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Saturday, 20 June 2015


Still here in Wales, and Whisky continues to grow.

We've had a few dry evenings, so I've managed to put the moth traps out occasionally.

I never cease to be amazed at how colourful some of our moths are.

Here's a small selection ..........

First, a real stunner.

Green Silver-lines

Poplar Hawk-moth

Female Fox Moth

I know it's a female, because she left some eggs behind:

Peppered Moth

Buff Tip

Scorched Wing

Beautiful Golden Y

and finally,two different Elephant Hawk-moths.


Small Elephant Hawk-moth

and the bigger brother ...........

Elephant Hawk-moth

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. These are superb shots. Don't they try and fly away? Silly question I'm sure they do. Do you just get them out one at a time?
    Keep them coming. I can look at these for ages. More spectacular than most butterflies by a long way.

  2. great images Keith, can't pretend to know many of them but great to see...thanks

  3. Wow....pink, lime green, and crazy shapes. Moths are so cool. These are beautiful.

  4. wonderful variety!! all beautiful! love their 'fur'!

  5. You get a big Wow from the Debster mate. Loving the scorched moth it looks very seventies for some reason if you get my drift... Elephant moth a sublime pink furry delight too. Give whiskey my love, more pictures of him dude you tight sod:-). x

  6. The moths do like they've escaped from an exotic collection especially the Hawk Moths they're a stunning looking species.


  7. Thanks Adrian. No question is silly. I get the moths from the trap in the morning, and each one is carefully placed into a small jar/pot, with a lid, to photograph and identify later. Most moths are fairly lethargic early in the morning straight from the trap, especially when it's cool. The odd one or two do fly off; I usually find that it's the smaller ones that do that. The jars can then be put in the fridge until I'm ready to photograph them.

    Gary, I'm still learning the names myself. A few good books, and some helpful people on some Facebook groups, and Twitter, means I can usually put names to them. Some of the plain looking brown ones can be tricky though, just like some of the little brown birds.

    Thank you Wilma. I find them fascinating, and quite a challenge with some of the ID's.

    Thanks Kelly. It's amazing to think these are flying around at night, and not many people get to see the beauty of them.

    Thank you Theresa. Talking of 'fur', there's a moth called an Ermine Moth .... white, and fluffy, just like ermine. I should have included one here.

    Thanks Debs. Yea, more pictures of Whisky next post lol
    I know what you mean about the Scorched Wing; reminds me of tie-dye from the '60's.

    Thanks Doug. I think the Hawk-moths are pretty special. Still a few that I've yet to see.

  8. Quite amazing Keith. Definitely on a par with Butterflies.

  9. Great photos, their colours and patterns for camouflage are truly magnificent. The first moth is so pretty and the colours of the Hawk Moths are very beautiful, I have never seen any like that before.
    Glad to here that Whisky as thriving.
    xoxoxo ♡

  10. Wow!...that's a fantastic catch Keith, a stunning selection of moths and a cracking set of images. The traps, and the photographer, are working well!


  11. Hi Keith the close ups make them look like aliens but they are all so beautiful when you see them closely. Both the colour adn miskey at the end.arkings are fabuous but I was hoping to have a shot of Whiskey at the end! Please show us Whiskey and how she has grown. Glad you are enjoyoing your beloved Wales.

  12. Brilliant pictures and I really like that Green Silver-lines. Never even seen one of those before.

  13. They certainly are Roy; sometimes even better.

    Thank you Dianne. The camouflage on some of the moths is amazing.
    I'll do some updated pictures of Whisky later. :-)

    Thanks Trev. The odd nights that I can put the traps out, have been quite productive.

    Thank you Margaret. Whiskey will soon have a post all to himself lol

    Thanks Findlay. The Green Silver-lines is a beauty isn't it. A real treat when that turned up in the trap. I think there's a good chance you'd catch one where you are.

  14. Hi Keith, they are beautiful, their 'fur' is fascinating, pink and green, stunning pictures.

  15. Thanks Linda. Some of the moths are really colourful.

  16. OMG! Such stunning critters! I have never observed them so close.

  17. Indrani, thank you for your visit, and comment. Some of the moths are really beautiful, and yet we seldom manage to see them.