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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Here's Whisky

Here's a quick introduction to my new family member.

At the moment, we are in north Wales, with two of his brothers.



Lots of play, eating and sleeping.

My other best mate here, Ellie has really taken to them now.
When they first arrived, she was very wary and nervous. Lots of stressful dribbling like when she is on a car journey. (not a good traveller)
But since I've arrived, and we have all messed around together, she has really calmed down; so much, that her maternal instincts have kicked in, and she watches and plays with them like they were her own puppies. Amazing to watch her with them, since at 2 years old, she is really only a puppy herself.

They are a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a working Border Collie. I'm sure there is some fancy name for them these days, like a Cockercollie or something equally stupid, but in my day they were called mongrels, so a mongrel he is. A lovable one.

I think I'm going to be very busy with him over the next few weeks.


  1. I think he looks a grand dog. I think the proper term for this cross is a Cockup. I think dogs are much better left with siblings for several months they seem to turn out very sociable.
    That's the birding on hold until you persuade him that barking and chasing our feathered friends is not really his job.
    Have fun.

  2. Cheers Adrian. Yea, I don't agree with all this fancy cross breeding that's happening at the moment. 'Cockup' sums it up perfectly.
    He'll have to learn some fieldcraft before he comes birding I think.

  3. Such a lovely little sweety !! And so glad for you ! Lot of fun and good moments to come ;-)
    And .... not even surprised by its name !! LOL ;-)

  4. Lots of playing, eating and sleeping!...errmm...nothing new there then?
    I guess when it comes to football time, as you're the biggest and the slowest, that you get to be the goalie?
    You'll have to set an example now and stop all that dribbling and try not get so stressy when you're out in the car!

    Looks like the beginnings of a good friendship...I wonder who'll be in charge?...[;o)

  5. Beautiful puppies and Ellie is so sweet to take a maternal interest in them. A lovely family you have.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. You can see the bond developing between Ellie and Whisky in the photos. For traveling in the car I'd wind the window down the fresh air can calm them down. Please watch out for air conditioning in cars too the sudden change from cool to hot can be leathal.

  7. Thanks Pescalune. I think he will keep me busy. The name seemed appropriate. lol

    Cheers Trev. At the moment, playing football I can get the ball off them no problem. :-)

    Thank you Dianne. Ellie is a real star. A beautiful dog, and such a good nature.

    Thanks Doug. Cheers for the advice too. :-)

  8. Hi Keith Well I am very glad to see this post and by the sound of things you are feeling a lot better. Thank goodness and having Whiskey and going back to your beloved Wales has helped. He is adorable as are all the puppies and Ellie and Whiskey seem to have bonded so well. It is lovely that Ellie is protective of them. Love all the shots of the pups and Ellie. HAve a wonderful week with the pups and Ellie in Wales.

  9. You`ll have quite a lot of fun with them,they are adorable,phyllis

  10. adorable!!! you can certainly see both breeds in them, cocker ears and border collie coloration. you ARE going to have your hands full! but in the best of ways!

  11. I was going to suggest the breed name should be CockaBoc until I saw Adrian's suggestion - Cockup is perfect. Whisky is a charmer, as are the sibs and Ellie. You do have your hand full now.

  12. Looks a perky little chap who won't miss much and will keep you on your toes and active.
    Wishing you many happy years together.

  13. that's the best time with the little puppies ... wish you many hours of pleasure with the new family member
    greetings Frank

  14. They are adorable! Congrats he looks like a WONDERFUL DOG!! y dogs have some border collie in them.. they had different fathers one has longer hair than the other.

  15. Hi Keith, Whisky is a beautiful dog, I hope both of you have wonderful days together.

  16. Thanks Margaret. The puppies are very energetic most of the time; managing this while they are having a quick snooze after an hours early morning play. Ellie is fantastic with them, just as though they were hers.

    Thank you Phyllis. They are certainly keeping me fit. :-)

    Thank you Theresa. They are a lot of fun. The serious training business starts soon. Sit, stay and come here will do for now lol

    Wilma, thanks. They're keeping me busy, but in the best way. :-)

    Thanks John. He's certainly got more energy than me. :-)

    Frank, thank you. I'm sure my days will be full now. :-)

    Thanks Sondra, they're beauties. Going to have some great times ahead.

  17. Hi Keith... Oh my goodness what a precious face on that little bugger. :} I think you are going to love taking care and training your new buddy.
    So happy for you !!!

    Hugs for you and Whisky


  18. what beautiful healthy looking fur babies, you got your work cut out buddy. Green with envy though:-). What's whisky's personality compared with the other two dogs Obi and Thistle?

  19. What a cracking best mate for you, far better than Trevor


  20. Thanks Horst. Almost missed your comment, sorry.
    I'm sure we'll have some great times together.

    Grace, thank you. He's learning slowly lol

    Debs, thanks. Whisky seems to have learnt his name pretty quickly, and knows when I'm getting his food ready. He's a real beauty.

    Cheers Peter. Yea he doesn't seem to moan as much as Trev ................. yet :-)

  21. Thanks Bob. He's growing fast.

  22. Hi Keith Thanks for your comment the other day on my blog I appreciate your visits. I have just retruned from Tory Island but am stil in Donegal. I know your love of wales, you would also love Donegal. So different from anywhere else in Ireland. Anyway, please post some more shots of the pups and Ellie soon and have a good week ahead,

  23. Thanks Margaret.
    Just done a new post with a couple more shots Whisky.
    Hope you enjoy them.