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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Some July stuff

Today it is pouring with rain, but yesterday, by contrast, the temperature was 27/28 C.
Bloody hot.

The hot sunny weather tends to keep the birds lying low, but the insects love it.

Common Darter

Green-veined White

Large Skipper

A frazzled looking Four-spotted Chaser

Amongst the reedbeds, I found this rather lovely flower.

Not got an ID yet, but it looks like it could be part of the 'pea family'.
(I could be wrong though)

Ringlet; upper and lower wings.
You can see how it got its name

Comma; upper and lower wings.
Got his name from the little 'comma' mark on the underwing.

(sometimes they co-operate)

Banded Demoiselle

(male and female)

Common Blue Damselfly.

(Sowing the seed for the next generation. Sadly they will never witness the fruits of their labour. Sad)

Southern Hawker

Nearly there, bare with me.

Black-tailed Skimmer

And the last two coming up.

I wasn't trying to be flash or anything with these, it's just that they just wouldn't settle, and it was the only way to capture them. Quite a special dragon too; only found in a few locations in the east of England.

Norfolk Hawker

I'm gonna slip one more in here, 'cause I like it.
It wasn't taken yesterday in the sun, but a few days ago in my garden.
I get regular visits during the night from these, and usually get them on my night camera when I set it up. This particular morning, I was up early, and he was still around. He'd managed to catch a frog for breakfast.
No frog eating, (I've got that on video for another time maybe), but for now, just a cutesy pose.


Have a great weekend


  1. Hairy Violet?
    Great shot of the hedgehog.

  2. Thanks Adrian. Going to print up the hedgehog.

    I've been ploughing through some books looking for the plant, and the best I can come up with is Marsh Pea.
    A rare plant and quite scarce. One of its few growing areas fits where I found it.

  3. Brilliant images, and you caught a Norfolk Hawker, well done Keith. And, there was a Hedgehog, love 'em.

  4. Love the dragons and butterflies...have seen many dragons this yr not many butterflies tho..awww to the cute hedgehog!! How cool he is!

  5. Another set of great photos Kieth, love the Norfolk Hawker.


  6. loved all your insects and the cute hedgie, too! the green-veined white and the ringlet are such beauties!

  7. Great selection as always but the hog steals it for me, such a long time since I last saw one.

  8. Great in flight shots of the Norfolk Hawker.

  9. Thanks Bob. The hedgehog is a regular visitor.

    Thank you Sondra. It's been pretty good the last few days for dragons here. They love the sun.

    Thanks Peter. The Norfolk Hawker is a lovely dragon, but it doesn't seem to settle.

    Thank you Theresa. These make a change from birds lol

    Cheers Doug. Yea, he's a little beauty. Snuffles around at night searching for the mealworms I put out for him.

    Thanks Wilma. It was the only way I could get pictures of it. Took loads, just to get a handful worth keeping.

  10. Excellent selection Keith. Apart from the Hedgehog (now a rarity here) and Norfolk Hawker (a few sightings in Kent recently) we have been seeing the same wildlife.

    BTW the Common Blue Damsels are AZURE (a 'U' marking on S2 rather than the 'golf ball on a tee' on a Common)

  11. You certainly found a great selection Keith. The Flower could well be an Everlasting Sweet Pea.

  12. Frank, thanks for the ID correction on the damsel. I should have looked more carefully. So many Commons were there. It's a great site for the Norfolk Hawker; a shame I was too late for the Swallowtails.

    Thank you Roy. I should have asked at the reserve what the plant was.

  13. HI Keith Well I am (nearly) speechless. These photographs are absolutely stunning. Like Roy when I saw that flower I thought of Everlasting Sweetpea as it is out at present although that specimen is a bit l]paler adn they usually are 2 colours on their petals. perhaps yu have discovered something very rare, it would be good to know. It is lovely to see the Hedgehog. I have not seen one for years. That Norflok Hawker is superb. Hoe you have a great Sunday.

  14. Great selection of insects there Keith. There is more chance of photoing Hedgehogs with the long hours of daylight. My one usually arrives around 9.30 p.m. but doesn't stay for a photo call!. I didn't realise they ate frogs. No wonder they like my garden ;)

  15. Thanks Margaret. Yea, the flower is a bit of a puzzle. I'll have to investigate further.

    Thank you John. The hog managed to get quite a big frog that morning. Got plenty here too. I just wish he'd eat the slugs though :-)

  16. Hi Keith... I am so darn slow at commenting!! So much darn crap to do around here and it's been hotter then the hinges of hell!
    Great shots all but my favorites are the gorgeous pea blossom and the cutie little frog eater!! I have heard they taste like chicken, but raw probably more like sushi,which I won't even touch!!



  17. I have had a look in my i spy book and the only thing that comes close to your plant is one called LUCERNE I hope this may be of help to you


  18. Fantastic images and you know all their names. I'm impressed.

  19. Thanks Grace. Not tried frog; or hedgehog come to that. ;-)

    Thank you Peter. Had a look at your suggestion. It's proving to be a problem this one. I've sent an e-mail with a picture, to the reserve, and asked them if they know what it is. Hopefully a reply will be soon.

    Thank you Laura. I have a lot of books lol

  20. Wonderful images Keith but I really love the hedgehog shot... not seen one for ages.

  21. Hi Keith,
    Great images! I could be wrong, but I think your Black-tailed Skimmer is a Scarce Chaser, has all the right 'jizz' for the Chaser, thin blue abdomen with black tip and crucially no yellow markings (that I can see), which a Black-tailed Skimmer has on its abdomen. The skimmer also tends to perch on the ground, whereas the chaser perches on vegetation by rivers and ponds. As I say, could be wrong, depends where you saw it.
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  22. Hi Keith, not sure if my comment got through as it crashed my end! I will try again.
    Great photos, but I think that your Black-tailed Skimmer is in fact a Scarce Chaser. The eyes are blue, whereas a skimmer has green/brown eyes, there doesn't seem to be any yellow on the abdomen, which is present on a Black-tailed Skimmer and the way it is perching suggests the chaser as the skimmer tends to perch on the ground. Pretty sure its a Scarce Chaser, but could be wrong!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  23. Great selection of photos Keith. Looks like you've been seeing some of the same butterflies as myself. Love that Hedgehog.

  24. Tried capturing a shot of the damselfly today, totally rubbish so hats of to you. Hedgehog looks quite taken with you, did you supply froggy for his brekkie?

  25. Thoroughly enjoyed your images. I also appreciate that you included its common name.

  26. Beautiful little beasts.. all posed, poised and ready for your perfect captures. And what could be cuter than a hedgehog?

  27. Thanks Andrew. The hog is a regular visitor.

    John, thanks for the ID correction, appreciated.

    Thanks Adam. Always good to see a few butterflies.

    Thanks Debs. The hoggy caught the frog himself. Pretty quick when they want to be.

    Thank you Daniel, and thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks Hilary. Sometimes I get lucky :-)