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Friday, 5 September 2014

Frampton Marsh

Had a grand day out yesterday to the RSPB reserve at Frampton Marsh, with Trevor.

An early start, and off we set in my recently cured sick car. A foggy start, but thankfully it eventually cleared, and we were blessed with sunshine later. And some great birds too. This is a reserve that never disappoints.

The pictures ain't up to much though; I was struggling a bit for some reason.

Always plenty to see, and some quality birds usually thrown in the mix too.
The Glossy Ibis was still present, but we didn't manage to see it this visit.
A Temminck's Stint was there, but my wader ID skills are less than perfect, (crap actually), so I may or may not have seen it. A lot of Ruff were there though.

One of about the reported 70 that were there.

Quite a few Curlew Sandpipers  around as well, along with the Dunlin,

reportedly, 12 and approx 80, respectively. 

and lots of Yellow Wagtails.

about 30 was the reported number

A few Pintail too. Not in their finest summer plumage, but nonetheless looking splendid.

Not the best of pictures.

 Numbers? Apparently 4 reported, but I saw at least half a dozen.

This time last year, I managed to see a Wryneck along the path beside the river Witham, heading down towards the sea. This year, full of hope, we decided to make the long trek, and see what was about.
Sun shining, and a few butterflies around to keep us company, we eventually arrived at the end of the road/track.
The tide was beginning to come in, and with it, plenty of Oystercatchers settling on the mud. No sign of any Wryneck this year though, but another couple, that had made the trek, pointed out to us 15 to 20 Common Eider, bobbing about in the sea. 
Far out to sea. 
Too far for pictures, but visible through our scopes.

Over on the other side of the river, is another reserve, Freiston Shore. A shame there isn't a bridge across to it, because it's another fine reserve run by the RSPB. Would save the long journey around by road, and through Boston.

On the way back, a brief sighting of a Spotted Flycatcher posing on the end of a branch, before disappearing into the bushes, and then, further along, a slightly more co-operative Pied Flycatcher.

Only slightly more co-operative though.

Back on the reserve proper, we walked along a windy bank towards the road back to the car park.
This is where the Glossy Ibis had been seen earlier in the day, but as previously mentioned, not by us today.
We did mange to see the four Spoonbill though, albeit a tad distant.

And before making our way back to the car, a pair of Migrant Hawkers dropped down amongst the bushes.

 Far too busy to be bothered by our cameras.   

An excellent visit to this reserve, as always; and we even managed to meet some friendly people too.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and upcoming weekend.   


  1. lovely shorebirds! glad your car is better, too. :)

  2. Thanks Theresa. Certainly miss the convenience of the car when it's not there.

  3. Great read as ever and a greatphoto of the Pintail. Friendly people are vary rare around my neck of the woods too.


  4. Sounds like a fantastic reserve, everyone I have spoken to who has rated it very
    highly. A huge selection of species too.

  5. You found a nice selection of Waders etc. A few Ruff and Curlew Sands passing through Surrey at the moment.

    Good to hear the wheels are turning again.

  6. An excellent account and a good selection of images from a great day out. I enjoyed the long walk, even though the promised Wryneck failed to appear!....the two Flycatchers saved the day though...lol.
    I've still not sorted my photos yet..I might get around to it eventually!...[;o)

  7. Wonderful series of photos Kieth, sounds like you had a great day.

  8. A bounty of awesome birds in this post...I enjoyed each one!!

  9. It is a great part of the world and you made the most of it. It looks better than Frieston.
    I hope they have sorted the car permanently.

  10. Great selection Keith looks like you had a good day out

  11. Thanks Peter. The Pintail looked stunning. The picture doesn't do them justice really.

    Cheers Doug. Yea, it's one of my favourite reserves. Always plenty to see, and usually some excellent birds/wildlife about too. Well worth a visit. As a bonus, most of the people I've met there have been helpful and polite. Ticks all the boxes for me.

    Thanks Frank. It seldom disappoints on the wader front here.

    Wilma, the Spoonbills are frequent visitors here. Lovely birds to watch.

    Was a top day as always Trev. I bet the Wryneck was hiding somewhere.

    Thank you Horst. Always a good visit here.

    Thanks Sondra. I just wish my ID skills were a bit better. I'm sure I missed a few.

    Cheers Adrian. The car performed well, so hopefully sorted.
    It's a great reserve, and I think has slightly more to offer than Freiston. Only been to Freiston the once though.

    Thank you Bob. Yea, a great day there. Wouldn't mind a return visit soon. :-)

  12. Keith, sorry you had rough spot and glad you beat it!

  13. Hi Keith.. Ya I am still among the living, just not been in the best of health, but hopefully I am running again like your car after some repair! ; )

    Glad you two had a great day!! Cute little flycatcher , and the blue of those hawkers is beautiful!!
    Plenty of birds to add to your counts!!

    Hope all is well with your health
    Big Hugs


  14. Thanks Sondra. :-)

    Hope you're better now Grace. I'm ticking along again for a while.
    Some great birds seen here at this reserve.

  15. Looks like the birding is great at this reserve. Nice collection of images, Keith.

  16. Thanks Choy. It really is a great place to visit, any time of the year.