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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Weekend whistle

A few pictures for the weekend.

 A great spot for Dippers; Afon Eiddew at Lake Vyrnwy.

and here's a Dipper I found there,

I'd never heard one sing before, so here he is.

I'm not a great fan of slow shutter speed water pictures, but I had a go anyway.
Both hand held; I only use a tripod for macro pictures of moths.

Next up, a bird.

I managed to catch this one having a quick rest


The Starling is an incredibly underrated bird in my opinion. The range of colour in their plumage is amazing. This one was happily singing and burbling in the sunlight on some rocks.

I managed a short video of the maestro here.

I was pleased to get a few pictures like this one

A Treecreeper on a wall. Usually only manage them as they scramble up the trunk of a tree.

There's been lots of these two birds here,

Lesser Redpoll


I'm glad I'm not the only one who suffers from a bad hair day.

Male Red Breasted Merganser in the wind.

and last one for now

Have a great weekend.


  1. Great shots as always. I have never heard a Dipper sing. I have seen them swimming along like a duck.

    I agree Starlings are superb in sunlight.

  2. Hi Keith Nice to see you posting again and with superb photographs. I could sit all day at that first shot listening to the water. That Dipper was very cooperative sitting so long for you and like you I have never heard on sing so that video was great to watch. Stunning shot of the Yellowhammer and I love the way you photographed the water falls. I agree with you about the Starling. Magnificent plumage especially when the sun is on it. Great shots of the Lesser Redpoll (never seen one), Tree Creeper and Siskin. We can all have bad hair days!! I love the B & W atmospheric image of the horses. Brilliant.Thanks for your comment and visit the other day. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow, that is a whopper, very well done Keith, they are superb. My favourite it the first, alluring picture. And the last pic, very very very good.

  4. What a collection keith some of these pics easily deserve to be on the country file calendar. I think the last one is pretty special, A star fella

  5. A great selection of images Keith. The Dippers call reminds me in some ways of a Kingfisher. The Starling is a stunner as is the Lesser Redpoll. But my favourite is the last image, just simply beautiful.

  6. wonderful bunch of photos! from the sound of rushing water and bird calls, beautiful starlings, to gorgeous horse silhouettes! i love the dipper's cute bib. :)

  7. A great collection of fantastic images Keith. The Dipper in particular and it was good to see it in its natural state with the water noise and everything.
    This is especially for me as I have never seen this bird. Thanks.

  8. Keith, i think these are some of the best photo's you have posted, i like the last one tremendously.


  9. OMG I feel like I just walked through an expensive art gallery. YOUR photos have really stepped up a notch and they were brilliant before now Sterling!! I love all but the horses excellent one, and just the right amount of long exposure on the waterfalls!! Terrific Work Keith,,,

  10. Adrian thanks for your comment. The singing Dipper was a great moment for me.

    Margaret, thank you for your lovely comments. I think this place brings out the best in me.

    Thank you Bob. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Debs, thank you. I was pleased with the last one; I might print that one for the wall.

    Thank you Wilma. I was pleased with this lot. :-)

    Cheers Doug. I've seen a few Dippers in recent years, and it was the first time I'd heard one calling.

    Theresa, thanks. Had a feeling you'd enjoy the last one. :-)

    Thanks Roy. Glad you enjoyed the Dipper, and I hope you get to see one soon. I'm lucky when I come here, there's a couple of places where they are pretty much guaranteed to be seen.

    Thank you Peter. A selection I was pleased with too. Thanks for your compliment.

    Sondra, thank you for those kind words.
    The last shot seems very popular. :-)

  11. A superb selection of images from the first to the last Keith (and the videos) I'm really jealous of the Dipper as I've not yet managed to see one! Cracking shots of the Starling and the 'arty' waterfall and the horses and...and...and!...[;o)

  12. Hi Kieth. Glad to see you're enjoying the peace and tranquility around Lake Vyrnwy with a great set of images.

    The 1st shot brought back many memories of walking that stretch way back in the 1980's and listening to the Dipper ... a delightful species.

  13. Absolutely beautiful images here, Keith. I love that last one.. it's so dreamy. And I have to agree with you about the starlings. They have beautiful colouring. I feel that way about grackles too. Thanks for this fabulous collection of beauty.

  14. Great set of images. I usually pass by the "domestic" animals but the horses at the end caught my eye and held it for a long while!

  15. Cheers Trev. So much to photograph here. I'm sure you'll catch up with a Dipper when you get away.

    Thank you Frank. Lake Vyrnwy is a great place to escape to. Couldn't get there at the moment, quite a bit of snow the last couple of days, and the weather seems to play havoc with the internet connection, hence late replies.

    Thanks Hilary. It's a shame that some of our most common birds often get overlooked by a lot of people isn't it.

    Thank you Dale. I'm with you on the 'domestic' animals, but the horses here, (4), often provide some good picture opportunities at sunrise/sunset. :-)

  16. Hi Keith, we've not met, but I read your fantastic blogs regularly and thoroughly enjoy your photography and connection with nature. I just had to comment to congratulate you on the Dipper footage. I've never heard one sing either. What a treat to witness it and thank you for sharing it! A superb selection of photographs too - love the Starlings in particular and the final shot of the backlit horses - beautiful. Thank you. All the best, Lucy

  17. Lucy, thank you for stopping by, and your very kind comments.
    The Dipper was a real treat for me; especially managing to capture it singing. Such a lovely bird. Thanks.

  18. Fabulous scenery in the first shot.
    Brilliant bird photos Keith.
    The waterfall piccies worked well.
    Love the horse silhouette.

  19. Great selection Keith. I was up at Lake Vyrnwy last summer and really enjoyed it. Even found a Crossbill.

  20. Thanks John. There's so much to point the camera at here; I love it. :-)

    Thank you Adam. I always try for at least one visit to Lake Vyrnwy when I visit here; lovely place, and a big area to explore.

  21. A wonderful post Keith... thanks for sharing.