wildflowers too.

Not sure what Orchid this is. I'm crap with a lot of ID's, and these are near the top of my list. I thought at first a Southern Marsh Orchid, but my books tell me they don't grow in Anglesey. So I'll call it an 'Orchid' for now.

The bird life here in Wales, provides an amazing variety.

 Redstart, male

 Redstart, female

 Wood Warbler

 Splendid Pheasant

Ringed Plover

 Rock Pipit

 Meadow Pipit


 Wheatear (shows how it got its 'old name' of 'white arse'. True, that is.)

 Stonechat, juvenile


 Willow Warbler

and before you nod off after that lot, one more of a couple of birds that had me wondering at first. Not a perfect shot, they were a long way off; but I soon decided they were a couple of leucistic Canada Geese.

Have a good weekend.


  1. A tremendous selection. The Chough is spectacular.
    Good luck with officialdom. You could always hide away in Wales. There are many worse places in the world.

  2. I'm still amazed at how quick the peregrine has grown, what a difference?
    I really like the Chough too. It looks like you had a great time I hope all is ok when you get back home it sounds a bit worrying

  3. I suspect the party isn't over yet Keith...just on hold for a while...lol!

    Lovely scenes from your stay in Wales, you've seen and photographed some cracking birds, not least that beautiful male Redstart.

    I think, with the help of my trusty book, that the orchids are the sub-species (dactylorhiza majaliformis) of Northern Marsh Orchid....[;o)

  4. Thanks Adrian. Wales would be a good hideaway.

    Cheers Doug. I reckon the Peregrine will be fetching his own dinner soon.

    Hope you're right Trev; and it's not on hold for too long.
    The birds here have been amazing, and seems a lot easier too.
    Cheers for the orchid ID.

  5. beautiful birds, as always! glad the peregrine chick is flourishing! love the redstarts AND the ponies!

    good luck with the trip home.

  6. Keith, super images! It would be hard for me to leave that countryside!

  7. Boy he has grown a lot!! Fully feathered! I dont have the foggiest what officialdom is but it sounds like dread to me...
    Love the Welsh ponies and all the other bird shots too!.

  8. Another great set Keith. If I had to pick a favourite it would be the Redstart shot, but the in flight Wheatear comes a close second.

  9. Fantastic shots of the the birds up there, that Redstart is spot on

  10. A splendid selection of wildlife from Wales. I haven't seen a Chough for a long time but the Wood Warbler is a particular favourite, if only for its song. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Keith... whatever the problem.

  11. Brilliant of Wales, everywhere is showed that there are plenty of birds, love it.

  12. The Peregrine is now old enough to give you the typical raptor steely eyed look.
    A really great selection of bird like there along with some spectacular scenery.

  13. Great shots, so many splendid ones!

  14. ...such a beautiful variety. I love the photos you took of the ponies and the Chough--spectacular!

  15. Thanks Theresa. Had a feeling you'd like the ponies. :-)

    Robin, I love it here. Always so much to see.

    Sondra, officialdom is dread. Nosy government people that want to know all your business. :-(

    Thanks Roy. I was pleased with the Redstart too. Managed a few of him.

    Thank you Peter. :-)

    Cheers Frank. I was lucky to find the Wood Warbler. Lovely bird.

    Thanks Bob. It's a great place.

    Thanks John. The Peregrine has really grown up quick.

    Thank you Linda :-)

    Kelly, the ponies were great posers. :-)

  16. Hi Keith its been a while i hope you are well. Ive not been around just thought id check up on you still taking great shots i see anyway hope to see you around soon :)

  17. A wonderful post Keith... let me know when you are coming up here again..

  18. Great variety of subjects Keith, looks like your having a good time.

  19. Thanks Scott. Yea, still about. Spending time between MK and Wales. Should be over the lake soon.

    Thank you Andrew. I'll probably be back in Wales in a couple of weeks ;-)

    Cheers Bob. Yea, it's all great at the moment. :-)