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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Last one from May

Still in Wales,

and hands are full with 3 little puppies.

Here's a couple of them.

The weather has been more like winter, than summer, and I've only managed a couple of outings so far.
I did get to Lake Vyrnwy on one day, in the hope of seeing a Wood Warbler.

While I was there, there were good numbers of Pied Flycatchers too.

Not the best of pictures from the visit, but great birds to see.

Another day I managed a visit to RSPB Conwy; always a favourite place to visit when I'm here. I focused mainly on plants while I was here.

Hedgerow Cranesbill


 A Marsh Orchid, I think. Either way, my first orchid of the year.

They have a small 'tended garden' there too, and some lovely Aquilegia plants, amongst others.

and this one

The first time I've seen a double flowered one.

Around the cottage, the trees are now green, and a few Bluebells in flower.

A lot of these about too, growing in the uncut grass.

Thyme-leaved Speedwell

The moth trap has had a couple of outings, on the odd evenings we've had no rain.

Scalloped Hazell

Swallow Prominent

Early Thorn

Undoubtedly though, the real star finds so far, (apart from an overhead Nightjar one night; but sadly no pictures) was this Tawny Owl.

A BIG surprise one morning was the sight of these two little fluffballs.

It's been great to see how much they've grown over the last few days.

A couple of days later, after some heavy rain.

All the time one of the adult birds are never far away in the tree.

But the little starlets from yesterday morning, 30th May

A bit heavy on the pictures in this post, sorry about that, but I hope you find something that you enjoyed.

Enjoy your day.


  1. A cracking selection of images Keith...not bad considering it's still winter!!
    Glad to see that you're keeping those puppies under control.
    Those last two Aquilegia flowers are real beauties. The Bluebells here are all but over now.
    The moth trap(s) look to be doing well too?
    But I have to say the stars of the show have got to be those two little 'fluffballs'...great to see....[;o)

  2. Not enough pictures Keith.
    The owls are a wonderful find and even better to see that they survived the cold and rain.
    Even when it's sunny there always seems to be a cold wind to spoil it.

  3. The Tawnies are absolutely stunning must've been brilliant to see. The Wood Warbler is on the top of my 'need to photograph' list. Such a beautiful song and bird. As is the Pied Flycatcher. A great collection of images Keith
    The pups are my favourite though:-)

  4. Cheers Trev.
    Yea, it's bloody cold here, and I bought a lot of T-shirts with me thinking it would be more like summer!
    The Bluebells here are at their best at the moment. I think we're at least 2 or 3 weeks behind. Not many moths though. The owlets are doing well.

    Thanks Adrian. I had a wander down to see the owls again this morning, and they look even bigger. They're doing really well.
    The wind has a definite icy chill to it today.

    Thanks Doug. The Tawnies were an excellent find.
    Lake Vyrnwy is a great place to see the Wood Warbler; good for Dippers too.
    The pups are keeping me busy :-)

  5. beautiful shots of blooms, birds and cute owls! but i love those pups!

  6. Beautiful images, from the first to those of your playful puppies, lovely birds, gorgeous flowers, especially the double pink and white aquilega and the owls and their fluffy babies. I have seen a few Tawny Frog-mouth owls in my trees on some evenings but I have never seen a nest. I realise there must be a certain amount of waterproofing in their feathers but I wonder how the babies with their infant downy feathers stay dry in the rain?
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. I really liked all the pictures, but the owls and the puppy were my favourites. I hope I get to meet him.

  8. Thanks Theresa. The pups are a bit of a handful at times, but so lovable. :-)

    Thanks Dianne. Good question about how the little owlets manage to keep dry. I'm not sure myself, but I would guess the leaves on the trees help to keep the worst off.

    Thanks Findlay. Hopefully you will get to see him sometime. I hope he travels OK in the car; I've a long drive home when I leave Wales and he'll be coming with me on my return visits.

  9. Hi Keith well it was fantastic to see the puppies again and behaving just like puppies! The double Aquilegia is maggnificent, never seen one before but really all your flowers shots are incredibel. Nowas for the Owls adn the fluff balls, BRILLIANT. No more time to feeling down these day as you certainly have your hands full with all the pups. Have a ggreast week ahead adn please remember to take lots more shots of the pups as they grow up.

  10. Holy Moly Keith! Great owl and owlet shots. And as I was looking at the others, scenery, and flowers I was thinking how gentle and peaceful they all looked. Of course, the pups don't look too peaceful, but they look like lots of fun. Thanks for posting all this. Cheers!

  11. What a joy to spot those Owl's.......i would be over the moon, great set of images.


  12. Lots of superb images Keith.
    Stunning first shot of the sunset hill and Wow! Pied Flycatcher, now that is something to capture.

  13. Lovely set of pictures Keith. Love the ones of your puppies :-) and also the ones of the two young Tawny Owls. Your moth pictures are always interesting to me, you are able to id them, do you have a good book on moths, especially British moths? I have a good book on British butterflies but have not got one of our moths.

  14. Thanks Margaret, glad you enjoyed them. The double Aquilegia was a first for me. Going to have to buy some when I get home, and hope that Whisky doesn't chew them. :-)

    Thank you Wilma. Yea, busy times with the puppies at the moment, but managing to get a few pictures occasionally. The Owls were a great find, and good to watch their progress so far.

    Thanks Peter. I had a rough idea where the owl would be, and was pleased when I found it. A couple of days later, when I saw the owlets, I couldn't believe it. First time I've seen them in the wild like that.

    Thanks Roy. The sunrises and sunsets are pretty good here; when they happen. Yesterday was rainbows. Maybe the next post for them.
    Plenty of Pied Flycatchers up here too; it's great.

    Thank you Linda. I've a couple of moth books I use .......... 'British Moths' by Chris Manley. Photographic guide. It's on the second edition now, and very good. The first edition had butterflies and caterpillars in it too. Expensive now, if you can find it, but a good book.
    Also 'Field Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland' by Paul Waring and Martin Townsend. Illustrated by Richard Lewington. Two books, one on micro moths, and one on macro moths. These shots are all 'macro moths'.
    'Britain's Day-flying Moths', published by Wild Guides, is a good one, as are all their field guide books. Title self explanatory.
    A couple of moth groups I follow on Twitter are good for ID's, and also if you are on Facebook, 'Moths UK & Europe' are well worth a follow, especially for those tricky ID's. Very quick response too. Good luck.

  15. Hi Keith....My goodness those puppies are precious :} The flowers are beautiful, but the double pink and white Aquilegia is just so dainty and feminine looking...love it!
    Those little Owls are special...how cute they are :} Nice shot's of the adults and little guys!

    Have fun with those puppies

    Hugs for all


  16. Thank you Grace. I had a feeling you'd like the flowers :-)
    The puppies are certainly keeping me busy at the moment.

  17. Great stuff Keith, loving seeing the Tawny pics, well done

  18. Cheers Gary. These owls have been fascinating to watch.

  19. Hi Keith...puppies and baby owls! I doesn't get any better than that. :-)

  20. The pups are obviously thriving and growing. I bet they have more energy than you ;) or me!
    The Tawny Owls are definitely the show stealers - a really brilliant set of photos.
    I never heard of a double Aquilegia - looks quite beautiful.

  21. Thanks Kelly, it certainly doesn't :-)

    Thank you John. Yea, boundless energy. They're wearing me out.
    The Tawnies are brilliant to be able to watch each day, and see their progress.

  22. Love the delicate flowers so wonderful to see and the Owl and Owlets wow, just super!! How great to watch them grow up!

  23. Thanks Sondra. The owls were great to find and see. They've moved on now. Growing up fast.

  24. Wow, absolute gem of a post, brilliant flora, magnificent Owls and a few moths to boot..... superb, and just loved it


  25. Thanks Dave, glad you enjoyed it. :-)