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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Back in Wales

Shortly after I arrived in a Wales, at the end of January, so did the snow.

 Lesser Redpoll

We had quite a bit during the day and evening, and by morning, there was no way I could leave the cottage by car.

The quarter mile track down to the lane, was covered in snow. It had drifted and was about two and a half feet deep.
That also meant no-one could get here. Post and deliveries etc.
Thankfully we had plenty of supplies.
Also the phone and internet doesn't perform at its best, but I can live with that.

The only way to explore, was by foot.

The snow has slowly melted now, although the fields still have areas of hard crunchy snow; and the track is now negotiable with extreme care. The downhill part in particular, especially as the snow has frozen and turned to ice.

I may be able to venture further soon.

Take care where you are.


  1. You take care. Good to see Wales again.

  2. Hi Keith I am just back from North Donegal, you would love the ruggedness of this place. Thanks for the comment on my last post by the way. Even there is so much snow when you were in Wale, they produced these amazing images. Peaceful and so silent when there is snow around. I love the image of the Lesser Redpoll with the snow belting down.

  3. Yep!...I told you that you should have taken the snowboard or the skis!

    A lovely set of images...it does look beautiful, even if you are snowed in!

    Stay safe (and warm!)...[;o)

  4. I think the snow adds a bit more beauty of what looks a stunning location

  5. Beautiful scenic images Keith.

  6. A wonderful series of landscapes snow makes everything so pristine and beautiful! Enjoy and watch out for the ice.

  7. Beautiful pieces of snow laden countryside, photographed by you, superb.

  8. Cheers Adrian. Yea, I do enjoy it here.

    Thanks John. The mountains look pretty good covered in snow.

    Thank you Margaret. Yea, I love the ruggedness of this place. Sounds like Donegal would suit me just fine.

    Thanks Trevor. I might be able to get down the track tomorrow, if we don't get any more snow.

    A bit of snow really transforms a place, doesn't it Doug.

    Thanks Roy. It looks spectacular here covered in snow at the moment.

    Thank you Sondra. Got plenty of logs for the fire. :-)

    Thank you Bob. It does look good here at the moment.

  9. oh, just lovely scenes! love that crooked tree and all those great fences! :)

  10. You conveyed a wonderful soul-satisfying peace with these beautiful images, Keith. I especially like the second shot with that luminous old tree. Cheers.

  11. Remote beauty, great photos Keith


  12. Thanks Theresa. That old tree is a favourite of mine here. :-)

    Thank you Wilma. I've got a lot of pictures of that tree. ;-)

    Thanks Peter. Very remote here. :-)

    Thanks Gillian, glad you enjoyed them.

  13. Thanks Andrew; it's a great place to visit.

  14. Great shots Keith. Looks like you've been having more snow up there than we have down here.

  15. You may not be surprised to learn that it does not look like that hear today! Great shots.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  16. Thanks Adam. Yea, we had a fair bit; couldn't get down the track to the lane for over a week.

    Cheers Stewart. I guess you've got some lovely sunshine there at the moment.

  17. I love the picture of the sheep on the hill with the sun, it is beautiful.

  18. Thanks Bob. A lot of sheep here. :-)

  19. oh but what a wonderful place to be stranded eh! As long as you've got food and water and warmth of course!

  20. I can't think of anywhere better Sharon. :-)