Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 26 September 2014


Years ago, when I was younger, they called it depression, and you saw a psychiatrist.
It was a waste of time, so in the end I stopped going.
I did a lot of 'creative' writing in those dark days.

These days it's known by a different name, and you see a therapist.
I don't bother these days; I 'ride it out'.

Nature is a great psychiatrist/therapist, but there are times when it's a major effort to try and 'connect' with it.
I get there eventually.
I hope I always can.

Here's some recent connections.

Hoverfly, Volucella zonaria

He was in the garden one sunny day, finding the ivy very interesting, and looking for all the world like some Hornet. He's harmless though.

A short video I took near the same day, of lots of Honey Bees doing the same thing.

So long as you leave them alone to get on with what they are doing, they're harmless too.

A recent nice surprise, was being contacted by the warden at RSPB Conwy, asking if they could use a couple of my pictures for an information board, to go on display in one of their hides.
Always happy to help any charity organisation that I support, (and I support a few), I said yes. Here's a copy of the finished product.

I can't wait to get back to Wales and see it in the 'flesh'.

But back home for now ..............

At the risk of plagiarism, here's the Robin in my garden.

Cock sure, and bold as brass. A juvenile, that is growing fast. Now reached adult stage, and constantly singing his liquid, flutey song, as he establishes his territory.

 Another, because I like him so much. He's found a small water snail, for a snack.


My small garden pond is a magnet for some of the birds that visit the garden.

House Sparrow, taking a drink.

Last one for now, is of something I've never witnessed before, and only just managed to catch it on camera.

One of two frogs, that climbed from the pond, sat on a stone garden ornament, and then climbed up and disappeared into a large Honeysuckle bush.

Enjoy your week/weekend.


  1. Congratulations both on your recovery and on having the photographs selected.
    The frog must be a Tree Frog.
    Have you got a hole in your fence? I hope not fence holes are copywrite.

  2. HI Keith I did wonder why you were not posting and I am sorry your suffer from depression from time to time. It seems a lot of the population does nowadays. Anyhow, I hope you are feeing better nowet and I was delighted to see your post today. Love the video and seeing the birds in your garden. Congrats on your photograph being used. I have had a few people ask can they use a few of mine and I am always delighted they can be of use to someone else. I am off to the Copeland Island this weekend, no internet, just birds (I hope) and sea. I think you would love it for its peacefulness. HAve a good weekend.

  3. A walk with Nature is good for you, whatever you call it Keith.

  4. Frog in a bush..wow. Ive had tadpoles in my rain barrels all summer...I hope they hatch out soon so I can use that water. You have some great looking yard birds and congrats on the photo use its lovely!! Hope your mood shifts for you I have so much stress sometimes I feel it weight down on me, due to my family issues. Tonight I ma meeting friends for a birthday dinner. Last yr did that and within 24 hrs I was in emergency with broken arms...so we plan to rewind this awful year and start a fresh!! Hope you can do that too...

  5. Congrats on your photos being used in the brochure!
    Depression is a black hole; hang in there and try to remember that there are people who care about you.
    Hugs, Wilma

  6. Sorry to hear that you've been under a black cloud Keith, I hope it's moved away now?

    Lovely set of images, those bees look like they were doing a good job, they all had full baskets!

    I think that Robin is setting itself up to be boss of the garden?

    Seeing those photos of the birds around the pond has made my mind up..next year's project is to create a pond in my garden!

    Amazing behaviour from those frogs...I thought tree frogs lived in tropical rain forests?
    Perhaps you should make a hole in your fence so that they could come and go at will?

    And I nearly forgot...congratulations on being 'published', I guess you'll be signing autographs on your next visit?...[;o)

  7. Well done for getting some of your images used for information boards. I am still laughing at the frog. Yesterday I started and finished my garden pond quick question do you wait for rain or use tap water to fill it up?

  8. Cheers Adrian.
    I quickly fixed the hole sometime ago. :-)

    Thank you Margaret.
    Enjoy your stay at the Copeland Island. I'm hoping to get back to Wales soon.

    Thanks Roy. Yea, the best medicine going.

    Thank you Sondra.
    If it's your birthday today, then have a good one.
    If its not yours, enjoy the dinner anyway; and be careful :-)

    Wilma, thank you. Hard at times, but I try.

    Thanks Trevor.
    Cloud comes and goes.
    The Robin is certainly the boss. Gives everything else the run around.
    Those frogs were amazing. Never seen that behaviour before.
    Autographs are on 'special' at the moment lol

    Thanks Doug.
    Well done on doing a pond. Mine is just a small one, no fish, just there for what ever makes use of it. The birds love it; and of course, the frogs.
    I used tap water, but it's best to leave it standing for a couple of weeks if you're going to put fish in it. Have a few aquatic plants in it too. Mine is a few years old now, and I just top it up now and then with tap water.

  9. your shots are awesome. congrats on them asking to use your photos! love your cute little daring robin.

    as for depression, i wish you had a dog by your side, again. i know none will ever replace jim, but my pups cheer me up like nothing else. :)

  10. Thank you Theresa.
    Yea, a dog is a great one to lift the blues.
    I share two when I go to Wales, so maybe that's why I always feel good there. :-)

  11. A wonderful post Keith... congrats on the Conway pics.

  12. Thanks Andrew.
    I'll have to sign the board next time I'm at Conwy.

  13. Beautiful as always. Your photos do show that you are at peace in nature. May it always be so. I think if more people were better connected with nature, there would be far less depression. Congrats on being asked to use your pics.

  14. Thank you Hilary.
    I think nature is my true family, and home.

  15. Superb images, my favourite is the Robin, it is so beautiful.

  16. Congrats on the photos success Keith. You are always an inspiration to me and many others.
    Regards, Colin

  17. I would be chuffed to bits if i had any of my photos used like yours, well done Keith


  18. I enjoy your photography. yes, it is therapy for many of us. the beauty, the sounds, the peacefulness.

  19. I can relate, as I also struggle with depression. Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  20. So many great things in this post. I really like you Robin shots, but the climbing frog is my favourite. I hope you are okay and I hope I see you again soon. From Findlay

  21. Sorry, late with some of these replies ...........

    Bob, thank you. They're lovely little birds aren't they.

    Colin, thank you. Very kind of you to say.

    Thanks Peter. It was a nice surprise when they asked to use them.

    Thank you Doreen. Yea, nature is great medicine.

    Thanks Linda. Appreciate your comment.

    Thanks Findlay. Hope you're well too. :-)

  22. Hope your ok Keith and like you say nature can be a great healer. Congratulations on the use of your photos.

  23. Thanks Adam.
    Chilling here in Wales at the moment. :-)