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Wednesday, 24 June 2015


As promised/threatened here's a few pictures of the new boy, Whisky.

Posing with brother Obi.

Obi is now at his new home, and settling in well.

Playing with Obi

With his Aunty Ellie and two brothers, Obi and Thistle.

Ellie has been amazing with the puppies. When they first arrived she was very wary and nervous of them, to the point of being quite stressed; although curious. Once they were all introduced, she has been like a mother dog, playing with them, and watching over them constantly. She'll even let them 'steal' food or toys from her mouth.
Bud, the other adult dog of the house, has been a little different. He's not too fussed about them, rather keeping his distance, or grudgingly tolerating their inquisitive attentions.
Only when they get too close if he's eating, on a couple of occasions, then it's a case of 'back off'!!

More play, this time with Thistle

Chilling with Obi

Whisky, chilling.


They were all taken in May, and the next few are from this month; and they're growing so fast.


Time to relax.

This was from 7th June, and there's a bit of room in the basket.

Same date, and time for bed, with brother Thistle.

Move on a week, and playtime with the very tolerant Ellie.

Whisky, taking a break.

The next two are chilling with Bud. He's top dog, and does let them get close when he's got a chew; sometimes.

The next one is from a couple of days ago.

Filling the basket rather well now.

Walking on a lead is an ongoing process at the moment. There's plenty of open space here to explore, but when I get back home, the lead will be a necessity.

As will the journey home in the car. He's not liking short car trips very much.
Hopefully he'll get used to it eventually.

But for now .......

we'll enjoy the freedom and open spaces.

Hope you enjoyed this rather indulgent post.

Have a good week


  1. This isn't indulgent it is, as I suspect you know as well as I do, bloody marvellous. Alf used to be terrible in the car or van, shivering and whining, throwing up all over. I found purely by chance that a short trip to a lake or beach and he started associating the van and cars with a good walk.
    I am quite envious he looks a great little dog. When you get to MK you will have to teach him that the boats and boat people are for pissing on.

  2. Thanks Adrian. We've a long journey soon back to MK, so hopefully he'll quickly get used to travel. What you're saying about the short trip, makes a lot of sense. Most of the journeys he's had have been to a vet, for some injections. Not a nice thought really ..... car, strange person sticks needle in you ..... back home.
    He's got a great character developing at the moment. Going to be a lot of fun sharing our lives. First new blog from the lake will have to include him.

  3. He's growing up quickly, I love his white eyelash above the left eye lol. Growing up with dogs and my mum occasionally breeding them you always see females interacting with other litters. It's a strong maternal extinct which occasionally comes in handy if the mum rejects a litter.
    As for travel sickness we've found a couple of solutions firstly Whisky should eventually grow out of it we found it's often puppies that suffer the most, nerves, vehicle motion and Noise don't help. Try putting him in a travelling crate/cage. He'll be sick first few times but the dogs instinct not to 'mess' in their area will help discourage actual sickness will kick in.
    We also used to use a product called Sealegs no longer available. A company called Dorwest make travel sickness tablets but is expensive we know use human travel sickness tablets from Boots and give them a child dosage it's fine on dogs and works.

  4. Thanks Doug, and thanks for the tips and advice.
    The big travel day will be some time next week, when I head back to MK. I must say, I'm not really looking forward to it.
    I'll have a look at the travel sickness pill idea.

    1. Sorry to go on about Whisky but on the journey home if your car has air-conditioning, have it on but roughly half hour before you get home/destination switch it off and just have your normal fans on or windows open dogs can't handle the rapid change from air chilled to hot weather

    2. Doug, thanks. Any tips and advice is always welcome. My last two dogs have been terrible travelers, so anything that will help with Whisky, will be appreciated.

  5. so very, very cute! all of them! such a good, growing boy!

  6. Thanks Theresa. They're full of life most of the time, and great just watching them all play together.

  7. Whisky is certainly growing up fast, all of the puppies are beautiful, also sweet Ellie and Bud. You live in such a wonderful place, the view in the last photo is breathtaking.
    Happy week!
    xoxoxo ♡

  8. Very cute and such fun to watch.

  9. Thanks for the Whisky fix. As Adrian says, it is a marvelous post. He will miss his playmates when you take him back with you, but I bet he will be very happy to have you all to himself!

  10. HI Keith What can I say.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! They are all goegeous but Whiskey is the BEST. She is adorable and I do hope with all the advice given she is not sick on you or the car. Take plenty of cloths and water with you on the long journey home. It will be good to see her on the video at the lake although how you are going to keep her on a lead and photograph without being pulled, I just don't know!! Many thanks for showing us these gorgeous photos of her playing and growing up. She is getting leggy now but still beautiful.

  11. He looks very confident. Puppy pot bellies always make me laugh. I can imagine him singing "all by myself" and loving having the bed to himself. You do know he will star shaping in yours soon, not a bad water bottle though:-) lovely show especially last pic. Take shed loads of pics I always thought I took too many but now I regret not having hardly any of Harry and myself mainly because I hate having my pic taken, soooo stupid.

  12. He's looking good..it won't be long before he takes charge!

    That last shot is superb...he's going to have a shock when he gets to good old MK!!...[;o)

  13. Whisky is a cute little guy, I'm sure you'll have much joy with this little fellow.

  14. Wonderful to see Keith.. it's a coincidence I know but my first dog as a pet was also called Whisky.

  15. Dianne, thanks. The view is stunning, but sadly it's not where 'I live'. It's a friends place in north Wales, and I spend, probably, more time here, than I do in my own place. lol

    Thanks Gillian. I could watch their antics together for hours. They all get on so well together; even Bud only has a few grumpy moments now. :-)

    Thank you Wilma. I enjoyed putting this post together; something a bit different from my usual stuff. Yes, he's certainly going to miss the other dogs when I get back home. I'll have to return soon :-)

    Margaret, thank you. The journey home is going to be a bit stressful for the both of us I think, but maybe I can get him (yea, it's a boy dog ;-) ) used to it before we leave.
    He certainly has got long legs, and looks rather ungainly at times, tripping over his feet. I'll have to sort some video for next time.

    Debs, thanks. He always feels warm when I pick him up; he'll be a great hot water bottle in the winter lol
    I know just what you mean about the pictures; I've lots of him and the others, and only one of myself with him. I'll have to rectify that.

    Roy, he's great company already. Into everything. I'm going to be a bit busy :-)

    Cheers Trev. He's already taking over. He won't be getting views like that when he gets home; unless he sits on your knee when we go out. ;-)

    Thanks Horst. I can see him having lots of pictures taken, and quite a future on the internet. lol

    Thanks Andrew. Quite a coincidence with the name. You started early too? lol

  16. That dog is your pot of gold , that last pic say's it all.


  17. Thank you Peter. Yea, he's a little treasure :-)

  18. WOW he is growing like a beautiful weed...I would love to see more indulgence! How big do you think he will finish up? I had no idea these my girlz would get as big as they did...over 60 lbs each. They will soon have their 7th birthday!

  19. Great to see all is going well. The last composition is brilliant, complete with double rainbow by the look of it.

  20. Thanks Sondra. Yea, he's a real beauty.
    I'm guessing he will be as big as Ellie, or spaniel size. Not too sure. He's a mixed breed, Cocker Spaniel and Border Collie, so anyone's guess lol

    Thank you John. He's growing fast, and a pretty quick learner too.
    A stroke of luck with the rainbow shot, I just managed to get the last bit of the 'double'.

  21. ...a very fun and cute post! I love those pups. Your Whiskey is adorable. (The last photo is brilliant.)

  22. Wonderfull puppies,greeting from Belgium with a hot hot weather!

  23. Thanks Kelly. He's certainly taking up a lot of my time at the moment. A great companion though. :-)

    Louisette, thank you for your visit and comment. We are having some unusually hot weather here too at the moment. :-)

  24. Lovely post Keith. Love the pictures of the puppies :-)

  25. Thanks Linda. They really are great subjects for the camera. :-)