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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Here again

I've been in Wales for the last couple of weeks, enjoying the delights here.
The downside is a poor internet connection, so not much time on the net.
The upside is, getting out more, and great scenery.

Sunrise in Gwynedd

There's plenty of these birds in the fields at the moment, enjoying the flies that the sheep crap attracts.

Pied Wagtail

Half a dozen Pheasants have taken refuge in the garden, and escaped the morons with guns, that get a kick from slaughtering them.
There's also been a couple of these around;


A couple of days out to the north coast, when the sun shone, produced a bracelet wearer.

Oystercatcher, with what looks like ANU on the green ring.

Always lots of them along the coast, and these,

 Little Egret

Dunlin, with a couple of Grey Plover


One morning we had a trip out to The British Ironworks, near Oswestry. They are going to have regular displays of birds of prey, and these are from the first day.

Eagle Owl


I think this was one of the Lanner falcons; but I could be wrong.

A brilliant day there, topped off with being able to briefly 'fly' one of these magnificent birds.

Me and Rick, the Harris Hawk

Back at the garden,



I started with a sunrise, so I'll end on a sunset

Enjoy the upcoming weekend.


  1. Fantastic images of the landscape it does look nice there. The wild birds and captive birds are also nice I really like the Pied Wag'.

  2. Beautiful shots. I especially like the birds of prey. You look like a pro with that Harris Hawk. :-) cheers.

  3. Cheers Doug. Yea, it's a great place. Shame I have to come home soon.

    Thanks Wilma. That Harris Hawk was a beauty. :-)

  4. hi, keith! loved the shot of you holding the raptor! always enjoy your posts and all the birds and views you see. love that sweet wren photo. :)

  5. From daybreak to sunset - a cracking set of images Keith. I like the Wagtail and the Wren and the sunset is a stunner.
    The birds of prey are beauties...can I see a new pastime/venture starting up there?...[;o)

  6. A terrific set of photos Keith, every one a gem.I don't know who is the most handsome, you or the Harris Hawk .


  7. Amazing photos of beautiful birds.. and of the handsome guy with the hawk. A true "holding moment." Wonderful.

  8. Thanks Theresa. Some lovely countryside here, and very photogenic. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

    Thanks Trevor. I think I could get into this falconry. :-)

    Thanks Peter. Definitely the Harris Hawk lol

  9. Thank you Hilary. You made my day :-)
    The hawk was a real beauty, and a great moment to cherish.

  10. You made the most of the fortnight.
    It looks as if you made a new friend. I must get to a falconry centre They really are one of the best days out imaginable.

  11. Great pics but particularly like the pied wagtail - delightful little birds. They seem to like to roost on our local supermarket roof, maybe because of warm exhaust from refrigeration units???

  12. Wrens are sooooooo wonderfully cute, glad you have let your hair down and had a great time with the hawk. Last sunset pic look like your peering into the mouth of a volcano, brilliant.

  13. HI Keith I thought you are gone off to your beloved Wales again and who would blame you if you get the beautiful sunrises and sunsets like your great shots show us. In fact all your shots are excellent and I love the Pied Wagtail and the wren shots as well as the Harris Hawk with you holding it. Have a great weekend.

  14. Always look forward to your excellent photos Keith. Love the Egret coming in to land and the final sunset .... and not forgetting hairy meets feathery. ;)
    First it was Robins, now Harris Hawk, what next? Sea Eagle? Looks a brilliant experience - don't think I would have the nerve.

  15. What a post chock full of goodies!! Love everyone but of course so nice to see you being splendid with the Harris Hawk! Continue to enjoy your stay!

  16. Your nature photos are amazing as always but it gave me the greatest pleasure to see you with the hawk and to be given the privilege of seeing your personal connection with nature as a whole that shines out of your eyes and whole face. Thank you for letting me see into your heart.

  17. Adrian, the falconry centres are well worth a visit.
    It's been a busy visit this time, cutting logs for the winter, but still managed a few days out.

    Thanks Phil. I think you're right about the wagtail roost. Must be quite cozy.

    Thank you Debs. Some of the sunsets here have been amazing.

    Thanks Margaret. I seem to spend more time here than I do at home lol
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    Thanks John. The hawk encounter was exceptional. I was surprised how light he was. If you ever get the chance, take it. Sea Eagle? That would be something!

    Sondra, thanks. Yea, the hawk was a beautiful bird. Going back at the weekend. :-)

    Arija, thank you. Being so close to nature like this, is the greatest thing I can think of.

  18. That sunset image is just brilliant Keith.
    Yes its quite a privilege to hold a bird like that on you hand, its well worth doing once.

  19. ...one photo is more gorgeous than the next. Sounds and look like the perfect place to be.

  20. Thanks Roy. There's been some pretty good sunsets here the last few days.
    The falcon display was a visit to remember.

    Thank you Kelly, very kind. :-)

  21. Beautiful images, I love the section on Birds of Prey, they are wonderful.

  22. Hey Keith,

    How have you been.I loved the sunrise and sunset images and of course the other gorgeous images. Happy to back in bloggerland after a very long time. Enjoy your stay and ake care.


  23. Wow, those were worth waiting for. Birds of prey are so fascinating to me--not at all cuddly, but I could look at them all day. That owl is amazing.

  24. Thanks Bob. :-)

    Thanks Shantana; good to see you still around. :-)

    Thanks JoLynne. That owl was special ...... a real beauty.

  25. Glad you've been enjoying Wales again Keith. We've had some stunning weather of late.

  26. Thanks Adam. Can't wait to get back :-)

  27. your photos, as always, are breathtaking, just getting back into blogging...Wales looks so beautiful,phyllis

  28. Thank you Phyllis. Yes, Wales is a special place for me. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  29. What a stunningly beautiful world you live in. Gorgeous. Carol

  30. Thank you Carol, it certainly is. Thanks for stopping by.