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Monday, 25 August 2014

Like a moth to the flame

Elephant Hawk Moth


Well, I'm back. Not dead yet; although I did feel like it just before I came back from Wales. Chest pains for a few days, that gradually wore off.
I put it down to indigestion.

My wallet is certainly dying though, along with the car. It's back in the garage Wednesday for another examination, and the insurance is due for renewal next month. A bit of an increase because some foreign bastards decided to cause an accident last November by stopping suddenly on a roundabout, causing me to run into the back of them.
Such pain and damage they are claiming for.

 It's the glass thingy in the middle, in case you're struggling to see it.

Today is a Bank Holiday here today. It's a day when all the banks close, to see if they can come up with any other ways to screw the rest of us; their customers. 
My bank, Barclay's, has recently announced that they are reducing the interest paid on my savings account. They must be struggling to make ends meet.

I must admit to neglecting this, and my other blogs though.
Most of the pictures I've taken over the last few weeks have been posted on my Flickr pages, and then some posted out on Twitter.


Wheatear, juvenile

Common Sandpiper


I do find my Welsh visits a great source of inspiration photographically.

Something currently in the news. The ice bucket challenge.

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a bit bored with all this ice bucket bollocks?
All these people in the public eye having their egos wanked by being showered with alleged 'ice cold water' in the name of ALS; that's Ayotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a form of motor neurone disease. I doubt if most of them know what it is anyway.

Personally I think they'd be better off doing something useful, like community work in run down areas, or helping out at animal charities for a day. Or how about going round their local cities/towns/villages with a collecting bucket for the charity.
Or is that not high profile enough for these tossers?

I see in the news that Pamela Anderson has turned down the challenge though, on the grounds that ALS do animal testing. Good for her. She does a lot of work for PETA.
Although maybe someone should explain to her that the silicone that makes her tits, has a history of being tested on animals.

I'll finish on a little animal, happy in the knowledge that they won't be tested on.

 Baby Bank Voles

Grown up Bank Vole

They might finish up as lunch for a Tawny Owl though.

Right, off for a vegetarian sausage sarnie.


  1. Chest Pains and no doctor??? really??? Best you get that checked young man or a bucket of iced water will seem like a walk in the park compared to what I will do if I get my hands on you :P
    Beautiful pics as always , loving the moth which has now dispelled my myth that moths are ugly little critters, so thanks for that. :)
    Take care.

  2. Thanks Kath. If it happens again, I'll get it checked out :-)
    Yea, some of our moths are better looking than some of our butterflies.

  3. Did you get to find out what was wrong with the car in the end? I really hate crash for cash types it cost the firm I work for £26,000 to install cameras in our fleet to help with this nuisance.
    I kind of agree about this water bucket thing, however there has been a 60% increase in traffic to their website, and the original idea came from volunteers/people with buckets and not some "suits" working in marketing which to me outweighs the bandwagon jumpers, however it made me sad to find out they tested on animals.
    I really liked the hawk moth, goldcrest and the view of Gwynedd and hope the bank voles don't meet up with Mr. Tawny:-)

  4. Doug, the garage replaced the Lambda sensor last week; runs better, but it's still not 100%. Hopefully Wednesday can get it sorted once and for all; and not too costly either.
    The ice bucket rant was me with my cynical head on. I still think peoples fund raising efforts, (for everything), could be better channeled though. Something more practical, rather than stupid stunts or jogging.
    So many pictures to post; I decided not to in the end lol

  5. as my father would have said, you're full of piss and vinegar today. :)

    loved the voles. so cute. sorry about the car, though.

  6. Lovely set of images Keith, especially the Hawk Moth and the Bank Voles.

    I'm not sure about this Ice Bucket thingy, are these 'celebrities' just doing it in a vain attempt at a bit of self publicity... how many of them are actually dipping into their pockets and giving money to the cause?

    I hope it all goes well with the car on Wednesday....[;o)

  7. An excellent rant. I too have had little exposure to ice bucketing but do think I get my share of cold water.
    The bank Vole shots are brilliant. They have made my day.
    You just keep the pictures coming. I sound sycophantic but I am inspired by your stuff....Not a good word...Art sounds better.

  8. welcome back Kieth, great rant, every word of it i agree with and some lovely photos too.


  9. I'm pleased you explained what the Ice Bucket Challenge was about. I saw many references to people but just thought plonkers and moved on. Sadly there was a recent report of a young man who may have lost his life taking the challenge. That's an unfortunate possibility when a craze catches on. Also people with some medical conditions should be thinking twice before being doused in ice cold water. It must be quite a shock to the system.

  10. Glad to see you back - i must admit you had me concerned, last time you went missing it was serious - speaking of serious, chest pain? My mother would tell you a thing or two but you probably wouldn't listen any better than I do! All the best to you and great images as usual.

  11. Hope its a fixable issue with the car...my van is old and has multiple issues i really dont know where to start! I agree with the ice water thing, if they want to give go ahead they dont have to brag about it--I agree with Pamela Anderson on the testing thing..IT's against my grain for sure!! SO are boob jobs and face lifts!!--Good to see your post-- loved all your photos!!

  12. Thanks Theresa. Yea, some days it's good to let flow and rant.
    The car is being a right problem at the moment, and a severe drain on the finances.

    Cheers Trev. I'm sick of all these so called celebrities that just promote their own egos in the guise of charity. So fake.

    Thank you Adrian, and the compliment.
    It's a great treat to see these little Bank Voles when I'm up in Wales. Night and day, and seldom seem to sleep; unless there's lots of them.

    Thank you Peter. Good to know others feel the same about all this stupid craze.

    John, your first thoughts about it all, plonkers, was spot on.
    The young man who died apparently jumped into a gravel pit from a height. Called tombstoning. I think some of the press reports tried to link it to this latest stupidity for maximum impact.
    Anyone with a heart condition should certainly avoid large quantities of cold water at any cost; it can be fatal.

    Thank you Dale. I probably should have had things checked out at the time, but .....
    Anyway, all seems OK at the moment.
    I need to do some catching up with blogs again.

    Thank you Sondra. This car thing is driving me nuts; scuse the pun. I'll be glad when it's all sorted.
    I'm totally against all animal testing. In my opinion, whatever the tests are for, it doesn't justify inflicting such pain/injury and even death on another animal. We share the planet, not own it.

  13. Great set of images Keith as always. Sorry to hear you got mixed up with these "foreign" criminals.
    Take it steady.

  14. Cheers Roy. I've since got one of those on board car cameras. Bit late, but if it ever happens again I'll have the buggers.

  15. Hi Keith.... I do love your post when you get going on these issues !
    I can't stand to see another ALS ice bucket challenge!! Now if they would all strand down at the river on my road and do that it might do the poor river some good since it is low of water!
    The silicone tits was the best rant of the day good chuckle there : )

    Now about those chest pains .... a history of heart problems and you don't have it attended to !!!!!
    Lucky you that I am not there to march you butt to a doc!!

    Gorgeous moth and those voles are just precious shots!!

    Hope things get better for ya!!

    Hugs you old bugger


  16. Those baby bank voles are so nice and a great picture. It was really good to see you and Trevor at the Birdfair.

  17. Thanks Grace, glad you enjoyed the rants. :-)
    I'd be more impressed with these ice bucket challenges if they did them in the winter.
    Chest pains all gone now lol

    Thank you Findlay. It was good to catch up with you all again. Hope your being ill didn't spoil Birdfair too much for you.

  18. Beautiful animals, these are superb. Sorry about your car Keith.

  19. Thanks Bob.
    Hopefully the car is sorted now.