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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A post

I've been back in sunny MK for about a week now, so here's a quick post.

Firstly, Whisky traveled back home from Wales under protest. He misses the green fields and other dogs. So do I.
He still does not like travelling in the car, despite short trips every morning to Caldecotte Lake, in the hope of him getting used to it.
(I will manage a new blog post on there soon, but there just seems so much to do in the days now. Still, it's better than being sat in front of a computer screen for too long.)

Once we get to the lake though, he loves to be able to run around and have fun.

The warm sunny weather recently, has been great for the butterflies and damsels,

Marbled White

Small Skipper

Common Blue

and even some day flying moths.

Shaded Broad-bar

The night time moths have been really good too.
Managed a few excellent nights with the traps whilst in Wales; most of the results have been posted on my website. I'm finding these Lepidoptera fascinating, even though some of them can be a bugger to ID.

I've not forgotten the birds, although I'm finding myself less worried about seeing new species now.

The first two are a couple I took in Wales before I came home.

Sedge Warbler


Next three are from our recent visits to the local lake.

Moorhen on a log

Long Tailed Tit  juvenile.

One of the two Oystercatchers that have bred there again.

I'll finish on a bug from one of the moth traps.

Thanks to Trevor for the ID on this one:

Ophion luteus

Till the next time ......................


  1. what a cute dog!

    seems to have been a pile of marbled whites recently!!

  2. Thanks Pete, yea, he's a treasure. :-)
    My local lake has an area that has always been a good spot for Marbled Whites. Certainly a lot there at the moment.

  3. Whisky is looking great Keith. The moths and butterflies look great but I find I really struggle on the id front if I'm honest. Cracking images of the Sedge, Whitethroat, LTT and Oystercatcher

  4. Cheers Doug. He's such a lovable boy. Lying by feet at the moment.
    I find a lot of moths a nightmare to ID; there's so many of them!!

  5. Whiskey steals the post, he looks like superman in his harness.
    He will get used to the car. It's early days and as you know they were put on this earth to teach us patience.
    I trained a six year old horse, massive it was to get in the horse box. All afternoon we were at it with half a carrot if she did it properly. Then a drive to a field with long grass, then quicksticks back in the horse truck for the half mile drive home*. Carol the groom curses me now as as soon as it sees the horse truck or anyone else's it drags her in.
    Posh horses get colic if allowed to eat leaves and grass.
    It's great he's off the lead. Mine are most of the time and as you know are perfectly trained...........Sometimes their intentions coincide with mine and we have agreed this is the amicable way forward.

  6. The 'boy' looks to be enjoying himself there Keith? Looking at the size of his feet it's a good job that you haven't got to buy him any shoes!!

    Another good selection of images and a cracking shot of the Whitethroat.

    Good news for the Oystercatchers, did they breed on the island?...[;o)

  7. Thanks Adrian. I've heard that horses can be a bit difficult to get in the horse box sometimes. The horse whisperer huh?
    Whisky is doing well with the off lead training at the moment. Hopefully it will stay that way and improve with time.

    Trev, people keep telling me when we are out, that he's going to be a big one; we'll see.
    As far as I know the Oystercatchers did breed on the island. Great to see them still coming here each year.

    1. Sorry I missed the Whitethroat, it became insignificant when I saw your dog. Introduce him to the geese whilst he is young. The geese can sort him and then hens ducks and sheep are easy.for hm to understand.
      I don't actually whisper to horses. I speak northern with a smattering of Anglo-Saxon. Seems to work. I'm not bad with the hens. If I want an early night and they are up and about I just call chuck, chuck, chuck bed time and in they go. They have seen it's undignified to be grabbed and thrown into their hut.
      Hen whisper I am.

    2. Whisky has met the sheep in Wales, and was very good with them. Where I stay, there are chickens and a goose, (along with horses). Up to now, he's been curious about them, but not aggressive. I hope it continues that way.

  8. Oh Keith Whiksey is adorable.he has grown up so fast and looks like a horse racing towards the camera. You images are ALL so good but I love the Whitethroat, the juv LT Tit and that last shot is stunning. Whiskey will get used to the car, just keep at it.

  9. Thanks Margaret. Yea, the car training is ongoing, but hopefully we'll get there soon.
    He's very good in all other departments at the moment, so fingers crossed.

  10. Two steal the show for me - Whisky who looks as though he is enjoying every minute of life and the young LTT, they always have that awww factor.

  11. Thanks John, he's certainly enjoying things so far.

  12. They are brilliant pictures. I can't wait for Jura to meet Whisky.

  13. Great collection of images again Keith. I think I agree with Whisky when it comes to where I'd rather be.

  14. Some wonderful shots for us to enjoy and LOOK at Whiskey he is growing so fast. Give him a treat each time he gets in the car he will learn car means a treat..Take Care!

  15. He will soon grow into those ears Keith......haha you won't be able to get him back into the car when you try to leave Wales next time.

  16. Thanks Findlay. Yea, we'll have to try and meet up with the dogs when I'm back up in Wales. Good idea. :-)

    Thanks Adam. Yea, dogs are pretty smart aren't they. :-)

    Thank you Sondra. The car saga is getting slightly better. He still objects to getting in it, but he seems more settled now during the journey. We're slowly getting there :-)

    Thanks Debs. Yea, those ears tend to dangle in his water bowl when he takes a drink. lol
    Return visit must be soon. :-)

  17. Another lot of brilliant images Keith. The Marbled White and the female Whitethroat are special.

  18. Wonderful photos, Whisky looks as if he is having fun and is certainly growing quickly. I hope he gets used to the car soon. Great photos of the insects and birds, the juvenile Long Tailed Tit is so sweet.
    xoxoxo ♡

  19. Thanks Roy. The Whitethroat was a great poser; managed some nice shots of it.

    Thank you Dianne. We're slowly getting there with Whisky and the car, and he's certainly growing fast.

  20. Lovely photos as usual Keith, Whisky looks a real bundle of fun, I'm not surprised he misses the green fields of Wales, who wouldn't!!

  21. Thanks Gary; Whisky is full of energy. We both miss Wales, have to go back soon.