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Saturday, 11 April 2015

About time

Time for another post.

Back in Wales, and despite some wind, rain, a bit of sun, Easter, some crowds and loads of kids on an Easter holiday, I have managed a few pictures.

I'll start with a sunrise from a few days ago at the Great Orme.

Lots of Gorse in flower, and the scent has been amazing.

Got a birthday coming up soon, so I've treated myself to a couple of new moth books, and a new moth trap. This is one of the moths from the trap the other night.

Grey Shoulder-knot

According to one of the books I have, it's a moth found more in the south of the country, so a surprise to find one up here.

Out in the fields the trees are very slowly getting their leaf buds, and some interesting lichen growing on the dry stone walls.

Cladonia fimbriata

It was great to watch some of the sheep giving birth too.

On one visit to Anglesey, I came across some ponies having a great time.

Must have been a good spot, because they seemed to be queuing up to take turns for a good back scratch.

And now the birds ..........

A visit to Rhos-on-sea during a time when the tide was in, produced a bird I only usually see way out on the sea, as a black dot bobbing amongst the waves.

Common Scoter

A few other birds, in no particular order.



A lot of these are arriving in the country at the moment.


Meadow Pipit

A fly past by one of these.


and finally, a nice pair to finish on.


Enjoy the rest of your day


  1. This was well worth the wait.
    I suspect you have two lichens with the red one being Cladonia diversa. The Cladonias are one of my favourites, beautiful things.

  2. A cracking selection of images Keith, from the biggest to the smallest Wales is certainly putting on a good show for you...[;o)

  3. I don't think there's anything to match a Sunrise over water.

  4. GORGEOUS opening shot! wow! sweet new lamb and good mom keeping an eye on you. :) great bird shots. LOVE the scoter! so cool!

  5. Great dawn photo for starters! and then you just kept it coming. Such beauty. Happy Birthday! Looking forward to the fruits of your moth trap.

  6. And well worth the wait, some fantastic photos. Wales brings the best out of you, i feel.


  7. Great first image, truly love it. Well done on the Scoter in fact all of them are great birds and image. But I have a special place in my heart for Sanderling, by the looks of them you caught them just before they change their plumage for the spring, you can see the change around the neck/side of head. Great shots.

  8. Hi Keith good to see you back in Wales enjoying yourself...some amazing photos, enjoyed each one very much!

  9. Thanks Adrian. I've had a few suggestions for the lichen, and they all look like they are the one. More confusing than gull ID! Think I'll stick with 'Cladonia' :-)
    They remind me of trumpets.

    Thanks Trevor. There's so much to see here; I love it.

    Thanks John, I agree. As pleased as I was with that picture, it still didn't really do it justice. It was amazing.

    Thank you Theresa. It's been great watching all the lambs being born here. They are so comical to watch as they chase each other and play. :-)

    Wilma, thank you. The moth trap is producing a few results. The trouble is it frequently rains during the night, so I have to plan it all carefully.

    Peter, thanks. Yea, I agree. I do feel more pleased with the results I get here. It seems much easier too at times.

    Cheers Doug. The Scoter was a real treat to see it so close, and I agree with you, the Sanderling are cracking little birds. I love the way they run along the tide line.

    Thank you Sondra. I think I should move here lol

  10. Lovely lot of images again Keith.
    Particularly like the Wheater and the Dipper.

  11. You've certainly been busy again Keith. I've never seen a Scoter that close before and am now considerably jealous.

  12. Thanks Roy. I was lucky with the Dipper; a shame it wasn't a better composition.

    Adam, the closest I've ever seen a Scoter too. Brilliant. :-)

  13. What a lovely post, I feel all spring like now! The sights and smells really came off the screen, thank you very much:)

  14. A nice collection of images especially the Scoter.

  15. Thanks sweffling, glad you enjoyed it. :-)

    Choy, thank you. The Scoter was a good find for me.