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Sunday, 26 October 2014

A filler

A quick post to fill the gap, until I can catch up.

Back from Wales now, (for the time being), but here's a few shots taken before I went.
A fairly local reserve, Summer Leys, in Northants, is/was playing host to a Great White Egret.

A really nice looking bird.

And of course a Little Egret was present ........

and a Grey Heron.

One of the regular visitors to my garden, is a bunch of Blue Tits.
Caught this one on some Teasel that is growing well, and supplying food for the Goldfinches, and any other birds that attempt to extract the seed from the prickly heads.

Back in Wales for the next lot, and these are a few taken in the days before I left.

Common Whitebeam.

Providing some food for the local bird population.

Lots of Rowan growing around too, and nooks and crannies in the walls full of insects.

Curlew, having a stretch.


Literally hundreds of these around the coastal areas. This one was at Conwy.


Searching for insects amongst the bark of the conifers.

Bank Vole.

Always a soft spot for these little creatures.

A mushroom that I don't know the name of; but it does remind me of something.

And finally, a trip to Harlech and its beach before I came back to England.
A lousy windy day, but such a beautiful beach.

Have a good week.


  1. The tree countryside picture is brilliant, it looks like something you would see in a book or something. It was really good to see you at Burton Mere. From Findlay

  2. A great set Keith. Thanks for the Whitebeam. I was racking my brains trying to think what one was called the other day.
    Your toadstool is a Yellow Cow Pat Toadstool half grown. If mine looked like that I'd seriously consider a visit to the STD clinic was required.

  3. Thanks Findlay.
    Yea, great to catch up with you all at Burton. :-)

    Thanks for the ID Adrian. Quite a few round where I was staying. No cows though, just sheep.

  4. hello
    I am always fascinated by your pictures, like all great shots me very well
    greetings Frank

  5. I like the Great White Egret and agree it's a fantastic looking bird and very impressive in flight. Not seen too many Treecreepers around here of late. They never sit still long enough for me

  6. Lovely shots of the G/Egret Keith and I like the Curlew especially.

  7. All good ones Kieth! That is a very nice looking beach! Hope you get back to Wales soon, I know you love it there. Have a good week.

  8. love your birds. adorable vole!!! sweet views.

  9. Nice shots Keith! Now, can you tell me why the GWE is so-called, rather than just Great Egret?! It puzzles me! ;)
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  10. Frank, thank you for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    Thanks Doug. Not sure if the GWE is still at Summer Leys. Seems to have taken up residence there though.

    Thanks Roy. So many Curlews on the north Wales coast. A real treat to see and hear them.

    Sondra, thanks. That beach is lovely. I can imagine on a hot sunny day, it's very busy, but the day I visited I had it to myself, and a few gulls.

    Thank you Theresa. I've a real soft spot for the little voles. :-)

    Cheers John. Good question about the 'Egret'. I think it depends on which books you read. I've seen it referred to as both. I prefer Great White.

  11. Cracking selection Keith, those Bank Voles are little stars.

    I can't see where you're coming from with that little mushroom myself?

    Check out Fused Marasmius (M. cohaerens) for a poss. ID...[;o)

    1. I did ponder the wisdom of attempting an ID. I thought go for it say it with enough conviction and folk will believe you.
      Wrong again.

    2. Someone gave me that advice for bird ID once. Go with the gut; usually right more often than wrong.

  12. Once again a cracking set of photographs from England and Wales. Love the Egret. It is such an elegant bird. Love the Bank Vole shot and the last shot of the beach looks very atmospheric.

  13. You capture so many amazing bird.. beautiful. And that vole is just adorable.

  14. Can't imagine how that GWE manages to balance on one leg and preen like that. Beautiful birds from any angle. An all round lovely set of photos. cheers.

  15. Cheers Trev. Think I need a decent mushroom book. I only knew one type, and that was back in the '60's

    Thank you Margaret, glad you enjoyed them.

    Hilary, thank you. The little vole is a star.

    Thanks Wilma. Perfect balance from the GWE. :-)

  16. You have done well with that little vole, great work.


  17. It would be fun to trade places for a couple of days, eh?

  18. Thanks Peter. :-)

    Laura, thanks. :-)

    Dale, it certainly would.

  19. Not bad for a quick filler Keith! Great shots of the Bank Vole and Great White Egret. We've had a couple of the latter here over recent winters but never close enough for photos like that.

  20. Thanks Adam.
    The GWE gave me the best views I've ever had that day.

  21. Great set of pictures. The bank vole is a splendid capture.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne