Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Ivinghoe Beacon 7th September 2014

As I got out the car at the car park, dawn was just drawing back the curtains of night.
In the distance, the field opposite was full of gulls; mostly Lesser Black-backed. A big flock of Jackdaws had noisily taken to the air, and off to my right, a Tawny Owl was sending out his last messages of the night.

In the distance a group of deer, Fallow, possibly, were making the most of nights blanket, before disappearing into the bushes.

I watched them for a while, and then made my way into the field opposite.

Great Tits and Blue Tits were stirring, and a Nuthatch began his calling, as he worked his way through a dead tree stump.
Behind me a Sparrowhawk flew by, and a few moments later a couple of Red Kite cruised above the distant tree tops.
A Green Woodpecker yaffled in the distance.

Some birds were beginning to stir in the bushes ahead.
I stopped, waited, and there was Spotted Flycatcher, flitting through the bushes. A good spot for them apparently.
Moving on I could hear a 'hueet' call. Stronger than a warbler.
A sound I'm familiar with from my times in Wales .......... a Common Redstart.
He broke from the cover briefly, enough time to clinch the ID, before he melted back into the bushes.

It was shaping up to be a good morning.

A couple of Dunnocks were in the bushes, as I made my way through the field, and down towards the sheep pen.
No sheep in the field this morning, but this area is a good spot for Whinchat.

Out in the stubble field some gulls and Crows foraging amongst the spiky tufts, and a distant Hare hunkered down between the rows of harvested crops.

Moving along the edge of the fence, stopping occasionally to scan the field, and finally rewarded with the sight of a Whinchat. Worth the walk.

I turned, and made my way up towards the base of the hill. A lot of scrub to search through.

More tits and Dunnocks, a flock of Goldfinches swirling around, and occasionally settling in the trees, and a Kestrel hovering above the grass, searching for his breakfast.

At the base of the hill I scanned through the bushes. Last week when I was here, I found a Redstart. Not today though. I did find a Whitethroat though, in one of the Elder bushes.

Another view of a Kestrel as I made my way along the path,

and a few Meadow Pipits rising up from the grass as I slowly walked along.

A couple of dog walkers were off in the distance; time must be marching on by now.

A small group of Swallows flew overhead, maybe heading towards Tring reservoirs, to feed up before their long journey to Africa.
At the top of the hill, a quick look round, and then I made my way back down, towards the car park.

Long Tailed Tits were calling as they worked their way through the bushes, and in the distance near the sheep pen, a couple of bodies with spotting scopes on their backs.
Time for me to go.

A last look in the field opposite the car park before I left, and the distinctive shape of  a Jay flew by.

In the daylight I could now see the notices around the car park.

Some days the quality of the birds is greater than the quality of the pictures.

Have a good one


  1. beautiful fields. watching the deer was a real treat for me. i like the feeling of peacefulness you conveyed in your words, even before watching the video. :)

  2. Thanks Theresa. It was a lovely morning, and great to watch the wildlife greeting the day.

  3. Thanks Keith, I enjoyed the wander in the gloom. Another good look round.

  4. Cheers Adrian. Yea, it was pretty gloomy first thing, but the sun is shining now.

  5. Always enjoy your prose, Keith. Sounds like a lovely stroll. Cheers.

  6. Thanks Wilma, I should make the effort more often lol
    It was a beautiful morning, just taking in everything around me.

  7. It was worth the early start Keith (looks like you were there even before the first Sparrows fart?) you got a good tally of birds, and the Deer, before the hoards arrived! A good morning's birding...[;o)

  8. Sounds a fascinating place that you've done justice with your write up. Seems Redstarts might have had a good breeding year 's alot passing through.

  9. Nice to see all the bucks gathering together before they split for the rutting season, great film Keith.


  10. Yea, I managed the first fart this morning Trev.

    Thanks Doug. It has a good variety of birds; but you have to look.

    Thanks Peter, glad you enjoyed the video.

  11. That was quite a collection you observed Keith. What a great place to visit.

  12. The area has such a variety Roy. Hard work at times though.

  13. You were up bright and early that day. It was nice to see the deer and you did well to pan at just the right speed. Lovely description of your morning expedition.

  14. Thanks John. Yea, up before the lark that day. :-)