Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 25 April 2015

For this auspicious occasion ..........

................. I give you ..............

Wheatear, because I like them.

Dancing Curlew

Singing Oystercatcher

Osprey, doing something I vaguely remember.

Magpie; a very misunderstood bird.

 Ring Ouzel, 'cause there's a lot about at the moment.

A couple of Whinchat, because I haven't seen any for a while.

and finally

Red Fox; a beautiful animal, ruthlessly persecuted in this country by some misguided wankers.

Have a good one.


  1. Another great selection. It brightened a dull morning for me.
    Have a great year and enjoy proper retirement.

    1. I must have led a sheltered life as I have never bonked in front of one camera let alone three. At least you have the occasion to look back on.

    2. I used to do a lot of things when I was younger.
      I still don't care, but I'm possibly more subtle.

  2. Cracking shots - really like the Ring Ouzel in the bush.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Thanks Adrian.
    Another milestone reached. :-)

    Thanks Stewart. It was good to see these birds.

  4. A fitting selection, just right for a special day...keep 'em coming Keith...[;o)

  5. WOW...your work is so perfect---every one marvelous..but the fox it's like I can hear him breathing...love it.

  6. The Wheatears are brilliant images Keith. I'm yet to catch up with both Winchat and Ring Ouzels so far. But I have to say the Fox is my firm favourite.

  7. Lovely post, Keith.
    P.S. to Adrian - that would be 4 cameras including Keith's! ;-)

  8. Cheers Trev .Even the sun is out now. :-)

    Thank you Sondra. Glad you enjoyed them. The fox was a quick grab shot before he disappeared.

    Cheers Doug. I was rather pleased with the Wheatears too; and the fox.

    Thanks Wilma. :-)

  9. beautiful shots all the way through! love the handsome wheatear!

  10. Brilliant shots Keith. The sort many of us strive for but don't manage.

  11. Wow, you have loads of birds, and my favourite is the 'dancing Curlews', superb.

  12. hear hear about the foxy wankers, just because we do wanky stuff for centuries doesn't mean we have the right to keep doing it. Ehem I like wheatear btw and foxy looks in good nic

  13. A fine selection of birds,VERY well captured........I have never seen a Ring Ouzel. Well done Keith.


  14. HI Keith Iam not sure what occasion you are celcbrating but I do know that your photographs are all fanatstic. I love the Wheatear and the not so common Whinchat, Catching the Fox at that moment is class. Have a great weekend

  15. Thanks Theresa. They are lovely birds, and one I don't get to see very often.

    John, thank you. Very kind.

    Thanks Bob. :-)

    Debs, couldn't agree more. The blues certainly won't be getting my vote for wanting to bring it back.

    Thank you Peter. There's a few around the country at the moment.

    Thanks Margaret.
    It was a big number birthday. :-)

  16. Just brilliant Keith, especially like the Wheatear and the R/Ouzel.

  17. Thanks Roy.
    They were two birds I hadn't seen for a couple of years, so I was very pleased with them.

  18. Lovely, lovely, grinning from ear to ear:)

  19. sweffling, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them.